Imagine: Breaking up with Dean and after few years you met again and he wants to get back.


Being Married to Castiel Would Include:

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• Eloping at a Vegas chapel since you wanted it to be quick and inexpensive 

• Dean having to explain why getting married is a good idea

• Sam being your best man and Dean was Castiel’s 

• Going bar hopping after your wedding and trying to out-drink Castiel

• Tying Castiel’s tie even though he can do it himself 

“(Y/N) I can do that by myself.”

“I know, Cas. I just like doing it.”

• Holding Castiel’s hand whenever you can

• Castiel giving you his trench coat when he has to go somewhere

• Castiel protecting you no matter what when you’re on hunts

• Castiel getting angry and not protective when someone flirts with you

• Castiel beginning to be a lot touchier

• Cooking meals with Castiel in the bunker

Slow and gentle sex

• Steadily getting kinkier in bed with Castiel 

• Castiel being very adamant about caring for you after having sex

• Confiding in Sam when you have marital problems

• Castiel being infuriatingly calm when you have an argument

• Castiel liking to take showers with you and washing your hair 

• Getting little angel wings tattooed on your ankles 

• Voting against getting each other presents on anniversaries

• Adopting two guinea pigs named Checkers and Kramer

• Dean discovering the guinea pigs and getting mad

• Adopting a bunny named Flops

• Castiel watching you sleep and playing with your hair 

• Castiel talking about the things that he’s seen over the earth’s history

• Castiel being very protective of you 

• Castiel loving you no matter what happens 

Strung Out Photographs (A Billy Moran Fanfic)- Chapter 3

Chapter 2


“So, Rob, why didn’t you tell any of us about this photo taker sister of yours?” asked Briana. The band, Jason, Rich, Rob, Briana, Ruth, Matt, and Kim sat at a restaurant for dinner before some of the others would head back for karaoke.

“Yeah, am I seriously the only one who’s met her?” asked Rich, shoving Rob a bit. Rob pushed back, obviously annoyed.

“Look, Carver and I aren’t the closet of siblings in the world. Rich met her once when he visited Missouri a few years back.”

“Any reason why she kept to herself all day?” asked Kim.

“Because she was in work mode.” said a voice. We all looked up to see Danny walking towards us.

“Hey, Danny right?” asked Briana as Danny leant himself against Rob’s chair.

“Danny Bracker. Sorry I hadn’t gotten the chance to introduce myself properly earlier. I’m Carver’s interpreter.” said Danny; he reached over, shaking Briana’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Danny.” I said. He looked over to me.

“Billy, right?” I nodded.

“Hey, thanks for taking the time to actually sign to Carver earlier, even if it was just finger spelling.” Rob whipped his head over to me in shock and confusion; I could just feel my face going red.

“Uh, no problem.” I said, scratching the back of my neck nervously.

“Yeah, just don’t tell her that came from me, it just doesn’t happen often. She appreciated it.” If only he saw the amount of ASL videos in my search history right now.

“What do you mean she was in work mode?” asked Rob.

“When she’s taking photos she tends not to sign to anyone, even me to be honest. Help’s her concentrate.”

“Wanna join us for the rest of dinner?” asked Rich, gesturing to the empty chair at the end of the table.

“Would, but I’m just hear picking up food myself. Carver’s locked herself in our hotel room editing photos so she doesn’t have to worry during karaoke.”

All of a sudden, a notification went off on my phone. I looked down to see it was from Twitter.

@StrungOutPhotos tagged you in a photo

I unlocked my phone, assuming it was just another fan and photographer at the convention.


I looked at the photo of me; it was during the intro this morning. It was a picture of me playing, and ego aside it was one of the best photos of me I had ever seen.

“Um, Danny? What’s Carver’s photography company called?” I asked, still in awe of the photo.

“Strung Out Photographs, why?” I turned my phone towards him so even everyone at the table could see.

“Whoa.” said Rob, looking at my phone. Danny just smirked.

