Fellow Spobettes!

Since the Spobyversary is coming up as you all know it on November 5th we have decided to dedicate a week between Novermber 3rd to 9th to our beloved otp: Spoby.

Each day of the week features a different prompt, and participants are encouraged to create whatever they wish for the prompt - art, fic, graphics, photo fics, videos, or any combination of the above.

We are currently accepting ideas of prompt so feel free to send them in or just help us by spreading the word around!

spoby week - day one

hi ok so I’ve never posted a fic on here before but, in honor of Spoby week, I thought i’d give it a go :) let me know what you think maybe? xo

spoby + cute little family at a cute little football game

“Spence, he’s going to be okay. He’s tough and he’s talented and he’s related to you,” Toby assured his wife as they sat in the bleachers of their four year old son’s first pee-wee football game. Spencer, per usual, was fretting over his safety and overall well-being. "And especially after all the fuss you fed to the coaches about extra padding and mouth guards…believe me. He’s going to be fine.“

"I know,” she pouted. “But still I worry. This is the most dangerous sport out there, especially for children, and research shows that the injury statistics have grown at least twice in size within the last four years. He’s our baby, Toby… I don’t want him to grow up. I don’t want him to play football.”

“No…” Toby smiled as he kissed the tiny palm of the two month old girl in Spencer’s arms. “This isour baby. Olly is our big boy, and trying new things and playing new sports is a necessary part of him growing up. And I know that’s scary… Believe me, I know. It feels like only yesterday we were all snuggled up on that hospital bed together and welcoming him into the world. But it’s okay, because he’s still ours. Baby or not…he’s still ours. And he’s still okay. We have to let him do his thing, okay?”

"Yeah, you’re right…” Spencer sighed, looking out onto the football field dreamily.

A whistle blew and suddenly their son was running at full speed toward the purple flag at the end of the field. The other little boys on the opposing team were trying with all their mights to catch up and tag him so that he would stop but they had no such luck. Their little Oliver was running…running…running…

And he scored a touchdown!

The crowd went wild, and Oliver couldn’t help the proud smile that came across his face. His parents couldn’t either. As they beamed wide smiles and applauded for their son, Spencer and Toby couldn’t have felt more proud.

“He seems to have gotten your competitive gene,” Toby laughed. “I told you he’d be okay.”

Spencer laughed too. “Yeah, yeah. He’s your son too, you know. He seems to have gotten your dreamy smile.”

They laughed again, and suddenly they realized that they weren’t the only ones. Their little Evaline was now awake and giggling too.

“Hi Evvy!” Spencer cooed. “Do you think that’s silly? You know, you have a dreamy smile too. Your daddy and I love it when you show it to us.” She paused. “You won’t ever grow up will you, baby?”

Toby could only shake his head, an adoring smile glued to his face. Although their son was rapidly growing up and their daughter was well on her way, he felt at peace knowing that they would always be his and Spencer’s children. They would always need them as their parents, no matter how old they got, and their love will forever be unconditional. If happily ever afters really did exist, Toby was sure that this was theirs.