My Dear friend, Leonard,

This is my requiem my sweet friend

as you were called, I may follow soon

only two hundred years between us

and in my death there will be none

I am so ready to stand by you

I have strived to become

to become your artistic equal

and again we will become one

You have been my inspiration

the reason of my being

you gave me light

when all around me was darkness

So in death I will stand by you

not just as your greatest admirer

but for the love of you

My Dear Friend


Poem by: Christos Andreas Kourtis

Fic: Past Performance Is Not A Predictor Of Future Results (Star Trek TOS/AOS)

Title: Past Performance Is Not A Predictor Of Future Results (AO3)
Pairings/Characters: AOS Leonard McCoy/AOS Spock, Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock, Spock Prime, AOS Leonard McCoy, AOS Spock, AOS Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy/Spock
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Hallucinations, death mention, flashbacks, mild violence, mild blood, angst
Additional tags: Jim ships it, pining, matchmaker!Jim, Spock’s POV, slow burn, Mind melds. 

Summary: When Spock Prime joins the (AOS)Enterprise crew for a month-long mission, his counterpart begins to experience visions and memories that are not his own. Though the visions help his younger counterpart see his crew mates in a different light(and get closer to one in particular), they begin to take an adverse affect on both of them, one they are not certain is reversible.

Send me a ship/fandom/character and title, and I’ll post a summary of the fic with that title I won’t write. 

JOKES ON YOU I ACTUALLY WOULD WRITE THIS. (But I won’t write this because I don’t have the time… Also I think I did this wrong but w/e)