Daniel (Amnesia) and Castiel (SPN) … Yes. Because me and my FRIEND(who always give me so many many ideas what I could draw and make me draw Dean/Cas even more.) though that we should crossover our fandoms. And since it didn’t fit so well with Sherlock, I take Castiel from SPN. ~~ RANDOM CROSSOVER IS RANDOM.

Amnesia/Supernatural crossover, I bet you didn’t see this coming.

It’s been a while since I have done anything with my copic markers, This JOY <3 I just have a problem again… Dean’s jacket is green-blue-ish now and if I color his jeans blue I’m not sure is it going to look okay… We will see!!! (back to the work —>)

Done with lineart :) Still, wanna color this with traditionally…Can’t.

This is kinda AU picture of Dean and Cas.

Cas is human and goes hunting with dean, I orginally wanted to draw wings for Cas(I loooove drawing wings <3<33) but if he is human he can’t have them… SO he have “fabric” wings : DDDDDDD (Or somethinglikeThatDUNNO.)

Orginal sketch: