spock: a child of two worlds

This is part one of a collection of some of my favourite fanfictions - i’ve chosen a variety of TOS, AOS and AU fics, at range of lengths, so hopefully there will be something for everyone! Please make sure to check out any trigger warnings before each fic - have safe and fun reading! Click here for more fic rec lists.

A Sequence That You Never Learned by annataylor (64k+)

“‘Spock,’ Jim breathes out, completely overwhelmed by the gesture - not quite believing that Spock knows him so well, that’s he’s already started researching, that he trusts Jim with a member of his own endangered species.” When Jim gets it in his head to adopt an eight year old Vulcan, Spock presents a logical solution to the issue of Jim’s humanity: marriage to a Vulcan citizen.

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Spock for sure has a tattoo of his favorite constellation seen from Vulcan. And after Vulcan was destroyed he for sure got the entire Vulcan solar system on his right arm and then for sure got the earth system on his left arm and he for sure has Leonard McCoy and James Kirk (the names) tattooed above his heart because they ARE is heart and just spock has tattoos.

He also probably has “at his side as if you’ve always been there and always will” and

“Child of two worlds” written in English and Vulcan

Because those two things that have been said to him are who he is as a person.

literallyallthefandoms  asked:

What would be the TOS crew's favorite holiday's? random ask

Jim Kirk: now most people go with christmas but as he and Spock are Jewish and he’s the biggest sap in the world im gonna go with valentines day. he would totally help out anyone with romance plans, he love sweets, and he’s totally the type of friend to host a palentines day before it to celebrate all his great friendships. 

Spock: holidays are illogical however, as a child he secretly enjoyed any holiday his mother insisted on celebrating, and his favorite was mothers day (he did not celebrate fathers day). As an adult on the enterprise, he could never help but like valentines day most of all because it made Jim so happy.

Nyota and Chapel: these two are together because they are Gay together and share the same favorite holiday; it’s halloween. They rope as many people into trick or treating and dressing up as possible, decorate, and host movie nights. There is an Official list of unacceptable costumes, so don’t try that medical doctor shit, Bones. 

Bones: when he can get leave, his daughters birthday, when he can’t… well holidays arent really his thing (though has begrudgingly worn the skeleton costume jim got him every year; nyota and chapel have made an exception to the no repeats rule)

Sulu: Sulu loves the fourth of july even though it’s a garbage holiday. He loves the sun and the food and he is so gay for fireworks. It does not matter that they are in space he still celebrates every goddamn year. 

Chekov and Scotty: they are together because once again they have the same favorite holiday. It’s thanksgiving. once again, a garbage holiday, but it has changed in most places to be called “Natives Day” or “cultural apprecation day” but everyone knows it comes from thanksgiving. theres just so much delicious food and drink what else could they love more. also, scotty always thanks every part of the enterprise. it takes ages. no one is listening anymore. 

(sorry these are so american centric btw thats just what i know and i am a deeply lazy person)

lesbianwednesday  asked:

do you have ideas for AOS saavik? i have so many ideas for AOS saavik

well, if we’re talking what can actually happen in the movies and not just headcanons, my first and main idea is that we meet her as a child, like 2-3 years old

stb took place in 2263, saavik was born in 2264, according to memory beta - so they could meet her at the end of the five year mission. maybe she’ll be raised by her romulan parent who is not actually a bad guy, but because of prejudices and all that people see her and go “omg we have to save this child!”. …or not. depends on how much drama we want to include. since in aos universe the tension between romulans and vulcans (and the federation) is worse, maybe her parents decided she’ll be more accepted on romulus (well, maybe she is more accepted, but she’s not safer there)

anyway, there’s some kind of conflict with the romulans, bluh-bluh, the crew rescues saavik

sarek adopts her, spock is a good big brother who teaches her how to be a child of two worlds and what to do with people who say “ew, you’re half-romulan? gross”

when the second five-year mission begins, saavik frequently comes aboard the enterprise to train to be a navigator/science officer from the young age

i haven’t thought the plot through though, sorry it’s all messy x)

i also have another idea that i’m writing for the st:m sequel, but i can’t tell because spoilers

please share your ideas! <3

day 34530613, still thinking about michael

how does michael reconcile her vulcan upbringing with the parts of her that are so traumatically human? we’ve seen how. well. unwelcoming the vulcan are, even to spock, and he has actual claim to vulcan heritage—- but to a child who is completely other….what was that like for her. growing up in a culture where emotion is suspended? 

