list of the crash bandicoot highlights because i feel like there needs to be one
  • hold my hand dad
  • phil just picks up things that i say...
  • harkens back
  • language, daniel
  • ‘if you get 100 fruits *togerher* you get a life
  • duckling
  •  'I just swore we need to edit that out’ ~phil 
  • lizards are my favourite slimy staircase
  • ‘nobody look at me’ *dan immediately looks at phil* 
  • oh for fuk seeeek 
  • a single clap of disappoimtment 
  • parteon for out euthanasia
  • i know how to play, alan
  •  my mom has nothing to do with the filming of this video, good sir
  • our mom… plot twist
  • ‘ just call me danny:  master of life, space, time and erotic massages ‘
  • ‘you’re breaking the sound barrier again’