Lucy is being stubborn about coming over to mine tomorrow so here are some reasons why you bitches should come: 

-I AM WILLING TO SHARE MY FOOD, it’s good food too
-I have money for pizza and popcorn
-I have a good range of dvd’s to suit everyone’s tastes
-I have a range of guitar hero games & we all love that
-We need to talk about GISHWHES (jessica ony but yeah)

Soooooooo, which of you sluts are gonna come over?!

spockistheword  asked:

hi, i'm sorry to bother you but could you explain ace to me?

Uh it kinda varies from person to person but it basically means you don’t experience sexual attraction to any genders? It doesn’t mean you don’t have a sex drive or that sex never ever happens it just means that you don’t have any innate sense of sexual attraction towards anyone.