“2 Cheese Burgers. Bracker!” called someone from the counter.

“And I’ll see you guys at karaoke.” said Danny. He winked at me, walking away.

“You alright there, Bob-O?” asked Rich. I turned to Rob, seeing he was still staring at my phone.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry… It’s just I’ve never seen one of her photos before.”

I took my phone back, immediately retweeting the photo and following her account, photo and personal.

There was something special about this girl, and I was definitely going to find out what.  


Saturday Night Special- Carver’s P.O.V

“Danny, I can tell by your face that you don’t want to be here.” I said, signing to my friend as we stood against the wall of the convention hall. Fans were filling in as the Saturday Night Special was about to start. Chris had left hours ago, photography was up to me for the rest of the weekend.

“No, no it’s fine. It’s just a little loud in here. I can live with the headache.” signed Danny. I gave my best friend the look. In the 20 years we’ve known each other he still wasn’t able to lie to me.

“Go. I promise I’ll be fine. All I’m going to do is take photos, and I’ll be up in the hotel room in no time.”

“You sure?” he asked.

Hanging my camera on my neck, I turned Danny around, pushing him to the exit. As much as I loved the dude, him and his headaches were not a pretty sight. I could see him hold up surrender hands as he walked away.

I turned to the crowd, taking in the sight before me. It was 9:30ish the last I checked, and people were crowding in inside. People were coming in to see my brother, they were coming in to see Rob. He had made it, the dream he had his entire life had come true.

And no matter how long it had been since we had even spoken to each other, I was proud. So. Damn. Proud.

“Just because I can’t hear it doesn’t take away my ability to appreciate it, it doesn’t take away my ability to appreciate you.”

I closed my eyes, trying to get the memory of the fight out of my head. That was then. I was here now, this was a chance to start over.

All of a sudden, a felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the one and only Billy Moran standing before. It wasn’t hard within the past 2 days to learn his last name.

“Nice shirt.” signed Billy, laughing I assumed. My eyes widened as I looked down, seeing the new Louden Swain shirt I had bought at the merch table earlier. However, my eyes widened for a different reason, because all of a sudden Billy here knew more ASL than he did yesterday.

I tilted my head.

“Learned something new I see.” I signed, curious if he’d get it.

Billy’s eyes lit up, a smile appearing wide on his face.

“I understood that!” he signed. It was my turn to laugh.

“I’m impressed.” Billy tilted his head in confusion, which made me laugh just a little bit harder.

“I-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-d.” I repeated the sign so he could match it together.

“Thank you.” signed Billy, the happiness evident.

Billy pulled out his phone, quickly pulling something up to show me the screen. It was a blank text message screen; ah. Billy Moran’s asking for my number.

I smiled, taking the phone and typing the nine digits. I handed him back his phone and watched him type something, feeling my own phone buzz in my pocket; I pulled it out.

MESSAGE: Unknown
I just thought it would be an easier form of communication until I got better at ASL.

I typed my response back.

TO: Unknown
What makes you so intrigued to learn a new language?

I may or may not have just met an intriguing girl.

Whelp. I didn’t expect that.

I looked up to the guy in front of my, one of my brother’s best friends, who was, well attempting to flirt with me. And frankly? I found myself wanting him to.

Billy looked down at an old calculator watch on his wrist. I looked at my phone.


I gotta go. *hey look up*

“See you later?” signed Billy.

I smiled, raising my own hands.


Billy smiled himself, mouthing the word bye to me before taking off to head backstage. I took a look around the room, trying to get back into focus so I could do the job I was paid to be here for. But, my mind couldn’t leave the thought of Billy.

I took my phone back out quickly, entering his contact name in. Maybe I was right about before.

I am here now, and it’s a chance to start something over.

Little did I know a certain rock star would play a big part in that.  

