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Highschool AU with my favorite babies: Cyclonus, Tailgate, and Fort Max? Like, please? That would be awesome



  • Tailgate’s grumpy but loving gf
  • Cyclonus thought Tailgate was an annoying freshmen at first, but they eventually developed a bond
  • aka Tailgate following Cyclonus everyone, eating with her at lunch, walking home with her ect, until Cyclonus eventually started to like her.
  • Now she would do anything for her tiny girlfriend
  • Loves History
  • It’s her best subject
  • PLus she shares the lass with Tailgate
  • And they ‘study’ together at each other’s houses
  • Is part of the choir
  • Speaks Latin
  • Is currently teaching Tailgate how to speak Latin so they can pass notes in class and not get in as much trouble if they get caught
  • Dress a bit weirdly but everyone is too scared to say anything
  • Plus you’d ignite the wrath of Tailgate for insulting her gf
  • Backpack is always so heavy because of all the history books she lugs around
  • Used to spend her lunchtimes buried in the library before she started dating Tailgate
  • Backhanded Drift so hard at the start of school year he went flying

Fort Max

  • Gets picked on almost every day by Overlord
  • Tries to go to Prowl about it but he doesn’t care, and nor does the principal.
  • Literally hates school so much.
  • Zero friends
  • But he does talk to Rung a lot, and spends most of his lunch times in his office
  • Rung offers him lots of candy
  • And a stress ball
  • Dreads Gym
  • Quit the football team because Overlord tormented him so much
  • But that only amused Overlord more
  • Did not make him back off
  • Finds solace in the debate club, English, history, and civil law.
  • Eventually, he joins the wrestling team
  • Because Rung said it might be a good idea for him to channel his anger and stress in a healthy, non-self-destructive way.
  • Hates eating in the cafeteria because of all the noise
  • Junior who had half a mind to drop out, but Rung convinced him not to

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High school AU for overlord and Pharma?


  • Asshole gym teacher and football coach.
  • No one wants to get detention with him because it’s the literal worst.
  • He particularly likes to target Fortress Maximus, and does his best to make the kid’s life hell.
  • So much so that Fort Max skips his class a lot, but it only gets him in more trouble.
  • Blows his whistle a lot, especially in kids faces.
  • Doesn’t actually yell, but someone when he’s angry it’s even more terrifying.
  • Creepy smiles at students in the halls.
  • Has a thing with the doctor that occasionally has to come in to do courses with the students about safe sex and other medical stuff. 
  • Stands near the window and makes crude gestures to him.
  • Everyone on the football team hates him because he makes them do a ridiculous amount of laps.
  • Everyones scared to mess up on the field when he’s coaching
  • Students he gets into screaming matches with the most: Fort Max, Springer, and Chromedome cause he likes to pick on Rewind.
  • Everyone was terrified when someone graffitied his car and he was looking for the suspect.
  • (it was Sideswipe)
  • Likes to go bother Tarn down in the music block.
  • They both hate each other.
  • He doesn’t bring his own lunch in because he just steals Tarn’s
  • And blames it on a student so he can laugh as they get in trouble.
  • Likes to pit the big students against the little students in PE
  • Does not care if  student gets hurt
  • His relationship with Trepan is not allowed
  • Does he care?
  • No
  • Does he listen to Sentinel?
  • No, he has sex with Trepan on his desk. 


  • The other doctor who has to do medical courses with students at the school.
  • And like Overlord, had to start fucking one of the teachers while he was there
  • Pharma initially hated Tarn, but he was eventually seduced by his weird charm.
  • Works with Ratchet and brags about the new man he’s found.
  • Ratchet does not care.
  • Hates that Ratchet got the higher position than him and takes it out on Sideswipe and Sunstreaker
  • Thinks that Ratchet is wasting his time adopting two foster children
  • After he and Tarn ‘get together’ he starts hanging around the school more and more.
  • Until everyone avoidsTarn’s office for a reason at lunch. 
  • The students hate him, especially Ambulon and First Aid.
  • He hates them right back though, and wishes Ratchet didn’t make him volunteer to teach ratty children.

Here’s the information that I’ve already gotten about mostly Tarn and Deathsaurus, along with a wee bit of info about the others. All of this was from my conversations with Milne.

I’ll definitely be talking more about these details, but here’s the quick and dirty rundown.

•Deathsaurus is as strong as Tarn. The only thing that Tarn has over Deathsaurus is his Voice.

•Kaon is blind by design.

•Tesarus has an optic network behind his “X”. Roberts wanted an “X” on Tesarus’s face, so Milne put the optical network behind the “X”. (Personal note: Seems like the big lug has the coolest visor ever.)

•Tarn could affect a Combiner with his Voice without a problem. In fact, he could, in theory (and where the Combiner is restrained enough) cause the Combiner to de-combine or kill them.

•Tarn’s Voice may have some problems affecting Overlord’s spark, but he could still some serious damage and pain.

•The only two stronger than Deathsaurus are Overlord and Megatron.

•Megatron is the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Overlord in a fists-only type brawl. So, seems like Tarn would have to use his Voice on Overlord to get the upper hand.

•Tarn is OCD. He picks at his face, has the addiction to transforming, etc.

•Tarn has slits on the sides of his face that he will use to amplify and project his Voice even more, and/or he will use them to talk even though his lips aren’t moving. (Personal note: The idea of being face to face with Tarn and hearing his Voice but not seeing his lips move behind the mask is actually pretty terrifying to me.)

That’s all for now. If I get more info, I’ll let you know.