Because You’re Mine

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Words: 1393
Requested by Anonymous
Based on “I Walk The Line” by Halsey

           Dean Winchester did not fall in love. He didn’t fall in love and if he did, he didn’t admit it. He was a challenge. A challenge you were determined to take on. You fell for him hard and you knew he had fallen for you too. He just wouldn’t admit to love.

           You, Dean, and Sam were at the bar after the latest hunt, cooling off and just sitting around. It hadn’t been that hard of a hunt, but it still felt nice to just sit and relax for a little while before heading to a motel to get some sleep.

           Dean’s arm was securely around your waist and you knew he had no intentions of letting go unless he absolutely had to. He hated the idea that someone would possibly think you were free.

           You leaned against Dean, feeling the hunt catching up with you. You were tired and could fall asleep pretty much any time.

           “I’ll be right back,” you said, trying to wiggle out of Dean’s grasp, “Dean, I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be fine.”

           Dean reluctantly let go, “Fine.”

           You giggled and kissed him, “I love you.”

           “I know you do.”

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