I wish i could say i’m sorry for spamming you all with my feels about the SupernaturalShake but i just

  • Jensen’s bowlegs
  • Jensen’s dancing
  • Jensen’s face
  • Jared was totally tweeting us as that was rolling and you know it
  • This entire cast is perfect
  • Jensen’s bowlegs
  • Except as far as I can tell there’s no Misha and this makes me sad
  • T Bear returned
  • Instead of using a sleeping bag they decided to use a body bag oh how fitting
  • Everything is perfect
Supernatural Shake

I have a feeling that they (the cast, Jensen, Jared, Gen and Osric) uploaded the video to YouTube and then started the timer, got on Tumblr, and waited for the first gif set and reaction posts to pop up.

“oh! there’s the first one!”

“oh look! they really love it!”

“look at how many views it’s gotten in 10 minutes!”

“holy shit there’s too many gifsets to keep track of!”

*accidentally ventures into Destiel and Wincest*

“oh that’s a good idea! we should hint at that on the next episode and entitle it ‘is this fanfiction or is this canon?’”

In all seriousness, Jensen was probably the most enthused about it.