mccoy in his very old age with spock by his side, sipping sweet iced tea on the porch of mccoy’s old family home in georgia

spock looks up at the night sky, at the vast expanse of stars that they used to explore together and feels a slight pang of longing

then mccoy’s hand reaches for his, fragile but warm and steady as ever, and spock decides he’s content to merely gaze at the stars in the sky because the brightest one of all is right next to him.


death!Pike!verse: They had to stay on Earth for a while, after the Enterprise got seriously damaged in a rather violent flight with Klingons. For the duration of the repairs, the whole crew was granted shore leave. A much needed shore leave. After another, long conference at Starfleet headquarters, Spock found himself with his face buried into McCoy’s shoulder, traveling by subway, to McCoy’s apartment, the doctor shielding the young Vulcan from unwelcome contact, and other minds. A quite difficult task in the crowded space.

Everywhere around them, there were people, talking, shouting, gesturing, laughing loudly. The noise was incredibly painful to bear for the poor Vulcan, whose mind was already over-stimulated by the presence of so many foreign thoughts trying to invade him.

The old lady pressed against his side, is thinking so loudly about her recently deceased husband that Spock feels her grief, intense, painful, soak through his skin, even if a lot of layers of clothes separate them. The young boy, thinking about his first kiss, is just another terrible reminder of Pike, something the Vulcan absolutely doesn’t need right now.

But McCoy’s – McCoy’s mind is calm, full of bright thoughts, sweet images and affectionate feelings. They calm him, as he buries his head in the crook of his neck a bit more, looing for a comfort, a shield, a safety blanket only the doctor can provide. Spock doesn’t care if what he’s doing is absolutely inappropriate for Vulcan costumes. He is too tired and painful to be able to clearly think about anything at all.

Leonard’s presence is soothing, comforting. The doctor is a much needed anchor, and the Vulcan can’t let go of him.

Even when, from time to time, he feels a wave of disgust hitting him – disgust of someone else, someone who has notices the way he is clinging to the good doctor, someone who sees him as weak, as a pathetic excuse of a Vulcan and nothing more – Spock can’t bring himself to care about it.

And when he feels a surge of possessiveness as well as one of strong annoyance from his contact with the doctor – Spock knows that McCoy is glaring at whoever is staring at him in disgust, he knows it because he can read the doctor’s thoughts and because of the way Leonard tightens his hold on his back – Spock is secretly, logically satisfied.