Marlene tweeted this and it’s being talked about A LOT. So let’s go over the possibilities! Let me know if I missed anything!

A) This is a flashback scene; where Toby is meeting Yvonne and he talks about Spencer to her. This breaks our hearts because Toby is dead and we’re seeing things we missed from before he died.

B) This is Toby alive in current time talking to someone about Spencer because she has passed away. Hence the “used to know”

C) Neither Spencer or Toby die from 7A finale, but Toby has still moved on and is talking to somebody about Spencer.

D) Wedding vows. This is Toby being romantic. Mending our hearts because neither of them passed away, and now they are together being married. (Marlene has previously said 1 or more marriage will be happening)

D would be my favorite. D would mean neither Toby or Spencer passed away and now Spoby is back together. Are there any other explanations for this quote? I can see flashback or current time but both have different possibilities for the outcome of Spoby.
No matter what this line is going to make us cry.


yvonee dies, so spencer gets to be toby’s consolation prize

spencer rejects caleb, so hanna gets to be caleb’s consolation prize

elliott turns out to be evil, so emily gets to be alison’s consolation prize

and nicole is alive, so that aria gets to be her predator’s first choice!!!!

pll i have a list of complaints, and i’m 10000% sure it’s one of the smallest you’ll ever find, but tHIS MESS is killing me softly

fuck’s sake.

ezra: you wouldnt understand what its like to lose somebody like this!!!!

*thought her first love was dead for years*

*her first girlfriend died??*

*one of the other irrelevant girlfriends died*

*her dad died and she dropped out of college*

emily: ???

  • Marlene:Three sets of shippers will be very happy!
  • Spoby:*Kisses*
  • Haleb:*Has sex*
  • Emison:*Kisses*
  • But also...
  • Spencer:*Gets shot*
  • Toby:*Dies*
  • Alison:*Is pregnant*
  • Emily:*Stalked by Paige*

#i dare anyone to try to tell me that caleb is better for spencer than toby #or that caleb is still a better guy than toby #because i’m so tired of caleb getting away with everything #he literally cheats on spencer and then hes the one treating her like shit #while toby is doing everything he can to help her and the girls #when they aren’t even in a relationship anymore #and yet somehow toby still gets more hate #protect toby cavanaugh