Spoby and Haleb have been broken up for like 5 years. You’d think over that time they’d move on or get over it. I understand it would suck seeing the person that they loved so much get engaged or married, but its been years! And they’re not in high school anymore! That’s why its kinda annoying when I see these awkward interactions between the ex couples. Even when Caleb and Spencer are willing to stop what’s going on between them to stay with Toby and Hanna. 


I hate when you are scrolling through tumblr and you see a couple come up on your dash and think ‘hey they are cute’ so you go into their tag and scroll and start reading all you can about them, then you start youtubing their scenes because you need more and before you know it you have seen all the couples scenes and have downloaded and seen the whole first season and before you realise what is happening you are now obsessed with another ship that will make you feel things you didn’t want to feel again

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What’s so annoying about 6B are little things the writers just decided to put in the story. 


  • Sara’s hands. Why it is relevant that her hands had to be electrocuted? If this needed to happen, why not show it happening in 6A? And I swear if that is the reason why Sara is being the way that she is with Emily, I swear to god. 
  • Why the hell make Cece A if you’re just going to kill her off anyways? And  then come up with this new A/Uber A? She’s obviously not A. This is just like when Mona was A in season 3. She was A but then she really wasn’t. 
  • PLEASE come up with a better reason for why A is doing the things that A does. Besides “Oh Ali bullied me in high school.” Or “Oh my parents didn’t love me enough”. No. Don’t give me that shit. These girls went though YEARS of torture for god knows what. WHY? Give me something better than that. 
  • Stop it now with the ships. I literally couldn’t  care less about the ships right now. Give me more storylines about A, Charlotte, The Dilaurentis family, THAT NIGHT MAYBE? 
  • And quit with the new characters like Yvonne. This goes with how annoyed I am with the ships. If they aren’t a part of what is happening with A, get rid of them. If they are just here to make drama with the ships, I’m not here for it. 

To be honest, I really can’t stand this show. But Im too invested in it  now to stop watching. I’m really just here to see what’s going to happen with Uber A. 


“There’s one moment coming that when I filmed it I had to actually ask for a couple more takes. I told the director, ‘All I can hear in my head and see are the reaction videos of fans watching it and then screaming and possibly even hating me…’ so that was a little overwhelming. We’ll see what happens! I’m just not going to watch the reaction videos after that episode.” - Troian