Imagine Your OTP Autumn Edition

Person A: Fuck it, I’m covering everything in pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spiced everything.

Person B: Do you really want to do that?

Person A: Pumpkin spiced latte. Pumpkin spiced porridge. Pumpkin spiced chocolate.

Person B: You’ll get sick.

Person A: Pumpkin spiced B.

Person B: Wait, what?

Person A: Pumpkin spiced crisps.

Person B: Did you say “Pumpkin spiced B?”

Person A: Pumpkin spiced Pumpkin.

Person B: What the fuck is wrong with you?



saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.

...And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.

you know, I love this scene in the movie but I also love this alternate take because of the familiarity of it? How normal it just feels.
Like, this is the first time we ever see the crew outside of their work place, with casual clothes, just having fun at a party. And it’s the only real glimpse we get of them being just friends hanging out together.. of their family dynamic.
I love Spock and Nyota seem to be sharing a little happy kiss in front of their friends because, really, they already know they are an item since years and no one really cares about the pda at this point because they are used to it (and our expectations and prejudices about Spock as an introvert private vulcan are, once again, proved wrong by my dude because this would be the second time he has game kisses his girl in front of other people /DGAForeva) And Jim is affectionately making a subtle ‘kissy’ face to tease them a bit for it because it’s adorbs, and maybe he’s the one who teases them about their little pda and always makes faces at them, this is his thing. Bones is just thinking about the new ship and…space, and trying to remember why he chose this job, again, but also really hoping that new medbay will finally be adeguate to his patients’ needs, and that they have fixed all the things that he had complained about for 3 years (and if they didn’t, he’ll just complain about it to Jim, again). Then there is Pavel who is just happy.. look Hikaru look!  and Sulu’s like I know I know, and he puts his arm around Chekov and he’s about to put his arm on Spock’s back too, but he stops because he remembers that not all his friends are the same, even if he loves them all the same.
Scotty is probably noticing, even from distance, all the things he doesn’t like already.. like a proud father looking at the wedding dress of his daughter and trying to understand if it’s truly adeguate for her beauty or they could do better.
and then there is Jaylah who really doesn’t look that interested about the Enterprise, because, after all, she doesn’t even know her. And it’s not the Franklin, it’s not her home yet. For now she’s more focused on that starfleet card in her hand and imagining how the Academy will be her home from now on and all the things she will learn there.