ezra: you wouldnt understand what its like to lose somebody like this!!!!

*thought her first love was dead for years*

*her first girlfriend died??*

*one of the other irrelevant girlfriends died*

*her dad died and she dropped out of college*

emily: ???

  • Me, an intellectual: I should really stop obsessing over fictional people that don't actually exist outside the scope of my tv and book pages and I should focus on reality and getting my life together.
  • Also me: No you shouldn't
  • Me: Tru, you right

#i dare anyone to try to tell me that caleb is better for spencer than toby #or that caleb is still a better guy than toby #because i’m so tired of caleb getting away with everything #he literally cheats on spencer and then hes the one treating her like shit #while toby is doing everything he can to help her and the girls #when they aren’t even in a relationship anymore #and yet somehow toby still gets more hate #protect toby cavanaugh

  • Marlene: Three sets of shippers will be very happy!
  • Spoby: *Kisses*
  • Haleb: *Has sex*
  • Emison: *Kisses*
  • But also...
  • Spencer: *Gets shot*
  • Toby: *Dies*
  • Alison: *Is pregnant*
  • Emily: *Stalked by Paige*