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Here I am

So lately I’m not feeling myself, I being depressed more lately, thinking stuff more often. And my only safety places is here Tumblr, I know it’s sounds stupid nor lame. But when I read stories from you guys I feel home, like you guys know what I’m going thru and sometimes you do some reference or tips on your’s storys that help me a lot. I know it’s sounds like a cliché thing but this is me saying THANK YOU for all you created and done for the time you have beeng here helping.

My thank you tagged (I might  forget some and excuse me for my typo english is’nt my first language)

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Please Answer

Castiel x Reader

Summary: Castiel is busy trying to protect Kelly Kline and her baby and you decide to go look for him yourself.

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers, blood, death, language

Word count: 1938

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Hand covering the wound in your stomach, blood dripping to the cement ground underneath your feet, you stumbled into a room that was fairly hidden. You knew it wouldn’t matter if it was hidden or not, he could find you with a snap of his fingers. Hissing at the pain pumping through your body, you pressed your back to the wall and slid down, your legs no longer able to support your weight.

This isn’t how you wanted to die, it was expected but that didn’t mean you wanted it. There were no medical supplies in the tiny square room that you had thrown yourself into, just a ton of canned baked beans and other crappy foods. Steadily slipping out of your jacket, you tried to wrap it across the room to stop the bleeding, or at least give you an extra couple of minutes.

“Cas,” You whimpered, the angels name falling from your lips felt good, despite the situation you were in. You had been so mad with him that you didn’t even want to say his name, yet here you were, dying in a supply closet because you were trying to look for where he and Kelly might be hiding.

Your hand slipped down to your jeans and grabbed onto your mobile phone that had been placed on silent just before you entered this shitty motel. You unlocked it to find at least seven missed calls from Sam and Dean, along with a few messages. Skipping them for now, you pressed onto Castiel’s contact and your thumb numbly hovered over the call button for a couple of seconds before it pressed it.

Not having the strength to place it to your ear, you placed it on speaker phone and listened to the ringing. When he didn’t pick up, you sighed softly and felt a tear fall down your cheek, unaware that you had been crying. “Hey, Cas.” You said, your voice crackly and strained. “I, um, I’m in a bit of situation here, but i-it’s going to be fine. I just wanted you t-to know that Lucifer is probably o-on his way, so please, please, be careful…” 

Tears continued to roll down your cheeks and fall to your lap, wishing that Castiel had just picked up this one time. You were no longer mad at him, you weren’t upset you just wanted to hear his voice one last time before you died. “I know what you’re like, a-and you will probably blame yourself for this. I want you to know this isn’t your fault, you’re doing what you think is right and that’s good enough for me.” You knew you didn’t have long, either you’d just bleed out or he’d finish you off. “I love you, C-Cas.” Ending the call, you scrolled back down to Sam’s contact and pressed call and successfully put it on speaker phone before your eyes fell shut, the exhaustion getting to you.

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“Keep calm, sweetheart, and let’s kill a minotaur.”

Imagine: Sam and Dean calling you every time they need help in a case.

Imagine: Sam and Dean are amazed by your hunting skills.

So those two are very similar, and I decided to do this story with both… I don’t know how to explain myself but I swear it’s good.



Pairings: None (sorry)

Warnings: Maybe strong lenguage, grafic violence.

Word count: 228

A/N: I love writting about this too much. Actually I’m writting a novel about things like this and well… I had a lot of fun. YASS GIRL POWER

I used izzy for the gifs bc she’s so badass and I love her so much <3

SUMMARY: The reader is a hunter and she’s called by Sam and Dean to help them in a case that involve a minotaur. She’s the only one that can help them to kill it.

Y/N was a well-known huntress, she had a reputation of being a badass and no one wanted to work with her more time than the needed, pretty much because no one knew how to handle her. And she was proud of her reputation because she was one of the best hunters in the country, even better than a lot of men.

You met the Winchester brothers in a small town, at first you didn’t know they were hunters, you saw them as a potential threat to your case, so you almost eliminate them from the face this Earth.

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