……then again, maybe that was good for her? to channel her rage at suddenly being so, acutely alone ( but not, amanda is humming earth tunes and stroking the soft shell of her ears as the bombs go off in michael’s brain and the world is white hot ash, fire, a scream, then one, then two, then endless ) into something productive? beating the vulcan’s at their own game lmao fair life goals

is it better to teach a child to cordon off those feelings, to see the world in terms of objectivity and logic? was it better for her like this? to hold her human heart in her hand and. well. shield it from clouding her mind. hold it still. this way. she just has to be. be smarter, be better, be cleverer. that’s the boon of prioritizing logic. you can suspend emotion and just think. just 

This is the third time I’ve tried to upload this drabble. I’m gonna shoot myself.

This is based off the art by spockfucker and suggested to me by missbamf. This will be longer than most of my dribbles because there is alot to explain. It will follow a premise like a rp I did with James Selbey. Bear with me as we start.

“We are approaching Andoria. Estimated time of arrival, ten minutes.” Sulu said from his controls.

“Thank you, Sulu.” Kirk nodded, looking at some specifications of Andorians. They were to be trading models and padds of newest technology with them.

Uhura looked at the captain. “Coordinates for beaming have arrived. Would you like me to com Mister Spock?” She asked, finger on her communications piece.

Spock had been sent to his quarters for bed rest. Andoria was in the same quadrant as Vulcan used to be so they passed the space where Vulcan used to hang. Katras, or spirits, were tied to the area, ever screaming as their planet imploded. Spock heard it all, for hours as they warped past the space.
Jim also felt uneasy, maybe it had to do with a bond he overheard Bones and Spock talk about.

‘I am drawn to Jim, doctor. I believe my katra has attached to his…I can sense his thoughts..’ Spock had said to Bones in med bay.
Jim had stopped by to have a drink but walked into this. He hid.
‘Vulcan voodoo connected you two? Doesn’t that only happen with mates?’
Jim could almost hear Bones glare at Spock. ‘Are you two mated?’
‘Negative, doctor. ’
'Do you love him?’
There was a rather un-vulcan like sigh. 'I do not know. I have not experienced love. ’

Jim was pulls out of the memory by Uhura clearing her throat.
Jim nodded, “Yes. Thank you. Tell him to meet is at the transporter room.” He stood and glanced at Sulu.
“Sulu, I want you on my away team, Chekov you have the Conn. Keep her in orbit, this altitude.”

“Yes keptin,” Chekov said, shuffling to the captain’s chair and sitting gingerly on it as Sulu and Kirk went to the turbo lift.

“Scotty, how are the transporters?” He asked into the turbo com.

“Purrin’ like a kitten sir.” Scotty replied. “All ready.”

Kirk released the button stepping off into the deck with the transporter. Spock stood passively on the transporter pad, awaiting Jim, Sulu and a lieutenant of security.

Jim nodded to Scott. “Energize.” The familiar hum of the transporter tugged them through space and to Andoria.

A tall Andorian man greeted them, white hair pulled back into a loose braid. Even though his hair was white, the Andorian looked maybe thirty Earth years old. His steel grey eyes bore into Jim and his landing party. He wore a thin brown shirt with a fur cape and gauntlets made of beaten steel.
“My name is Ambassador Sha'vol Ch'Zhon. Welcome to Andoria.” He bowed his head. The ambassador had perfect English, like a text from English class, read aloud; Jim was impressed.

“I am Captain Jim Kirk of the starship Enterprise. These are some of my men…” Jim said as he turned to look at his away team. He paused, jaw slack.
Behind him stood Sulu, lieutenant Gerald of security, Spock and Spock.

“Sir.” Spock on the left said. “I believe the transporter has malfunctioned.”

“No really.” Spock on the right laughed. “Acute observation, Watson.”

Jim remained frozen for a moment longer. “Excuse me, ambassador. I beamed down with three men but arrived with four.”

The Andorian simply nodded. “It was not wise to transport a child of two worlds while they grieved and fought with themselves. Your transportation seems to have…split them.” Sha'vol said softly.

