My Supernatural Fandom Peeve

I hate hate hate hate when people say ‘Wincestiel is perfect because it’s half wincest and half destiel’ or 'wincestiel is the solution to the destiel vs. wincest wars’.


Wincestiel is one-third wincest,

one-third destiel

and one-third sastiel.

If there is not a relationship between Sam and Cas, physically, romantically, sexually, emotionally or a combination of any of the previous, there is no wincestiel.

It does not matter how much Dean loves Cas or how much Sam loves Dean, if Sam and Cas do not love each other, WINCESTIEL CANNOT EXIST

If Dean wants to bang Sam and Cas, fine, awesome, let’s do it! But if there is no attraction between Sam and Cas…





It just irks me that so many people overlook the relationship between Sam and Castiel in wincestiel. They’re a big portion of that ship too and need to be recognized.

Maybe We're Just Sleepwalking by Exaggerated_Specificity

Rating: Explicit

Relationships: Castiel/Sam Winchester

Contains: Sastiel, Suit Porn, Suit Kink, Suit Sex, In Public, Public Sex, Bathroom Sex, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Oral Sex, Snowballing, Comeplay, Dirty Talk

“Hello, Agent.”

I wrote this as a present for Jay (samspurpletoothbrush) because she was my 666th follower!

It’s kind of a coda to “Holy Terror” - you know the part at the beginning where it’s awesome instead of tragic!?
This was my first time ever writing Cas and my first time writing Sam with anyone other than Dean but I think it turned out okay.

I really hope you like it bby!

The title comes from ‘Sleepwalking’ by The Chain Gang of 1974.

Blue eyes and wandering lips
True lies with fingertips
Hidden tales of forbidden love…”