How to find the right Universe

With yet another movie out I feel like I should clarify the tags to help you all with finding fic on this blog. (These tags can be found on the tags page at the top of the second column under the “Universe” heading)

First there will be not X-Men: Apocalypse spo*lers for at least another month. Partially out of politeness and partially because I have not yet seen it. I’d appreciate you guys not sending asks with plot points until then as well.

Second these are the timeline/universe tags for fics within the XMFC rebooted universe: 

Everything that is marked “during” happens within the movie timeline. This includes fix-its and slight AUs and timeline divergences. If it continues from there then it probably ignores all following movies.

Everything marked “after” takes place after that particular movie but ignores any movie that comes after. This is where you’ll find a lot of fix-its and partial AUs.

I hope this helps you find fics in whatever universe you prefer to play in. As always, happy reading!

Fic: Belonging

Lorna anderson-hastings prompted Klaine + puppies. (I definitely pictured it as a pug, btw, but I couldn’t fit it in the text.)

G, ~1250 words, spo!ler free.

Blaine emerged from the bathroom to see Kurt struggling out of his jacket after returning home, bent over to cradle something in his arms without dropping it.

“Babe? Did you pull a muscle or something?” Blaine asked, concerned. He then registered another disturbance in the Force. “And why am I hearing yipping?”

“Because I kind of have a surprise for you, B,” Kurt said, turning to face Blaine and revealing-

“A puppy?” Blaine said, eyes widening as he hustled over to Kurt to rescue the little black bundle of fur. “He’s so cute, oh my God.”

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