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Headcanon:  TOS Sarek keeps, under lock and key, a scrapbook he painstakingly and precisely constructs detailing all of Spock’s admirable academic and professional accomplishments.  Amanda also keeps a Spock scrapbook– but hers is much thicker and brighter.  It sits on the Vulcan equivalent of a coffee table and starts with Spock’s first perfectly preserved baby tooth and goes through his entire Starfleet career, since he sends her plant pressings and interesting specimens of leaves and stones from planets he’s visited.


Baby Jim - Part 2

Part 2!!! Sorry it took me so long!! Hope you like it!


Everyone adores Jim, just like you expected them too. You had dressed him in a miniature version of his regular uniform, and several ensigns had cooed at him as you walked.

“What do you want to eat, sweetheart?”

He looked up at you in shock, “I can pick?”

“Of course you can pick! If you are good, and eat everything, I might be able to convince Bones to let us have some ice cream”

Jim’s eyes practically sparkled at the mention of ice cream, “Can I have spaghetti, please?”

“Such good manners! Of course you can have some spaghetti!”

You plug the order into the replicator, making sure the portion is child sized, “Do you want a meat ball?”

Jim gapped at you, “I can have spaghetti and a meatball? Frank never lets me have that!”

You can feel your hatred for Frank almost double. You could tell by the look on Jim’s face that Frank had taken away food as a punishment. That was probably one of the reasons why Jim was so skinny.

“Of course you can have a meatball. What kind of juice would you like?”

“Juice too?”

Jim looked like he was about to cry over to prospect of getting juice, immediately you crouch down, “What’s the matter? Did I say something to upset you?”

Jim just sniffled and whipped his eyes. He then flung his arms around your neck, hugging you as tightly as his little body could, “You’re the best, Y/N! You’re the nicest grown-up ever!”

Tears build up in your own eyes at the thought that Jim had never experienced kindness as a child that people had only ever been cruel to him, and he had still turned out to be a ray of sunshine, “Thank you, Jimmy. Now let’s yet the food to the table before it gets cold, okay?”

“I can help carry it. And … can I have apple juice?”

You smile, “Of course you can, sweetheart”

Once you get back to the table, most of the command crew is already there. Sulu and Chekov are updating Spock on everything that had happened while he was searching for a cure for Jim. Uhura was still down on the plant and had sent a message saying that she would be spending the night down there. Scotty was talking animatedly about one of the engineers setting a console on fire while they were trying to fix some wiring.

“Hey everyone”

“Hey Y/N” several people chorused

“This is Jimmy, he’s going to be joining us”

Chekov was the first one to greet their tiny captain, “Hello! My name iz Pavel Chekov. You can call me Pavel”

“H-hello, Pavel” Jim stuttered, blushing under everyone’s gaze.

“It’s alright, lad. No need t’ be nervous. I’m Scotty”

“I’m Sulu. He’s right, we just want to get to know you, Jim”

“My name’s Jimmy, not Jim, Mr. Sulu. Only teachers call me Jim” The little boy informed the helmsman before he dug into his dinner. You try to hide a smile behind your glass, but you can tell by the look that Len gives you that you aren’t very successful.

“Now that you are here, I would like to know when you intend to inform Starfleet of the Captain’s predicament” Spock said turning to face you.

“I had no intention of informing Starfleet until after you had a definite answer on whether or not this can be reversed” Your voice is cool, daring one of the others to challenge your decision

Spock nodded, “I had assumed that would be your answer and proceeded to inform Starfleet and Winona Kirk of the situation”

Everyone around you freezes, Bones turns to look at Spock, “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!?”

“I can assure you doctor …”

“You told him mother that he was a child again!! You idiot! I can’t believe you! You know what she put him through, and you are just going to hand him back to her!?!”

“Jim’s mother has the right to know what has occurred here” Spock snapped, his face was still blank, but you could see that he was angry.

