I’m so grateful that Spock’s “emotional side” in Beyond was shown as gentle and loving, rather than angry and violent as it was in the last two movies. I think that there was this fundamental misunderstanding of Spock’s emotional processing just based on how he was written, but Simon Pegg knows better and he righted the wrong that had been done while making it look like Spock was merely growing and maturing.

Either way, I absolutely adore Spock’s characterization in Beyond. He’s beginning to accept his emotions as a valid part of him, even if logic will always be at the forefront of his decision-making processes and worldview. He understands what it means to adapt and change in healthy ways, and he recognizes that his emotions require acknowledgement in order for him to develop and improve as both a Vulcan and a human.

But really, I think we all know the real reason why I love how Spock was written in this movie—his newfound caring and gentle nature simply reminds me of a certain original series counterpart we all know and love.

List of things that made me cry in STB
  • The camera roving over Yorktown with the music playing and how that was the very heart of Star Trek right there
  • How Sulu’s face lit up when he saw his family
  • When the Vulcans gave Spock the bad news about Spock Prime
  • When the Enterprise blew up
  • When Spock found Spock Prime’s photograph and the TOS theme started playing
  • When everybody celebrated Kirk’s birthday
  • The “Space, the Final Frontier” speech
  • In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy
  • For Anton
It might not seem like anything major, but being imprisoned on Altamid and almost dying helped Spock and Uhura get their groove back. We’re going to gloss over the fact that the necklace Spock gave Uhura is a radioactive tracking device, and just say we’re relieved they’re back together. The warp-speed turbulence the characters have endured over the span of three movies has probably solidified their relationship, so we don’t think it’s out of the question for them to take it to the next step in the fourth film. Might we see Kirk officiating a wedding on the bridge of the Enterprise-A?

OMG SIGH….guys just got tons of pics of The Witcher 3 statues from Wonder Festival 2016 (Tokyo)

Check all of them here: http://imgur.com/a/LZRTW

Yennefer, Triss and Eredin aren’t painted yet but they will be also released later.

I have to say the details on Yen’s statue are amazing - …check the fur!!! 

Prime 1 Studio is known for extremely detailed and manually painted statues. They are also very expensive (around 1000 USD) and very limited. The height for these statues are normally 50-55 cm without base (¼ format). The pre-orders of these statues aren’t opened yet…this is the first full preview of Prime 1 Studio Witcher 3 line.

The signs as people I saw this weekend at Metrocon (2016 Edition):
  • aries:JoJo's To Be Continued meme cosplayer
  • taurus:Dad 76 cosplayer who was really into it and had juice boxes.
  • gemini:male D.Va cosplayers with bodysuits that revealed too much in the crotch area.
  • cancer:people yelling "space AIDS!"
  • leo:literally 6 Red Card Katerina cosplayers. Why Red Card Katerina????
  • virgo:itty bitty 8 yr old Teemo cosplayer (he was so cute!!!)
  • libra:Budget McCree.
  • scorpio:Cabbage dealer cosplay.
  • sagittarius:my friend eating the cabbage in the middle of the rave.
  • capricorn:actual anime girl Spock.
  • aquarius:Dat Boi getting kicked out for using a unicycle in the con.
  • pisces:guy falling over while playing DDR in the game room.