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I will say, the whole thing was slightly annoying with no one knowing when the poll ended, but it was interesting to say the least.

I’M PROUD OF US! While our angel didn’t reign supreme, he still came up #2 and wasn’t far behind either! The 10th Doctor (my favorite doctor!) Was a FANTASTIC character so I am happy he won, but my heart weeps for Castiel.

NOW REMEMBER! Castiel Is NOT the main character of Supernatural and yet he still gained 32k votes. That’s impressive! We done good! So take THAT Cas and Misha haters!

Also, how can we not be happy that superwholock took the top 3 spots? We are the superfandom! WOOT!

THANKS GUYS! This was a fun couple of weeks!

Dean is Bisexual

Can we all just take a moment and remember that in episode 14 season 4 in the beginning Sam came back from talking to Bobby and told dean that a siren reads it’s victims minds and desires. BUT when the siren put dean under their spell they were presenting as a man?

Dean is Bisexual and no one on this planet, in heaven, hell, or anywhere in between can convince me otherwise!


Hey bbs i know i dissapeared off the face of the tumblr about 7 months ago on a bad note. I just redownloaded and relogged in and looking thru posts ive missed is making me so happy. I missed my spn family. Oh and here is me, 95 lbs down from when i first got my tumblr. While im still not fully happy im doing a fuck ton better. Message me yall! I want to get back in touch ❤❤ chandler

The time has come to grope/Blue Steel/glare our way into the future! Over the next week, the Admirals will be moving into a single location and bringing Fleet HQ with them. Here’s what you need to know:
-The Admirals will be locked in mortal combat with the monsters Packing, Unpacking, Sweating, Ugly Window Blinds, Abysmal Paint, and Evil Pet Pee Carpet. Don’t be unnerved by the radio silence - we’re fighting our way to you!
-We’re making really good progress on care packages!
-We’re steadily moving toward re-opening!
-We’ve got a BIG announcement we’ll be sharing soon!
Carry on!