“You and your damn regulations” you snarl, “You did this to him once too! Following your regulations you got his ship taken away from him, and now Starfleet is going to try and take him away from us again!”

“STOP!!” Jimmy shout, “Stop fighting!!”

You turn to look at the four year old, but he has already jumped up from the table and sprinted out of the mess hall.


“Len, we have to find him. He could get lot on the ship!”

“Y/N calm down, darlin’”

You whip back around, looking first at Spock and then at your husband, “I was serious before. I will fight them for custody of Jim, and I will leave Starfleet if I have too”

“Y/N no …”

You glance over at Pavel, “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I won’t let him go back to Frank, I have to take care of him. You all would be fine without me anyway”

“McCoy would kill us! He would hypo us to death! He wouldn’t have Jim to hypo anymore and he would turn on the rest of us!!” Sulu joked

You chuckle softly and turn back to Leonard, “I’m going to go look for him. See if I can talk to him about what’s going to happen”

Len nodded, gently pulling you into a quick kiss, “Go get our Captain”

You quickly wave at everyone before leaving, throwing one last glare at Spock before you turn around and begin your search.

You eventually find Jim in Sickbay, surprisingly. He is curled up under the bio bed in the far corner with a nest of blankets and gowns as padding against the cold floor. You crouch down quietly, the two of you just watching each other, until finally Jim holds his arms out for you to pick him up.

You gently set Jim on your hip, “I’m sorry for yelling, sweetheart”

Jim nuzzles into your shoulder, leaning his forehead against the side of your neck, “I don’t like t when you yell, it’s scary. Your scary when you’re angry, Y/N”

“I know, and I really didn’t mean to scare you so much. Spock did something really stupid, and it made me really angry”

“If you were angry, why didn’t you hit him? Frank hits me whenever he gets angry”

“It makes you a bad person if you hit someone while you are angry. It makes you no better than the bad guys that we fight. The only time it is okay to hit someone is if you are protecting yourself. Okay?”

Jim nodded quietly, “okay. ‘m really sleepy now. Can I go to bed?”

“Sure, Jimmy. You get to stay in my quarters tonight”

Jim pulled back and looked at you, “What about Bones?”

“He is going to stay there too!”

Jim seemed pleased with your answer and let you carry him to the Command Deck, where your room was. Len was already there, and he had replicated a child’s bed and set it up in their spare room. The two rooms shared a bathroom, so people could walk form your room, through the bathroom, and into Jim’s new room. You and Len would replicate more furniture and toys for Jim tomorrow, but for now everyone was exhausted.

“I can sleep in here?”

“Yes Jimmy. This is your new bed, and your new room. If you need us all you have to do is walk through the bathroom and you will be in our room”

Jim nods sleepily. You help him get dressed in his pajamas and you lay him in bed. He is asleep before his head even touches the pillow.

You and Len walk back into your room, change, and instantly fall asleep as well.

You wake up when you hear the bathroom door swish open. Jim is standing there, rubbing as his eyes.

“Jimmy? Are you alright?”

Jim sniffles softly, “I had a nightmare, ‘bout Frank”

You coo softly, “Come here, honey. You can sleep with me and Bones tonight”

Len grunted softly when he felt Jim crawl over him. Jim hesitantly settled between the two of you, cuddling into your chest. “I can sleep here?”

“Yeah, Jimmy. You can sleep here. Tomorrow I would like you to tell me about your dream, but for now we can just go to sleep. How does that sound?”

“Good” Jim mumbled sleepily, “Night, Y/N, night Bones”

“G’night, kiddo”

Len puts his arm oven Jim, curling his fingers into your hip, cocooning the child in both of your arms. You know that Len will help you fight for Jim, you know that if it were up to the two of you, Jim would never even mention Frank again. But for now all you can do is provide comfort to the child, you can give him the love that he deserves.

“Good night, boys”

Your boys, your husband and now someone who could call your son. You will do anything to keep them safe. Winona and Starfleet will have to get through you if they even want a chance at touching Jim.