Spock to the left remained stony faced. “Your observations seem to be in order.”

Spock to the right sighed, rolling his eyes. “What a bore.”

Jim looked more closely to the Spock on the right. Rounded ears, pink skin, shaggier hair. More….human.

“The transporter split you? Your human,” right, “ from Vulcan,” left.


“That is the logical conclusion.”

Sulu suppressed a snort. Human Spock was rather interesting.

H. Spock looked at Kirk, smiling softly. Pink rises in his cheeks before he looked down. Kirk frowned a bit, looking back and forth between the Spocks.

V. Spock looked back at him, turning to H. Spock. In Vulcan he said “Do not make a fool of us. Do not betray your love for the captain. ” “Our love, counterpart.”

They both turned to look at Jim in their versions of smiles.

“Kirk to Enterprise. ” he clicked his communicator.

“Chekov here. ” came the answer.

“Tell bones there are two Spocks. They seem to be okay but once we finish here HD should take a better look at them. ” Kirk couldn’t keep his eyes off the slightly blushing H. Spock. It was…enticing.

“Two Spocks, sir?” Chekov asked.

“Affirmative. We’ll report back soon.” Kirk cut the transmission, feeling something tug on his mind.
'Calm, your features, S'chn. Passive. Indifferent. Vulcan.’ A voice in his head said. V. Spock?

Maybe the bond he spoke to Bones about. The Andorian watched them for a few long moments before clearing his throat.

“Shall we continue or exchange or have you matters to deal with?” He asked, hands clasped behind his back much like the stance V. Spock had taken up.

Kirk looked back at the Andorian. “Apologies, ambassador. We can continue. ”

Sha'vol nodded, leading them out of the bay and to a large building near it. They went inside to find what looked like a throne room. There was a large table in the centre of the room, half occupied by Andorians holding padds or models.
“Sit, please.” Sha'vol indicated to some open seats.

The landing party seated themselves, setting down their own models and padds.

“These are my finest healers, engineers, scientists and professors. They each brought their greatest inventions or theories. ” Sha'vol addressed each member in turn.
“They may not be in perfect English, you arrived before I had the time to complete translating them. ”

Jim nodded, smiling. “That’s is quite alright, my communications officer is amazing at what she does.”

The ambassador nodded at his people and they pass their works to Jim and the landing group. H. Spock takes the medical models, V. Spock takes the science.

Jim stood, eyes pulling away from Spocks.
“We appreciate your willingness to comply with the federation. ” he bowed his head slightly.

Sha'vol nodded, feeling waves of various emotions come off the captain. Fear, confusion, protecting, love.
“You feel the need to…fix your mate-”


“-That is reasonable. I would suggest you see one of our healers. Andorians and Vulcan’s are not all that different. We could try to remedy this. ”

The Spock’s looked at each other, not missing what the Andorian had said. It was impossible to read a Vulcan, maybe he got that off H.Spock.

“Was that you he read?” V. Spock asked his counter part in Vulcan.
“No. He is focused on the captain……does the captain feel for us?”
“But possible.”

Jim looked back at the Spocks. What were they discussing? Jim? Andorian? The models?

H.Spock blushed as he caught Jim’s eye. He quickly suppress the pink glow.

Jim looked at them again, the sudden urge to stand up and kiss H.Spock on the mouth right then. We’re they his feelings? Or some else’s.

God, Jim. Get a hold of yourself. Vulcan’s have prearranged marriages, all straight because that’s what was logical. Fucking Vulcan logic. Couldn’t they feel, live, loose? Jim mentally smacked himself. This was crazy. The only person he’d fall for in Star Fleet was a Vulcan. And human. Of course.
But didn’t Spock say some thing about a bond? Humans can’t initiate a bond…. maybe he spoke of friendship. Or love.

Could it be love?

Could it?

Tuppence for a sequel?

. . .


There’s the sequel.

Spock: I am as conflicted as I once was as a child.
Sarek: You will always be a child of two worlds. I am grateful for this, and for you.
Spock: I feel anger for the one who took Mother’s life           an anger I cannot control.
Sarek: I believe… that she would say, “Do not try to.” You asked me once why I married your mother. I married her because I loved her.