• Toby: *Has gone out of his way to protect others, puts others before himself, constantly forgives those who hurt him, but punches Caleb in a 1.5 second clip in a promo for an unknown but likely good reason, with no concrete context.*
  • Ezra: *Knowingly stalks and seduces an underage girl who is his student, uses her and her friends to write a book about their allegedly-dead best friend who he also semi-dated. And yells at said girl and her friends for an unknown but probably not-legitimate reason in 1.5 second clip in a promo.*

A Bleeding Heart: Chapter 13

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The unyielding morning sun peeking through the blinds ripped her out of her slumber, unapologetically.

Before she could complain though, before her mouth would even cooperate, she was instantly acutely aware of her boyfriend’s fingertips rubbing the bare skin on her back in circles, trailing down over her ass and legs.

“Mmm,” she murmured instead, sleep still prevalent in her voice. “That feels nice.”

He didn’t say anything in response, but she heard his almost silent, blissful chuckle that always accompanied his genuinely elated smile. The smile she mostly saw when the tragedies in their lives were halted to a minimum. The smile she pretended only ever existed for her.

Her emotions, for once, matched his, as the events the day prior came back to her. After their first time, their first love making in over three years, they’d laid, basking in each other, for nearly an hour before going at it again. And again. And again. Until they’d realized they’d forgone all but one meal of the day and ordered the entire Sarrono’s dinner menu.

She’d fallen asleep, after one last round, entirely on top on him, exhausted and full and more relaxed than she thought she’d ever been and more soothed than she believed she’d ever be again. Even all things considered.

Her ecstasy, her pure euphoria, that had only and always appeared whenever she was truly with the man that she loved with everything inside of her, had lasted all night and carried through into the morning.

That was, until she decided to roll over.

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I wrote about what it means to support someone unconditionally, even when they haven’t been entirely honest with you. And how everybody needs somebody to be inspired by… somebody who sets the bar really high. Somebody who’ll put someone else’s needs before their own and not resent them for it. Someone who always expects you to do the right thing, and then forgives you when you don’t.
—  Spencer so-fucking-in-love-with-toby-cavanaugh-i-cannot Hastings