• Me, an intellectual: I should really stop obsessing over fictional people that don't actually exist outside the scope of my tv and book pages and I should focus on reality and getting my life together.
  • Also me: No you shouldn't
  • Me: Tru, you right

The girls finally found out who A.D is (choose who you see best fit), they feel closure for what had happened over the past several years and finally feel at peace with all that went on. Everything is explained from day one, A.D is finally killed or locked away, and they are finally safe again.

Then, there is a three year time jump. We see the five girls end up with the love they deserve, the career they have always wanted, the family they have always dreamed of. It as if everything is tied in a perfect bow, we, as an audience, feel weirdly satisfied with a happy ending and realize that it is finally the end, but at least we know the whole A.D story and know the truth. 

Finally, as the screen goes black, we think that it’s it, it’s over. Until all of a sudden, they show Radley Sanitarium, the camera follows down the hallways, through the haunted, creepy rooms. And then, it zooms to a shaking hand, writing furiously in a notebook, in scribbled writing and smudged ink. And as the person writes “the end”, they close the notebook and all you see is the title “Pretty Little Liars” written in cursive on the front. Then suddenly, the camera zooms out and all you see is Aria, in a hospital gown, rocking back and forth as she sits at a desk that is filled with baby dolls, smiling smuggly at the book she had just written. The story of five girls being stalked by an ominous character, the other four girls are ones that Aria has always admired, one’s that she has always dreamed of being friends with. And then, a nurse walks in.

“Aria, are you finished writing for the day? It is time for your shower.” She says, standing cautiously at the edge of the doorway, resembling Mrs. Grunwald.

“Yes, I am.” Aria nods, the bags under eyes prominent, her eyes blood shot. “My story is finished. A story of my life, me and my four best friends, stalked and tortured by A, a murder mystery.” She pauses, “Did you know, I had a scary life, Miss?” Her lip begins to shake, “Full of killing and betrayal.” She picks up a doll, brushing it’s hair with her fingers. “I always felt so … scared.”

“Time for your shower, dear.” The nurse sighs, “Remember, this is all make believe, it is all in your head Ms. Montgomery. No need to be scared.”

“Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison, my Pretty Little Liars. Has a nice ring to it huh?” She looks endearingly at her book once last time before putting it back on the shelf and walking toward the nurse. Grunwald turns off the lights behind them and then, the screen turns black. 

The end.

Every Episode Of PLL Ever
  • -A: *Does some super petty bullshit, seriously I don't think he's even trying anymore*
  • Spencer: *Doing something Illegal*
  • Toby: *Fighting with Spencer over said illegal thing*
  • Spoby: *Mentally doing it while they fight*
  • Aria: *Kisses the nearest person the minute she feels any minor emotion*
  • Ezra: *Probably eating pie*
  • Ezria: *SEX*
  • Hanna: *Going Rouge*
  • Caleb: *Being shady af*
  • Haleb: *Won't come up for air long enough to stay alive*
  • Mona: *Has to do everything herself otherwise nothing would get done, also is probably hacking the white house*
  • Emily: *Trying to avoid Paige, Follows Ali like a puppy*
  • Alison: *Tries to hide the fact that she is 100% gay for Emily Catherine Fields, she would die for this beautiful amazing creature*
  • Emison: *Gets interrupted by Ezria*

Fangirl Challenge:  [32/50] Romantic Relationships » Spencer and Toby

“I wrote about what it means to support someone unconditionally, even when they haven’t been entirely honest with you, and how everybody needs somebody to be inspired by, somebody who sets the bar really high, somebody who will put someone else’s needs before their own, and then not resent them for it, somebody who always expects you to do the right thing, and then forgives you when you don’t. Well, I think your mother will be pretty moved by that. Yeah, she might be, but I wrote it about you.”