Okay DONE. wooh this was so much fun to do <3 EXCEPT DEAN’S HAIR COLOR. njdsgwrndgiondgion.—-!

Orginal pose idea isn’t mine, my friend found —THIS— ad from my old papers and she told me that Cas and Dean would fit in this pose so well, I wanted to try to draw that pose with Dean/Castiel, so here it is. ~~ I have no idea who take that photo, or what magazine it’s from :( If anyone knows, do tell me. (And that add is like 3-4 years old)

Done: Copic markers, pastel, inks, color pencils.

Something I wanted to post this Halloween but I wasn’t ready and these days I don’t have much time to draw anymore : / I’m working much and I’m so tired all the time… I have so many Castiel, Sherlock x John pics I want to draw but where I can I get the time?!?!?!?

: v : Well… um… Happy VERY Late halloween? lol. bb!Castiel and Gabriel. And sorry, only two wings for Gabriel this time, ‘cause I’m lazy :: D

It’s been a while since I have done anything with my copic markers, This JOY <3 I just have a problem again… Dean’s jacket is green-blue-ish now and if I color his jeans blue I’m not sure is it going to look okay… We will see!!! (back to the work —->)

Dean/Cas fanart

My friend found THIS lovely pic and told me that she really can see Dean and Cas in that pic so I wanted to try to do Dean/Cas version of it ~¨ So pose, not mine. I don’t actually know what that ad is about? Dress… maybe?? Free hugs? XD

I’m gonna print this out and color it with my markers ~~



Thanks to all who were livestreaming with me : v : Even this was kinda boring hahaha ~~

Daniel (Amnesia) and Castiel (SPN) … Yes. Because me and my FRIEND(who always give me so many many ideas what I could draw and make me draw Dean/Cas even more.) though that we should crossover our fandoms. And since it didn’t fit so well with Sherlock, I take Castiel from SPN. ~~ RANDOM CROSSOVER IS RANDOM.

Amnesia/Supernatural crossover, I bet you didn’t see this coming.


I use like 12 colors to his hair…. ( = x = ) Well now it’s done and everything else it just pure joy to color <3<3<3<3<3

Done with lineart :) Still, wanna color this with traditionally…Can’t.

This is kinda AU picture of Dean and Cas.

Cas is human and goes hunting with dean, I orginally wanted to draw wings for Cas(I loooove drawing wings <3<33) but if he is human he can’t have them… SO he have ”fabric” wings : DDDDDDD (Or somethinglikeThatDUNNO.)

Orginal sketch:

I’m trying to draw with friend in iScribble but my friends internet is an ass so we can’t finish this : P But there is Kid!Dean, Kid!Sam, Kid!Castiel and … Lucifer XDD Trolling in the corner ~~ hahahahha.

I wanna kid-fic where Kid!Dean have to babysit baby!Castiel and Cas is following him like he is somekinda mother hen XDDDD