My favorite thing about star trek TOS:

writers: Vulcans kiss with their hands!

everyone: ok cool.

*Kirk grabs Spocks hand, Spock raises his eyebrows but lets it happen*

everyone: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

writers: anyway on to the next episode.

everyone: hm ok whatever, maybe they forgot or something. continuity is hard. and writing handshakes are so common place…

writers: here’s an episode with Amanda and Sarek, Spock’s parents. they kissin with their hands, in case you forgot!!!!!

everyone *eyes narrowed*: okay… hm…. okay……

*Kirk and spock touching hands all the time, like claspin’ and shit all wild and everything.*

writers: don’t  forget!!!! kissing!!! hands!!!!!!!!

everyone: so…..are they in love… or……. uh…………..

writers: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) dont forget :))) :))))))) hands…. kissing…………

*Spock, slowly starts letting McCoy touch his hands too*

everyone: You have got to be shitting me. This has GOT to be a continuity error. 

writers: :)) :)))))))))) here’s another episode with spock’s parents in case you forgot. 

writers: hands. :) kissing. :)

Baby Jim - Part 3

Part 3!! I have never written Winona kirk before, but this is how i pictured her after George kirk died


You wake up to the sound of a child giggling, and the unmistakable laughter of your husband.

“Look, Jimmy. Y/N’s finally gonna wake up” Len stage whispered.

You throw a pillow in the general direction that Len’s voice was coming from. “Shh, I don’ ‘ve t’ work today” you mumble.

“Ya gotta wake up!! We gotta go get breakfast! I’m hungry!” Jim yelled, jumping on the bed

You reach out blindly and grab Jim by his ankle, you drag Jim under the covers with you, tickling him. Len yanked the covers off of you both, Jim squealed happily and both boys turned on you, tickling you mercilessly. You shriek, trying to get away and let out a yelp when you fall right off the side of the bed.

“Y/N!!” Jim cried

“I’m alright, just a little bump” You stand up and stretch, “I’m gonna get dressed and then we can go to the mess”

By the time you and Jim get to the mess, Alpha shift had already started so it was pretty much empty. Len had gone to the science labs to see how far they were in finding the cure, and then he was going to see if Winona had received Spock’s message.

“What do you want this morning?”


Jim seemed to be coming out of his shell a lot more today, he was acting a lot more like a happy 4 old. Jim was talking about everything that came to mind. He talked about the farm, about space, and about brother, but he immediately clammed up whenever his mother or Frank was brought up.

Spock was the one who came to get you when the transmission from Winona came in.

“Commander Winona Kirk would like to speak to the Captain”

You nod, reaching out to take Jim’s hand, he had been teaching you how to play chess, “We are gonna talk to your mom, Jimmy”

Jim looks up at you confused, “Mommy wants to talk to me? But she’s on her Starship!”

You smile sadly, “She is. She sent a transmission, like a video call from her ship to ours. It makes it so we can talk to each other”

The two of you follow Spock to Observation Deck two, where he pulls up a screen with Winona’s face on it. Jim smiles at his mother, “Hi mommy!”

“James, what did I will you to call me while I am in uniform” Winona snaps, her eyes cold and unforgiving

“Sorry, Commander Kirk” Jim mumbled, he had only been talking to his mother for two minutes and the little boy already looked close to tears

You can’t help but nudge Jim over and bring the Commanders attention to you, “Hello, Commander. As you can see Jimmy has been turned into a 4 year old child. He has no memories of anything before this age. Our science team is working on returning the Captain to his rightful age, and our Communications officer is planet-side, working with the planets ambassador”

Her cold eyes locked with yours, “While that is all well and good, a Starfleet Flagship is no place for a child. While the Enterprise is searching for the cure, James should return to Earth. I have someone there who can …”

“Yeah, Frank” you snarl

“Has James told you about him?”

