Pairings: Dean x Sam x John x sister!reader

Summary: the reader is the baby sister of the family and she gets hurt and needs stitches and Dean goes into overprotective brother mode.

Dean’s Age: 14
Sam’s Age: 10
Reader’s Age: 4

Warnings: mentions of blood, needles, big brother Dean fluff

It was another day where John, your father, was out on a hunt and Sam and Dean, your older brothers, were stuck in a motel room, watching you and taking care of you. John came back earlier than expected and you were three were all surprised to see him.

“Daddy!” You exclaimed as you ran up to him with your arms out.

“Hey princess!” John said, smiling and picking you up.

“How was it?” Dean asked, approaching you two. “Well son… I’ll tell ya, it was not easy, but I managed to get it done quickly.” John replied. John set you down on the ground.

“Okay baby, go play while I talk to Dean.” “Otay Daddy.” You said, and happily skipped to where your toys were.

John sat down at the table and Dean followed. Sam came out of the bathroom and walked over to where Dean and your father were sitting. John started to talk about the hunt, he spoke rather quietly so you couldn’t hear. You didn’t know about the family business yet. Meanwhile you were playing with your toys and being a kid. You got up to get something from your duffel when you tripped and hit your head. The conversation between your father and brothers was interrupted by you screaming in pain. John immediately got up and ran over to you, your brothers following close behind.

John picked you up from where you fell and turned your head to see a small gash right above your eyebrow. There was some blood escaping and surrounding the wound. 

“Dean! Take her, we need to get her to the hospital.” John ordered, bringing you over towards Dean. 

Without hesitation, Dean picked you up and started following John to the car with Sam following closely behind. John started up the impala and Dean strapped you into your car seat.

“Does she need stitches?” Sam asked with worry laced into his voice. Dean nodded and kept his focus on you.

“Sishes?” You asked worriedly, not knowing what that meant, but it sounded scary.

“It’s okay Y/N/N, were going to the hospital, the doctors are going to help you.” Dean said calmly, trying not to worry you. 

Dean placed his thumb around the gash and tried to wipe away some of the blood. 

The four of you arrived at the hospital and John took you in his grasp. Sam and Dean followed you and your father to the entrance. Once you got there, the nurses and doctors immediately started to help. They took you into a room with a bed and placed you down under a bright light. John went with you. When Sam and Dean tried to enter the room they were stopped by one of the nurses. 

“I’m sorry, but you boys have to stay here, we need room to work.” The nurse said sympathetically.

“That’s my baby sister! She needs me!” Dean demanded.

“I know how concerned you must be but it won’t take long.” The nurse reassured. 

Dean flashed her a bitch face, obviously not having it. His job was to protect his siblings and he felt useless, not being able to be there with you. He felt weak knowing that there was nothing he could do to help, but he knew the doctors would help you. All he could do was stand there and listen to your screams. 

“Will she be okay?” Sam asked worriedly, tugging on Dean’s jacket. Dean looked down to see Sam, he had fear written all over his face. He was just as scared for you as Dean was.

“Yeah, it’s probably just a few stitches. I just hate that I can’t be there. It hurts me knowing that she’s in pain.” Dean said softly. Sam looked up at Dean in a bit of surprise. Dean never said how he felt like that. Sam thought he must have been really worried.  

You were on a bed under a bright light with a few doctors surrounding you with supplies. In reality, the doctors were there to help you but in your four year old mind, it looked like you were about to be tortured. Your father was right by your side. They wrapped you in a warm blanket to calm you down, and so that you didn’t get a chance to squirm or kick. John held your face in his hands, wiping away your tears.

“It’s okay sweetie, this will all be over in a bit. Stay strong for me okay?” John said.

You let out a small whimper. One of the doctors came over and started to clean the gash with some alcohol swabs. It stung at little and you turned your head away from the doctors reach.

“Hold her still, please.” The doctor said, looking at John. John held your head still, so that you couldn’t move. The doctor then had a small needle in his hand to numb the area. You cried in fear, you hated needles.

“It’s okay sweetie just close your eyes.” The doctor said.

You didn’t have a choice. You had to lay there and take it. You shut your eyes so you wouldn’t have to look and you cried at the sudden pinch. You started to gag and cough a little bit from crying so much. Once the area was numb, the doctor came close to the wound with a needle and thread. “No! Daddy! No!” You screamed, hoping you could get out of this situation. “I’m sorry baby but they have to stitch it up.” John reassured. John tried reassuring you with calming words, telling you it was going to be over soon, but there was no other way to calm you down. You kept squirming and John or the doctors couldn’t hold you still, you were a strong little one.

Dean appeared in the doorway. “I can help, if you let me in here.” Dean said. John turned around and sighed, glancing back at the doctor for approval. The doctor nodded and Dean came over to you.

“Dee! I wanna go home!” You cried as you sat up and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I know Y/N/N, once this is over we can go.” Dean said, wiping away your tears. “The sooner you cooperate, the faster it’ll go. You’re strong, you can do it.” Dean reassured.

You slowly nodded and laid on your back so the doctor could finish. “Promise me you’ll stay still, okay?” Dean said. “Uh huh.” You sighed. Dean held you still. You kept on crying as the doctor sewed the wound shut. The numbing medicine didn’t really do a whole lot, but you felt better with Dean by your side.

Once the wound was sealed shut, the doctor but some bandage over the stitches to cover it up. Dean let go of your head and unwrapped you from the blanket you were in. You sat up and Dean picked you up, he stood there for a minute with you in his arms, giving you a minute to calm down and catch your breath. John stood behind you two. He felt like Dean acted like a parent more than him at times, it crushed him. He was just proud of Dean for taking care of you, and he adored the relationship you had with him. 

Dean finally let go and placed you on the ground to stand up. John cleared things up with the doctors and got everything else taken care of. Dean held your hand and walked you out of the room to where Sam was waiting. 

Sam quickly rushed over to you. You looked up at him with your glossy, tear filled eyes.

“Hey Y/N/N, you okay?” Sam asked as he crouched down to your level.

“No! They hurt me, I don’t like it. There were neeles and I don’t like them. It was scary.” You said rubbing your eyes.

“I know, I know, I don’t like them either, but look it’s all over with. We can go home now.” Sam said trying to cheer you up.

You went to hug Sam. He picked you up and placed you on his hip.

“It’s alright Y/N/N, I’m here now.” Sam said.

John smiled at the sudden sight of you and Sam. He loved that you felt safe with him. Sometimes you trusted your brothers more than your own father, which made John wish he had been there more, and not having to be worrying about hunting all the time. For now, he couldn’t worry about that.

You nestled your head into Sam’s neck and shut your eyes. He passed a hand through your hair and you fell asleep in his arms.