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A very carefully curated list of Star Trek: TOS for my friend to watch.

 I have some faith that—if she was going to get into Star Trek:TOS—the following episodes will be her gateway drug. Posting it here so everyone can see my thought process.

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Imagine Waking Up With Spock (a S'chn T'gai Spock x Reader ficlet)

For the anonie who requested more Spock love! My pleasure! This is only the first of two stories I have written for you.
This is mainly from reader POV, but there is a part or two that I HAD to add in Spock’s POV because I wanted to do a nod to the fact that Spock is more than meets the eye. This is pure fluff and sweet goodness, and my first time writing a Spock fic, so I hope everyone enjoys!
Characters: Spock & Reader
Warnings: none
Word count: 1083

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Seriously Star Trek is probably the only series where I love all the characters
It’s not that I hate some characters in other shows it’s just that I sorta don’t care about them??
But in Star Trek?
Kirk- awesome
Spock- sassy fuck
McCoy- grumpy wine mom
Sulu- perfect dude
Chekov- amazing cinammon role
Uhura- badass and smart and SO fucking pretty
Scotty- able to fix everything, also funny
I love every single one of the main characters and that is really amazing!!

Mudd’s women appreciation post

So I was re-watching an episode again and decided to share a few moments you might have forgotten, to lighten up your day.

Sulu is like ENTIRELY queer…again

I’m most certain this is not legal.

McCoy flirted with is the best kind of McCoy

Girls are one thing but medicine is medicine. He’s a doctor not a weakass.


Kirk and McCoy all distressed about the beauty of women.

Spock is, obviously, eavsdropping

While Bones is giving me his passionate hypothesis, I casually check out if my boyfriend is listening, or just have a look at how pretty he is

Bones continues his inspiring bullshit speech he immediately regrets

Spocko is like lol

Also Spock.. 

They’re better than women. I promise. Rocks are love. Rocks are life.


The how’s my boyfriend gonna deal with the situation Spock no.456

Kirk being turned down, aww

Better flirt with my first officer instead

Jim apologizing for shouting at Scotty

Kirk and Spock pretending like they don’t want to grab each other by neck and make out on the bridge

But failing miserably

Are you sure, woman?

Yeah..the Enterprise is surely glad the affair is over.

Insert final Bones x Spock sassy argument

Lifted eyebrows, proud boyfriend, uterrly over-sassed Bones and we’re home. Thank you for your attention