It’s been really bothering me, the odd lingering shot of Dean’s bedroom; especially given his later, snarky admission that he’s “nesting”.

When Dean goes off to “fix [us] some grub”, Sam idly looks around the room. The camera goes to the photo of Dean and his mother, then moves back again as Sam focuses in on it. He gives a fond smile, gazes after Dean, then turns back to the room.

We see the left-hand side of the room brimming with guns and knives and all Dean’s ‘stuff’. The camera focuses on the bed that looks so wide and empty given the single, solitary pillow. As Sam’s gaze continues to the right-side of the room, there’s a marked absence of decoration. A bare brick wall, lit with a single desk light, and a telephone that still manages to draw the eye despite that it’s partially obscured by shadow.

And on re-watching, that’s when it struck me. Dean’s only decorated his side of the room. The same side of the bed that he was sitting on when he was extolling the virtues of memory foam. The other side is bare and waiting, with a single light left to guide that other person home – the lonely-looking telephone perhaps to signify that it’s someone Dean hasn't heard from for a while….