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similarities between Spirk and Sportarobbie?

odd question, anon, but i’ll humor you.

short, tanned and muscular: sportacus and jim kirk

tall, dark and handsome: robbie rotten and spock

distinguishable features (pointed ears, eyebrows, ect): spock, robbie rotten and sportacus

pale-skinned with dark hair: spock and robbie rotten

not of human species: sportacus and spock

ambiguously gay: all parties interact with eacother that involve touching and making certain eye contact and gestures. (this mostly applies to kirk/spock but go along with it. you seen how many times robbie is in sport’s arms.)

owner of long, graceful limbs. robbie rotten and spock

incredibly handsome smile with bright eyes: sportacus and jim kirk

dark lashes that could be mistaken for falsies: spock and robbie rotten

beautiful hair award goes to: jim kirk and sportacus

good at emotions: sportacus and jim kirk

bad at emotions: spock and robbie rotten


favorite spones moments

pretty sure the whole crew is so done with Jim cause he LITERALLY NEVER STOPS TALKING ABOUT SPOCK like he’ll be checking in with engineering and Scotty tells him about an issue and Jim is like “oh ya Spock told me about that you know Spock is sooo smart” or Sulu will be showing him a plant and Jim goes “oh the petals are the same color as spock’s ears when he’s cold!” and he’s always asking Nyota what she and Spock were talking about in Vulcan and of course he gushes to Bones over whiskey about how cute Spock is and whenever Chekov says something was invented in Russia Jim jumps in with “actually Spock told me that…” and at some point he starts a sentence with “Spock-” and everyone just yells “WE GET IT YOU’RE IN LOVE”

Headcannon that mccoy is really good at magic tricks and even though spock knows logically that it’s an illusion he can’t figure out how mccoy keeps pulling quarters out of his ear.

“there seems to be something in that pointed ear of yours” *pulls a quarter out of spock’s ear*

“doctor. I must insist that you stop this foolish behavior at once.”

“Looks like those ears are finally good for something” *pulls another quarter out of spock’s ear*

“we no longer use these items as currency. where do you keep getting them from?”

why spock… i’m getting them from behind your ear”

fyc: jim does not only love spock because he is half-human. jim is absolutely /thrilled,/ in the purest sense of the word, when he is reminded of how different spock is from himself. how alien. when he follows the natural curve of spock’s upwardly flourishing ears or eyebrows with his eyes– when the green tinge of his beloved’s blood is visible beneath his pale skin, revealed by harsh fluorescent lighting– when jim gets the rare, fleeting glimpse of spock’s inner nictitating membranes/ third eyelids flicking across his eyes– jim is pleasantly reminded that his love’s body is one that was born and grown under light from a different sun, respiring the hot winds of an alien world. that everything that spock was, was formed from an impossibly incomprehensible set of cosmic alignments. that as similar to jim as spock is, he is equally dissimilar, foreign, and special…

30 Day OTP Challenge Day 7: Cosplay

Space Ranger Partners? 

(Lance as Captain Kirk and Keith as Spock)


Lance: The ears look good. We are gonna have to do something about your hair though. 

Keith: You’re not touching my hair.

Lance: We should cut it. It would make you look authentic.

Keith: You are definitely not cutting my hair.

Lance; It’s hair. It will grow back.

Keith: No.

Lance: Sigh, a true Vulcan would not have such an emotional attachment to a mullet.

Keith: Hey Lance,

It’s not a mullet. It’s a shag. 

we don’t talk enough about the fact that it was Jim, not Bones, who first called Spock a pointy eared bastard. and he hasn’t done it since that day at his academic integrity hearing, but you can bet your ass Bones hasn’t forgotten

and every time Spock is like ‘doctor please desist in calling me-’ ‘JIM STARTED IT’ Bones says gleefully before he can even get the words out

and they both just turn to look at Jim, who is trying to make himself as small as possible in the captain’s chair while also pretending not to notice them at all and failing miserably at both

SpockFact #58

Spock is an excellent swimmer because swimming is a logical skill to possess, as well as being mandatory training for Starfleet. But, like all Vulcans, he hates being in water, be it a pool or a bath or even the rain. He takes sonic showers only. As a young child, the Vulcan children expected him to enjoy water, because humans are known for being odd like that. He struggled to find the balance between expressing his genuine loathing of the water (to prove his Vulcanity) while still acting in the proper stoic manner. It is not until much later in life that he learns to enjoy such things as a hot bath.

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I have this headcanon that Spock’s ears wiggle when he’s super focused and doesn’t notice it happens. And obviously one day Jim/Bones will somehow manage to capture the moment in a holo. 
I want to do endless animations but damn, the frame count is not doing wonders for my platform! (Also I reused my steam animation because I messed up the new improved one one .. sigh)

And I’m still replying to your suggestions, I’m just slow!

im glad the warcraft movie flopped. idek who this is alls i know is shes supposed to be an orc but this is just a woman with spock ears and vampire teeth she won at chuck e cheese. shes the dream girl of the “i want to douse you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado” man. youve got a race of the Incredible Hulks who dont know what the fuck a dentist is but u cant even make the orc ladies muscular ladies cause u still gotta pander to your sweaty male fanbase in 2016 with the Sexy Lady Chicks. where is the Muscle. where is the Scrunched Up Fucking Orc Face. obviously im aware blizzard has a problem with sexual dimorphism in this game but they didnt even try here!!! dont even get me started on male and female trolls or god forbid male and female worgens guess what blizzard dogs look the exact fucking same regardless of gender. going back to the dentist thing her teeth are completely white like shes been suckin colgates MintyFresh™ dick!!!! this is the lady that elitist gamers think about when they talk about fake gamer girls

Spock, your crush is showing

But i mean can you imagine?? they’re not dating, they’re no where near it. Bones insisted Spock take a fifteen minute break from collecting rock samples and they sat down together, Spock ignoring Bones as Bones makes a flower crown for himself. Then Bones, in his good mood, puts a flower behind Spock’s ear and leans back, seemingly unaware that their legs are still entangled. And Spock finds he can’t take his eyes off Bones

jim calls spock ‘baby ears’ because he loves spock’s ears and is the type of person to just make up nicknames that don’t really make sense and the first time he called spock that spock was so confused he couldn’t even think of anything to say and so jim proceeded to hold spock’s face and kiss both of spock’s ears and go “cute. love ur ears baby”