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The Last Words of a Shipper...
  • Friend: Oh shit, don't go to the white light!
  • Me: If I die... please...
  • Friend: Don´t worry, I will erase your computer history.
  • Me: Fuck No! I have my fanfics there, if I become a ghost I will have the chance to read them in the afterlife.

After seeing thesadchicken‘s awesome Star Trek mermaid pieces I decided to add a little AOS to the mix 

(Bones is human but soon discovers the mermaids have magic that allows him to breath underwater)

Edit: added Uhura and Scotty
(Scotty is definitely the type who collects all the random stuff he finds and wears it as jewellery)


2015 In 215 Seconds


Evil-wears-a-bow’s 800 Follower Giveaway Extraordinaire! 

Hey Guys! Kitty/Keith here! I’m really freaking excited to show my 2nd giveaway ever! The last one went really, really, well and I’m dedicated to this blog and all my shippers friends hearts. I know this week has been absolutely depressing but fear not my friends! 

We have lost one, but we will prosper, this is what the great Spock, Leonard Nimoy would have wanted. SO, here I am, here we are, 800 followers and I couldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! 

Thank you all so much for being so darn incredible! 

Here are the prizes! 

  1. Small, pop-up-stand-up Mister Spock Cardette 
  2. Vol. 15 Captain America Comic Book 
  3. Star Trek 2009 2 Disc DVD set (Bonus features + Movie) 
  4. 2 TOS Star Trek Books- The Pandora Principle and Memory Prime
  5. 3 Avenger Sticker/Card Collectible packets 
  6. Star Trek The Motion Picture DVD
  7. Emotions Of Mister Spock Poster (Fair Condition)
  8. Free Art or Fan Fiction of your choice!

Here are the Rules! 

  1. All participants must be following me! 
  2. All participants must like this post and have reblogged this! 
  3. I will always check! 
  4. This competition starts NOW and ends 03/26/2015! 
  5. Winners will be chosen with a random number generator, every reblog is an entry in the drawing, however I prefer not to double gift. 8 People will be receiving gifts.
  6. Winners will be chosen then random number generator will prescribe which out of the 8 gets first choice, then second and then first and so on!
  7. LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT: Canada and Mexico is okay, but, besides this I will not be sending things out of the United States. However, if you live out of the US/Can/Mex then you can play for prize 8 and prize 8 ONLY.

Again this competition ends 03/26/2015 in honor of Leonard Nimoy’s Birthday.

I love you all, thank you.

Live long, and prosper.

Diftor heh smusma. 


Universe: Would you just come out of the closet, get a room and make all our lives easier?

Castiel, Steve, Spock (the “why-is-human-speech-so-ambiguous-I’m-human-and-even-I-don’t-know-why” trio): Captain takes charge as the not-alien one with explaining the concept to his oblivious friends. He understands the reference! (Howard Stark indeed explained all about fondue and it’s types). Castiel says enochian is easier to understand than human expressions and why does the Universe think that bread and cheese wiil make everybodie’s lives easier, Steve, you are not hepling. Spock is just confused with the slang, but the concept is familiar, so he just needs time to analyze the data and consider the pros and cons and thak you, Steven, your explanation was helpful, I’ll send a clarifying report to you, Castiel.

Dean, Tony, James (the “totally-not-gay-though-maybe-a-little” trio): Kirk is the most amused one, because why the hell not if Spock won’t strangle him again or they can establish a stop-word for that kind of thing. Dean plays “I don’t know what you are talking about”, because he is as straight as his legs are and stop laughing you two are not in love with an angel of the Lord and oh, shit. Tony is sceptical about Cap’s “understanding”, though he REALLY didn’t need to know about his dad’s “sexual education” speech and must he now feel grateful or disturbed?

Sam, Thor, McCoy (the “amused-an-not-so-much-amused-observer” trio): Sam thinks the whole thing with denial and ignorance is flat out hilarious and absolutely obvious, Thor considers human mating rituals ridiculously long, McCoy is just so tired of this shit ‘cause he is on a SPACE SHIP with this two and he has nowhere to hide from all this UST all over the space and even if he tries to stay in a Sickbay those two morons are almost living there.

I don’t know what i did here and why, but this crossover is kind of a little dream.