The Deputy Sam x a boss bitch lady cop.  Handcuff kink, unprotected sex, smutty goodness.  NSFW.

The Virus Dean x Reader.  Reader gets a strange demon/vamp blood disease and turns into a freak.  Dean and Sam try to save her and Dean realizes that he really loves her.  A little smut, a little angst.  NSFW.

All Hands Dean x Reader with a side of Sam.  What happens when Reader is cuddled up with her friend Dean on the couch during movie night?  Super smutty.  NSFW.

The Little Things Dean x Reader.  All the little things that Dean loves about Reader.  The fluffiest of all the fluff.

The Hunting High I don’t know how to describe this one.  It’s really short, but was fun to write.  A little smutty.  NSFW.

Let’s NOT Talk About Kevin Dean x Reader.  Smangst…smut and angst.  NSFW.

Together Alone Part 1 Sam x Reader.  Reader is in a relationship with Dean, but cheats with Sam.  Seriously smutty.  NSFW.

Together Alone Part 2

Together Alone Part 3

The Job Prologue My first attempt at a series.  It’s Jensen x Edie (original character) where Edie is a makeup artist on Supernatural, way back when it first started.  In this one, Jensen never meets Danneel.  We’ll just pretend she ended up happy with someone else.  :) There are several smutty parts and a couple of angsty parts too, family death, etc.

The Job 1

The Job 2

The Job 3

The Job 4

The Job 5

The Job 6

The Job 7

The Job 8

The Job 9

The Job 10

The Job 11

The Job 12

The Job 13

The Job 14

The Job 15

The Job 16

The Job 17

The Job 18

The Job 19

The Job 20

The Job Epilogue

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