Woo! This is my very first Blog of the Month in honour of me reaching my next hundred! c: I apologise for the very sucky graphic. I obviously have a talent that should be applauded.

  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this by March 28th
  • You may like this post to bookmark, but it will not count as an entry! c:
  • Must get 25 reblogs (please be nice to me!) 
What I am looking for
  • A friendly blogger (i.e. nice to followers)
  • Nice and clean theme
  • Organised blog (i.e. tagging system)
What the winner will get!
  • A spot in my sidebar for all of April!
  • A promo when announced
  • As many promos as you would like throughout April!
  • +Follow (If I’m not following already)
  • My eternal love and friendship.  (which is totally not optional. I willl love you whether you like it or not!)
Other various stuff
  • Depending on the notes I might choose a runners up (or a couple)
  • Runners up(s) will get a spot in my sidebar for all of April and 5 solo promos throughout the month (when/if requested)! c: 
  • But this all depends on how many reblogs this gets
  • I don’t even know, guys c:
  • I’m really nervous about this

Reblog away my lovelies! <3