so as a warmup today i decided to do some size reference for the trueform!dean and crowley i’ve done up!! (i changed dean’s height!)

i like thinking that once demons cross the threshold of hell’s gates, they become these MASSIVE BEHEMOTHS–or, at least, the important ones. the more souls they have, the bigger they are. or in dean’s case, it’s the goodness your soul once was but had been corrupted to! (so, basically, one soul turned him into something taller than crowley is by quite a bit, but he’s still thin and devoid of the mass crowley has)

and also, as a side note, someone in my stream last night had the idea that demons wear animal skulls as masks to accompany their true forms, in an attempt to mask how gruesome they really are. i chose goat for crowley because i figured, all that time he spent with kevin, crowley probably shared that this was the mask he chose. kevin, being the little shit he is, once sent him on a fake run to a field of goats ♥

dean doesn’t have one yet because he’s late to the 1/5-of-a-mile high club, but it would probably be a hound’s

(AND, here they are side-by-side:



i was talking to bethany last night and discussed dean avoiding his responsibilities by taking advantage of his new abilities

i hope you are all ready for an entire summer of stupid demondean comics

(aND TO CLARIFY:#also i don’t know if the antipossession tattoo would keep him trapped in his own body or not #and sam could totally say an exorcism backawards to get him to stay in his vessel #MY COMICS CAN HAVE PLOTHOLES OKAY)