Okay DONE. wooh this was so much fun to do <3 EXCEPT DEAN’S HAIR COLOR. njdsgwrndgiondgion.—!

Orginal pose idea isn’t mine, my friend found –THIS– ad from my old papers and she told me that Cas and Dean would fit in this pose so well, I wanted to try to draw that pose with Dean/Castiel, so here it is. ~~ I have no idea who take that photo, or what magazine it’s from :( If anyone knows, do tell me. (And that add is like 3-4 years old)

Done: Copic markers, pastel, inks, color pencils.

It’s been a while since I have done anything with my copic markers, This JOY <3 I just have a problem again… Dean’s jacket is green-blue-ish now and if I color his jeans blue I’m not sure is it going to look okay… We will see!!! (back to the work —>)

Dean/Cas fanart

My friend found THIS lovely pic and told me that she really can see Dean and Cas in that pic so I wanted to try to do Dean/Cas version of it ~¨ So pose, not mine. I don’t actually know what that ad is about? Dress… maybe?? Free hugs? XD

I’m gonna print this out and color it with my markers ~~



Thanks to all who were livestreaming with me : v : Even this was kinda boring hahaha ~~

Daniel (Amnesia) and Castiel (SPN) … Yes. Because me and my FRIEND(who always give me so many many ideas what I could draw and make me draw Dean/Cas even more.) though that we should crossover our fandoms. And since it didn’t fit so well with Sherlock, I take Castiel from SPN. ~~ RANDOM CROSSOVER IS RANDOM.

Amnesia/Supernatural crossover, I bet you didn’t see this coming.

Done with lineart :) Still, wanna color this with traditionally…Can’t.

This is kinda AU picture of Dean and Cas.

Cas is human and goes hunting with dean, I orginally wanted to draw wings for Cas(I loooove drawing wings <3<33) but if he is human he can’t have them… SO he have “fabric” wings : DDDDDDD (Or somethinglikeThatDUNNO.)

Orginal sketch:

I’m trying to draw with friend in iScribble but my friends internet is an ass so we can’t finish this : P But there is Kid!Dean, Kid!Sam, Kid!Castiel and … Lucifer XDD Trolling in the corner ~~ hahahahha.

I wanna kid-fic where Kid!Dean have to babysit baby!Castiel and Cas is following him like he is somekinda mother hen XDDDD