Hey guys, sorry this has taken awhile, but we’re finally announcing our first members! (:











Don’t forget to add a link to the network page to your blog and to track the tag #spnforearmsnet. Sonia or I will contact you shortly for some info for the network page!

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Do you enjoy the hella sexy forearms that belong to the one and only tfw? We definitely do so come join us in their appreciation!

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Must be following these forearm lovers

Reblog to enter, like to bookmark only

Fill out this survey

What we’re looking for:

Nice, clean theme

Tagging system isn’t mandatory but gets you bonus points

Fabulous posts :D

If you’re accepted:

Track the tag #spnforearmsnet

Put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog

Check out the other member’s blog, if they interest you maybe you could follow (make new friends yay)

One of us will contact you for an icon and a short description

Perks of joining:

Possible new followers and friends

Help with anything you need: promos, awards, botm’s, or anything else you tag with the network tag

We’ll decide the first 10 members when the post hits 40 notes, and add new members periodically until it feels full

End of the year promo and blogrates ♪┌(・。・)┘

Ok so while it’s not technically the last day of school it might as well be and the majority voted for everything out of the poll options on my blog so here goes

  • mbf me
  • reblog likes make school last longer
  • for a blog rate, do the above, send me a (◡‿◡✿) and a question for my q&a video 
  • no due date for now, just however long it takes i guess 
  • Check out the other parts of my celebration X X 

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Selfie Family (❀ฺ´∀`❀ฺ)

Alrighty so this is part of my end of the year celebration that I said I would do

  • follow me please
  • reblog this to spread the word
  • submit a selfie to me along with your name if you don’t want to put your name it’s totally fine, I can put your url
  • You can also put a short description if you want
  • I’ll add you to this page
  • Check out the other parts of my celebration X X

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