biweeklyobsessions  asked:

Funny story about working with Eliza?

I’ll never forget the discovery, during the filming of “Unity Day,” that “unity day” is really hard for Australians to say with an American accent. Eliza was hilarious about it, clearly flummoxed, like, “Why won’t these words come out?” I know some of that ended up on the blooper reel, but it went on for much longer. She and Bob were both hilarious about it. 

And then there was Quarters. The director didn’t believe it was a game people really played, which he shared with Eliza and the other actors in that scene. (Reaction? Priceless.) They practiced as we were setting up for the shot and it was so clearly not a foreign concept to any of them. And all of this while it was absolutely pouring rain.

Oh, for the good old days of drinking games.