Considering everyone and their mother has had a cameo in Sherlock, why would Sue and Steven not make an appearance? Like, for instance, John and Sherlock walking passed Angelo’s and Sherlock notes that ‘their’ table is occupied by a man with dark curly hair and a dark shirt, accompanied by a woman with blond hair and a comfortable looking beige jumper. 

His step falters for a moment as he regards them and he thinks back to that one night… that one night where he screwed up everything before it began. One night he wished he could do all over again, just to get it right this time. Just that one night, where he could have let John in.

‘’Sherlock? You coming?’’

John’s voice next to him startles him and he turns to his flatmate, his friend, his heart with a soft smile. ‘’Always, John.’’

When the season picks up, Diggle is operating out of Chechnya as a member of the Special Forces. “He is searching for that moral compass that he lost at the end of season 4,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “He discovers that Chechnya is the wrong place for him to discover his moral compass. Things do not go according to plan for him, and there’s something that happens in the first three episodes that is fairly significant and it’s the circumstances that will ultimately bring him back to Star City, but he’s not going to be the same. He’s not going to be able to live his life the way he had been living it before.” Bonus: This all leads to a very Dig and Oliver-centric episode in the fourth outing.
Reviews: The Flash, Arrow and Legends Return, Plus Supergirl's CW Arrival
The CW’s superhero slate hits the ground running on Tuesday, Oct. 4, when The Flash reveals its strange new world, followed by the returns of Arrow
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Whereas The Flash is light on its feet, Arrow is back with — thankfully — what promises to be one of its more grounded, grittier seasons ever. There has been no convenient reuniting of the team during the off-season; rather, Diggle is back in soldier mode in Chechnya, while Thea is thrilled to have shed her bloodlust once and for all, now working as chief of staff to “Mayor Handsome” (as the papers dub him). Yes, Oliver misses the bull’s-eye as a politician, burning the candle at both ends as he is (and going solo on the nighttime streets at that). Running comms, Felicity is still is his ear (if nowhere close to his bed) and pushing for staff additions in the form of some independent vigilantes she has scouted.