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Jily Fights
  • James: Why are you yelling at me? You're the one who said I only get girls because of my money.
  • Lily: Well, yeah that's because you were being so cocky and arrogant I didn't really feel like telling you how smart and sexy and incredible you are!
  • James: Oh Yeah? Well let me tell you something. You got a great personality! And you're sweet and funny and charming--you're the whole damn package!
  • Lily: Well so are you! Any girl would kill to be with you!
  • James: Any guy would kill to be with you!
  • James and Lily: *Start making out*
  • Mcgonagall: Stop getting involved in other people's lives.
  • Dumbledore: But if I stop getting involved in other people's lives I have to focus on my own and that's no fun.

paitho-wolf  asked:

Do you have any personal art blogs? even though this is a shitpost blog your style is absolutely fucking adorable and id love to see more of your art :00

i really didn’t know I had a style and that it was cute and that anyone would be interested in wanting more o wow thanks thats very nice of you 

I do in fact have another blog, i sort of just reblog stuff there,but do post art there as well. I haven’t posted any art but I do intend to start posting more. (I started drawing the ocs of artists I liked to get out of artblock)