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Spock and his makeup

Look I’m extremely passionate about Spock and his makeup so here are some facts about my favorite Vulcan, take them as you will

  • Spock has over 8 different huge eyeshadow palettes ranging from Vulcan nudes and covering every shade of blue you could imagine
  • his favorite palette is a smokey eye palette with rich navy colors that are just a tad bit shimmery
  • Jim loves this deep violet Spock wears on occasion because it really brings out Spock’s brown eyes
  • Vulcans have extremely sensitive skin, so all Spock’s foundation is hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin friendly
  • Spock’s makeup routine is as follows: moisturize, foundation primer, a light olive liquid foundation with a translucent setting powder that follows, contour with a veeery slight highlight, some light blush, filling in his eyebrows with one of his many eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow application, and if it’s a special occasion he’ll throw on some matte pink lip stain
  • he only has 3 makeup brushes: one for eyeshadow, one for foundation, and one he uses for contour, blush, and highlight, but he has a bright yellow beauty blender he would die for
  • Spock picks what color eyeshadow he uses based on how he feels that day (the more confident he is that morning the more sparkle and pigment the eyeshadow color will have)
  • he does his makeup sitting cross-legged on his and Jim’s bed (Jim is either doing his hair in the bathroom or watching Spock apply his makeup)
  • when the crew is on shore leave, one of the first things Spock does is go to the Space Sephora store
  • he’s a regular there and all the workers know him by name and update him on the shipments they got of new products they think he might be interested in
  • sometimes Spock gives a beginner’s lesson on makeup application to other crew members in the rec room
  • during Hanukkah, Jim gave Spock a new palette with golds, oranges, pinks, and more purples because one morning Spock made an offhand comment that none of the colors he had correlated to the way he felt that morning
  • Spock spent the rest of the night trying out different colors, mixing some together and by the end of it his left hand was covered in eyeshadow from swatches and his eyelids were two different colors (Jim has never been so fond of someone in his life)
  • once on shore leave, Jim and Spock did the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge
  • Jim did Spock’s makeup better than Spock was expecting, but he still used too much foundation and the eyeshadow was… Something
  • also, Jim has no idea what a beauty blender is and was thoroughly confused by Spock’s
  • Spock did Jim’s makeup perfectly, using colors that complimented his eyes and skin tone and you shoulda seen the highlight on that boy once Spock was done
  • at the end of the day, Spock uses makeup wipes to get his makeup off, usually puts on a thin face mask to keep his skin glowing, and then moisturizes (”dry skin is illogical if one has ample opportunity to avoid it, Jim”)

anonymous asked:

do you have any good wholesome fluff spirk fic recommendations??

Hello there, friend! heh, by wholesome I’m going to assume you probably don’t want smut? ;) Feel free to correct me on that assumption, if you like, lol. I’m not sure if you read both TOS and AOS or if you have a preference, but I’ll note what’s what:

A Cure For Migraines (TOS) Jim has a headache, and Spock offers him a head massage.

Heat Sources (TOS) Spock is not fond of winter on Earth. Luckily, he still has Jim.

Tea Shop (TOS) Old Married Kirk and Spock visit a local tea shop, where Spock geeks out over the numerous varieties available. Jim, justifiably, thinks he’s adorable.

Renegade Tribble (AOS) Spock smuggles a tribble out of medbay animal testing for Reasons and Logic. Jim manfully disapproves. 

Young And Beautiful (TOS) Jim is feeling insecure because of his age. Spock soothes him.

Space Mountain (TOS) Old Married Spirk go to Disney World for shore leave. Hijinks ensue.

Freckle!Spock (AOS) Basically exactly what it sounds like; Spock has freckles and is not enamored with them, but Jim loves them.

Vulcan Pox, or Jim Kirk, Single Father Extraordinaire (AOS) Spock is struck with chicken pox, and is SOOOO CRANKY, and cue Jim to the rescue!

Let It Snow (AOS) Jim takes Spock on a road trip for Christmas, things go wrong, Spock gets drunk and then proceeds to reassure Jim he loves the trip even if it isn’t perfect.

Home Renovation (TOS) Shortly before his first mission to Romulus, Spock buys a fixer-upper house with Jim. Although Jim is excited to begin renovating their new home, Spock worries it’s only a matter of time before his husband falls off a ladder and breaks his spine. Not to mention, the house’s derelict state is preventing Spock from enjoying his remaining time with Jim.

I Still Do (TOS) Jim and Spock attend the wedding of Admiral Komack on Risa. While the planet and reception are beautiful, Jim’s attention is drawn only to how damn good Spock looks in that ceremonial robe. Can they slip out the back door and get to their penthouse suite in time?

Dirty Laundry (TOS) Jim keeps leaving dirty dishes in the sink and toast crumbs in the bed. Spock deals with the mess silently until an unfortunate ironing incident puts it all in perspective.

Warm (TOS) It’s snowing in Iowa and Spock is feeling cold. Jim does a few things to alleviate that situation.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for the moment, but if that’s not enough, here’s the fluff tag at the TOS rec blog I’m part of. There’s always good stuff there!

Maybe it’s just a thing Bones does to mess with Spock???

“Well, at least Spock thinks I’m funny”

*earlier that day*

“Doctor, I must say, your comic timing is remarkably poor, even for a human”

“Hey, Jim, you know Spock finds my voice soothing?”

*earlier that day*

“Please cease your prattling, it is distracting and useless”

“At least he doesn’t respect me”

*earlier that day*

“I always assumed my respect for you was clear“

So admiral Kirk can’t shut up about how much of an old romantic his husband is. And the entirety of starfleet is so done with him, they’re like “A romantic vulcan? It’s probably just kirk being smitten af”. They just think it’s because they’ve been married 20 years and kirk’s judgement is completely clouded.

That is until kirk starts sharing the little things Spock does for him throughout the day on his blog/social network/whatever. Sometimes it’s a little card, “Good morning, Ashayam. This Neruda quote reminded me of you” with a rose beside it. Or a message saying “I knew you had a tough week, so I booked our favorite restaurant”. Or vip seats at the opera for their anniversary. But also ordinary things; his clothes ready for him in the morning, breakfast in bed, Spock stopping to the store to get jim’s favorite ice cream.
And starfleet’s like “shit, kirk wasn’t kidding”.

And this is how Spock gets exposed as the most disgustingly smitten and romantic husband in the galaxy.

I need more worried Spock. I need more Spock fussing over Jim like a mom. Spock flat out refusing to allow Jim to go on certain landing missions because it’s dangerous and Jim can pull rank all damn day he’s keeping his precious, illogical ass on this ship if it’s the last thing Spock does. I need more Spock obsessively checking Jim’s lifesign when nobody’s looking when he does go down on missions without his first officer there, and Spock having internal freak outs when Jim’s kidnapped or has a weapon pointed at him. Spock standing over Jim’s biobed after a nasty procedure, or Spock taking care of a paper cut, and Spock frantically calling for Jim when a situation turns sour. I need it so bad because THATS the type of stuff that makes Spock really show his true colors and come face to face with suppressed emotion on Star Trek TOS, and people rarely add it to their art or fiction and that’s a shame, because it’s perfect.