You turn around, gently pulling Jim into your lap, “He didn’t just tell me about him” You gently pull up Jim’s shirt, revealing the multicolored bruises that littered his torso, and the scar on his ribs from broken glass. “These are all from Frank! He abused your child but you were never on Earth long enough to notice!”

Winona lip curled into a sneer, “James was a difficult child, sometimes Frank would have to discipline the boy”

You can feel your hands start to shake, and you are unable to form words. Fortunately Jim beats you to the punch, “You know that he hurts me? You didn’t tell him to stop?”

Winona opened her mouth again, but this time you cut her off, “I think that’s enough talking for now. Thankfully I have had this conversation recorded and you have just admitted to knowing about the abuse of a child without informing authorities. According to regulations that means that you have been relieved of your rights as guardian and they have gone to his preceding medical official, who is me. Thank you for your time Commander, Jimmy and I will take our leave”

You reach over and turn off the transmission, Spock sits up straighter, “I apologize. I did not realize the extent of the traumas that plagued the Captain’s childhood”

Standing up you lift Jim into your arms, “I know you weren’t. That’s why I was so angry at you for reporting him to begin with.”

You and Jim head down to Sickbay where you are finally able to use the dermal regenerator on all of the bruises. You had wanted to show Winona, in hopes to keep Jim away from Frank, only to find out that she had known all long. The only good thing was that Jim wouldn’t be going back to Frank, once you sent the video to the Admirals, they would have no choice but to relieve Winona of her guardianship.

“All done, sweetheart!”

Jim sniffles, reaching out for you again, wanting to be picked up, “’m sleepy, Y/N. Will you take a nap with me?”

You tuck Jim’s head underneath your chin, “Yeah, sweetheart, I’ll take a nap with you. We can take a quick nap before lunch, and then we can eat with Bones”

Jim nodded sleepily, yawning quietly, “I really want to stay with you. I don’t want mommy to send me back to Frank. Mommy doesn’t love me like you do”

“You’re alright, sweetheart. You will stay with me if I have anything to say about it”

You gently lay Jim down on the bed, tucking him into your side, Jim nuzzles into you sleepily. He looks so innocent when he is tired, when he feels safe enough to sleep.

“I wish you were my mommy instead of Commander Kirk” Jim mumbles sleepily

“I do too, Jimmy. I do too”

You watch as Jim falls asleep, peaceful in your arms. You don’t know how anyone could possible hurt him, he loves so deeply, and he is so beautifully innocent that all you want to do is protect him.

“I love you, Jimmy. I promise that no one will hurt you anymore, not if I can help it”

You know that Winona will put up a fight, and she won’t do it because she cares about Jim, she will do it to hurt you and the rest of the Enterprise crew. You also know that every single member of the crew will fight with you to keep Jim away from that woman. Jim would be loved this time around, he had an entire family to take care of him now.

Prompt: “Anyway, can I request a Spock x reader where Spock meets the readers parents over dinner and the readers parents are on edge about him but the reader defends him?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,016

Author’s Note: My SO is actually a Vulcan, and I received a similar reaction when I brought him to meet my parents. Fun times! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 10,728/50,000

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hiccup444  asked:

Is that bear thing that they're cuddling with the same one from when Jim met Spock's parents?

Kskxkd yeah. I often make dumb connections to previous works but the academy au and this current comic aren’t related at all.

My Spones headcanon

Spock names the first child he has with Leonard McCoy, S’Chn T’Gai Hinek.

Vulcan children laugh at Hinek’s name.  This puzzles and makes  Leonard McCoy angry who then asks Spock what it means. It means in Vulcan: Bones. Spock tells the little boy in private what to tell the Vulcanian children and that’s “I am named after the skilled, exceptional physician human in star fleet. One who served aboard the USS Enterprise in the historic five year mission.  My father, Leonard McCoy. Stop laughing at my father’s nickname.” and he says it with pride going as far to fight other Vulcans his age who insult his parents. Spock is so proud that it should be illogical. But it is not. McCoy makes Hinek apologize while he apologizes to the parents.