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ok but one of these days we’ll have to make a ‘reasons why Spock is a better boyfriend than you all’ (or, alternatively, why Spock totally doesn’t suck as a boyfriend)’  list.
Can include stuff from the videogame and comics too.
like, little examples:

  • - he cooks for his girlfriend, so that they can have a private dinner in his room instead of a crowded mess hall  (or more like, he really, really tries to cook for her, and Nyota appreciates his efforts.. anyway)
  • - instinctively walks to his girl to hold her hand when crazy mofo wants to kill everyone
  • - when they started dating, he followed the courtship rituals of his people and respected her, so he didn’t try to take her to bed too soon; he asked her to get kinky with their minds instead
  • - keeps a glass of water and a plate with fruit on his nightstand when his girl spends the night with him (just in case their activities might make her hungry and thirsty). He doesn’t mind her not using pajamas.
  • - he doesn’t want her to experience the same pain he experienced when he lost his mother and home planet.
  • - after having to nerve-pinch the evil counterpart of his girlfriend, he is still very gentle with her because she looks like his love, and he can’t bear to see her hurt
  • - finds the company of his girl restorative; her presence is everything he needs to feel good after a long day of work. He doesn’t need plants.
  • - the first question he asks to his female counterpart, upon meeting her for the first time, is whether she also has an exclusive emotional relationship with her own Uhura. His priorities are in check.
  • - his evil counterpart loves his girl more than wanting to conqueer the universe
  • - he has faith in his girl and trusts her skills more than anyone on the ship
  • - keeps a perfect dichotomy between referring to her as an officer, by rank,  while they are working, and calling her by her first name only when referring to her as his significant other
  • - won’t have any comment on the matter when Kirk asks him if her first name is indeed Nyota because he respects she doesn’t give her first name to everyone.
  • - gives to his girl a vokaya necklace amulet that belonged to his beloved mother, and is thus very precious to him (and his people, since the mineral is now rare and should maybe be put in some museum), as a token of his love and respect.
  • - he made sure his radiactive necklace gift was completely harmless before giving it to his girl.
  • - doesn’t even realize that said necklace was a tracking device until he needs to find and save his girl.
  • - despite his self-insistence of the contrary, he knows and admits that his feelings for Nyota make it impossible to not act when she’s in danger because when you love someone you protect them, regardless the injudiciousness of their actions.
  • - he finds the time with his girl deeply furfilling
  • - gets his ass kicked at 3d chess by his girl the first time they play together, and instead of being butthurt about that, he’s like ‘omg I’m in love’ and gives her the king piece from his chess set as a token of his love
  • - wants to personally participate to a dangerous rescue mission in spite of being injured and barely able to walk just becaue his girl is there too.
  • - he appreciates her concerns for him and respects that
  • - he’s the most diligent officer but he still puts works aside to go to a party just because he knows his girl would be there too, and engaging with her socially is more pleasing than completing his mission report
  • - he looks grateful when his girl brings him a drink. Looks like someone who a has a gigantic crush for his girl in spite of already being in a relationship with her since years.