This is where the spn-silentmajority blog originated
Read the whole thread, but especially this part:

I agree, but also remember that you can’t make it seem that it’s coming from here. People from tumblr hate this place, even now they will be a look out for any petion of some sort because they will know it originated from here. So who ever is going to do this, should do it right, there are a lot of silent bro fans who are very aggravated with things, but the thing is they are silent about it because they are afraid of the backlash they would get. Tumblr is like a popularity thing, every person cherishes the followers they have and they don’t want to lose those followers, and they also don’t want to show their true colors and want to maintain peace. so, it will be difficult, but somebody should do it.

If SPN Silent Majority wants to prove that they're not against Misha, they're doing it wrong.

Going after the girl who wrote an article about how the hate campaign turned to something positive?

… Why would they care enough to try to call her out? What harm did she cause by writing about it?

They’re so intent on trying to defend their name and making themselves look good that it’s kind of really backfiring. First they accuse Misha fans of creating the “IHMCD” Twitter to gain more attention for him (and in an effort to make them look bad) when they could have just said something positive about him to show they don’t have an issue with him, and now this. 

There is so much BS going on with this project I can’t even take it seriously.

Sorry for adding another post to all the "Silent Majority" BS but I just find it SO FUCKING FUNNY

And not even ironically. It gives me genuine amusement. Like, it puts a smile on my face.

They come on tumblr thinking they’re being all covert and clever and diplomatic and ~reasonable~ and probably patting themselves on the back.

But then everyone sees right through their coded language and two-brothers-only-and-5eva tropes. And with every response to criticism they just get more and more transparent. 

It’s kind of pathetic. And very funny.

A word about bullying & respect...

Don’t make us explain the difference between “silent” and “vocal”, please. The most outspoken group of vocal bullies are what make reasonable fans so silent in the first place. That’s the whole concept behind “silent majority”. I’m sorry if that was lost on some of you, but with every bullied comment lob at us and our supporters, you only prove to us how necessary this campaign really is.

Yes, vocal bullies. There is a right and a wrong way to respond to someone. When a group of fans work together to put up a respectful blog that tries to stay reasonable and you slam their supporters every time they reblog, that’s bullying. That’s silencing an opinion. That is exactly why we are here. When you make up unsubstantiated rumors about this group wanting to abolish all secondary characters or how much we hate a specific character, (which if you read our site pages you would know are both completely FALSE), that’s bullying. When you reblog a post you’re not interested in just to call people assholes? You have no idea how bad you look, do you?

We have gotten numerous replies from people thanking us for making this blog because they have feared speaking up themselves. Feared. Even from people they thought they called their friends. Do we have to spell out how much of a problem that is? That kind of behavior is simply wrong. That creates a horribly toxic atmosphere for fandom. Not to mention, stifles our honest response and opinions, something the creative team says time and time again matters. In turn, hurting the show. When all we’re trying to do is look out for it. So, stop pulling us into your trenchware. We want no part of it. Take a clue from The Strokes, “we’re not enemies, we just disagree”. If we can be respectful, so can you.

We’ll just leave it at that.

Oh. And no. We’re not going anywhere. 

I still don’t know what the fuck the spn-silentmajority blog wants. but anyway I was reading their twitter and I saw they said that they didn’t come from spn_gossip and used the creation date of the tumblr as proof, and I am the one who started that rumor. Unfortunately for them, the creation date does not prove anything one way or another.

If I was wrong, I assure you the mistake was made in good faith, and I apologize. But I’m not convinced that I am wrong. spn-silentmajority should reveal their identities if they don’t want people to guess who they are. Also they should maybe explain what the fuck a “brotherly moment” is because I don’t know and I have two brothers. 

A Statement a/b the Misha Hate....

We would like to take the opportunity to disavow any connection or support for the “I hate Misha” campaign. It is not affiliated with us and no member of SPN Silent Majority has any involvement with it. If you follow our twitter page, we updated on the situation last night. Thanks to some helpful tweeters and some internet investigative actions, we have information that leads us to believe the whole thing was a hoax, set up by the very people who were linking everyone to the post.

We’ve seen over and over again how determined one group of fans on one side of the ship war is trying to pull us into their trenches. But we are holding our ground. We will not be pulled in your mud.

We have already set the record straight both on the Cas issue and on our stance on secondary characters in our MOD UPDATES blog. Our team’s argument, as set out in the document titled “Our Platform” is the only argument we are making to the showrunners and writers. Where we, as individual members of this campaign, come from, which side of “fandom” or where we stand in these “shipping” wars, is of our own personal concern. We should be judged on the argument we are making, not on the misconceptions and rumors a handful of fans spread about us and our campaign.

