#i dare anyone to try to tell me that caleb is better for spencer than toby #or that caleb is still a better guy than toby #because i’m so tired of caleb getting away with everything #he literally cheats on spencer and then hes the one treating her like shit #while toby is doing everything he can to help her and the girls #when they aren’t even in a relationship anymore #and yet somehow toby still gets more hate #protect toby cavanaugh

How the fuck does Alison have the least screentime but every storyline revolves around her & her family bye

I know everyone's real attached to Caleb, buh..

Read this and tell me he hadn’t been an asshole lately.

Caleb: Breaks up with Hanna because she’s trying to create a decent career for herself and doesn’t have as much time for him as she used to.

Caleb: Becomes Toby’s best friend over five years.

Caleb: Dates Toby’s ex without asking him first, even though it was obviously a complicated and messy breakup.

Caleb: Kisses Hanna while he’s still dating Spencer, after he hinted to Spencer that she would cheat on him with Toby.

Caleb: Is rude and disrespectful to Spencer while Hanna is missing.

Caleb: Continues being rude to Spencer and iced her out when Hanna comes back.

Caleb: The second Hanna rejects him, all of the sudden he’s all over Spencer again.

Caleb: Doesn’t even respect Spencer enough to tell her he kissed Hanna, even when he has the perfect opportunity to.