It’s really hard for me to watch Spencer and Toby break up. Neither of them wanted it to end. Spencer is just completely heartbroken, and it hurts to see her hurting. Toby is not like a normal teenage boyfriend. He legitimately wants to and spend his life with Spencer. They talked about babies, for Christ’s sake. They were in such a great place, and now it’s all gone to hell because of A and now they’re just both heartbroken and I just want this to be fixed. Now.

i’m actually still so upset because i honestly thought when toby was telling spencer about the house he was going to admit he still loved her, and to have that dangle there and be snatched away, :(((( it sucks so much because, like haleb, if they had just communicated that they still loved each other, which both have basically admitted now, then they probably would’ve still been together