“Spock, are you even listening to me!” Kirk boomed. “She could die out there, are you gonna’ help me or not?” Spock sucked in a breath, attempting to stop all the scattering thoughts and emotions that ran though his mind; they were louder than any voice in the room, compelling him to only hear reverberating muffles of Kirks failed trial to get his attention.

“Captain, I am afraid you will have to go about the mission without me; as I have been emotionally compromised, that would clearly effect the object of the mission,” he forced out that sentence, and in one swift move, he was out of the room.


“(y/n)? You’re not supposed to be down here; leave. Immediately, before you get infected. This is a radioactive planet!” Spock explained.

“Spock, I’m not going back up. Even if I did, I could already be infected, and that wouldn’t do the people aboard any good.”

“A possibility, but there is no logical reason for you to be down here.”

“What, besides the Captain giving me orders to be down here?” you chuckled. He sighed. She really shouldn’t have come down here… it is too dangerous for her own safety. 


“I love you, (y/n),” he whispered, forehead touching yours, lips barely brushing against your own.

“I love you too, Spock.”


Spock had experienced emotion before, most he didn’t like the feeling of- rage, remorse, fear-, so, naturally, he blocked it all out. But something about when you walked into a room made his head spin. As a creature of logic, he couldn’t quite figure this conundrum out. But he is half human. And in the back of his mind he had an idea of what was happening, but he wouldn’t let himself come to terms and face it. It’s just the way your eyes light up when you smile, and how sweet and determined you are; he himself is even puzzled at the fact that he ponders upon these things that full-blooded Vulcans would think are entirely irrelevant.


“Captain, it is unnecessary for you to–”

“Unnecessary?!” Kirk cut Spock off. "You just left her out there to be turned to dust!“ 

"There was only enough beam power to bring two of us back.”

“Fine! Then send me back there so I can get her,” Kirk remarked as he attempted to go over to the control panel.

“I’m sorry, Kirk, but as your first officer, I must say that you aren’t fit to make that decision; you’re emotionally compromised,” Spock said as he motioned toward the Chief’s in the red shirts. They nodded as they made they’re way over to Kirk, escorting him out. Kirk clenched his jaw as they grabbed ahold of him. Kirk suddenly thrust his body forward and knocked the men off of him.

“I won’t leave her!” he roared.


To the people who follow me for Michael Jackson related things, I apologise as this isn’t one of them. Instead i’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to take this time to say my goodbyes to the legendary actor Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard Nimoy holds a special place in my heart like most due to Spock. Even though i am 20 years of age Leonard Nimoy was and is and forever will be my childhood actor. I was introduced to Star Trek TOS at a very young age and i still remember the first episode i watched, I was four years old and 16 years later i’m still hooked. Ever since i have proceeded to hunt down anything Star Trek, From VHS to Laserdisc to DVD to Books and more. A very large majority of it being TOS related. 

I was very sad to hear that this amazing father and person passed away today in his home in LA, Leonard Nimoy was a person i never thought would die, i simply never thought about it, But officially he maybe gone from this world but he will forever live on in our hearts and minds. I send my wishes to his family and his children and i give you my love during this hard and terrible time. I also send the cast members of Star Trek TOS and to the rest of the series my best wishes, You all lost such an amazing and spiritual friend. 

You’ll forever live on in my heart Mr. Nimoy.

“Do not grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.” - Spock