After a week of these attacks, our theory that a handful of fans are trying to hold parts of fandom in a chokehold have been proven true. These are very dirty tactics and have no place in a community.

Fans, supporters, you have the freedom to express yourselves, and we encourage you to not let them rob you of that freedom.

Please make your own judgments for yourself when reading our argument, which is an appeal for a return to quality writing and the centrality of the brother’s relationship. An argument that we believe benefits ALL characters on the show. 

In Regard to Your Comments:

There has been some confusion and concern about what we are as a group. Some of the comments we’ve received have asked what our position is on Cas. Some comments expressed concern we want to “harass” the writers or “force” them into doing something. Some of the comments we’ve received have asked about the comment caps we’ve chosen to post. And some have asked what’s the “silent majority” we’re referring to in our name. So we’d like to set the record straight, for those who think it’s important:

We are a group of fans, with a variety of likes and dislikes. However, despite these differences, we are united by wanting more for the Winchester brothers and their story. We simply want better for the show. Better for the lead characters. Better than what Season 7 gave us. However, even within our group, and similar to fandom itself, we disagree on the subject of Cas. Therefore, it was our decision not get involved in the Cas debate. Our aim is to unite fandom in arguing for the one thing most fans can agree on: Dean and Sam. That goes for them both individually as characters and in a unit as brothers. We would like to hold the show and its creative forces responsible for their work. As a creative work, it is subject to criticism. We believe our response is important to them too. That’s why we want them to hear it. What they do with it is their choice. We have not advocated demanding, forcing, or harassing (we explicitly said in our site pages “be thoughtful and reasonable” as well as “refrain from bashing, hate, or vitriol”). We simply feel like there are apt criticisms being made that should not be lost. We’d like them to learn from the mistakes of Season 7, so the potential for Season 8 is bigger and brighter. Our responses are one way they can do that.

We are screencapping comments as we see them when we find them. We do not have the time or energy to go through and learn the history behind each and every poster. If we see comments that are part of the common sentiment we’ve been seeing, e.g. decline in quality and the Winchesters story, we will cap it and use it. Now sometimes there’s a salient point made in one part of a comment which we would like to use, but it also contains character bashing in another part. Because we do not support character bashing (something we made explicit in our first post as well as in our site pages), we will blurred these parts of the comments out. We’ve already done this twice for comments we’ve posted and we will do it again if need be. We do not want to contribute to the wank that divides fandom. If you look up at our header, “unite” has been there from the beginning for a reason.

We do not, however, believe that just because a person has said something that classifies them as a “hater” on one topic, that it nullifies every other opinion about every other thing they have. That idea creates the trench warfare seen in shipping wars. We are not interested in that. Passions get high in fandom and people can get stupid from time to time, especially during heated debates. We all have our moments and not so bright moments. It happens. That shouldn’t demonize any of us forever.

We simply want better for the main characters who we believe the writers did a great injustice to by not seeing their character arcs to completion this year. They have proven time and again they can do this. But we believe they failed at that this year. We want them to make us care again. We are united by wanting more than that…for them. The writers. The show. Sam and Dean. We are the “silent majority”, because we believe we represent the middle ground of viewers. A middle ground that is put off by character hate and finds shipping wars a stressful, pointless endeavor. A middle ground that all too often gets drowned out by the extremely devoted camps on either side who dig trenches and battle it out. We do not believe that battle benefits the show or fandom in any way. We are not seeking to be apart of that.

We appreciate your concern, and look forward to any other comments, ideas, or suggestions you have for us in the near future.

Now that we’ve got that nonsense over with, FOR OUR SUPPORTERS!

We have some new additions to the site today! Especially for those of you hard at work trying to craft your letters. :)

If you go to our CONTACTS page, you can now find:

  • A sample cover letter [VIEW] [PDF] [fillable DOC]
  • A sample content letter: “What We Believe…” [VIEW] [PDF]
  • A printout of comment caps featured here [PDF]

This is what letters our team personally will be sending out. They simply represent an idea. If you like them and want to use them, please do so. If you want to write your own? We encourage you to do so, things in your own words always hold more weight. May this be a source of inspiration for you. 


  • Keep it simple but thoughtful. Reasonable criticism will get the most respect and be the most informative to the reader.
  • Use a highlighter after printing. Some of these letters might get a 30 second glance over. Highlighting one or a few lines that communicate your primary concerns will help get your point across immensely.
  • State your demographics. It’s important they know who you are. Include your age, gender, and state/country as well as your history with the show (how long have you been watching the show).

Any other questions, ideas, or concerns? Our askbox is always open, however our most immediate response will be via Twitter.

Good luck, everyone!