spn: kevin tran advanced placement


Character/pairing: Kevin x Reader
Random word or object: Technology
Emotion: Frustration
Requested by: anonymous

“UGGGGHHH!” You slammed your laptop shut. “I was literally born in the wrong century!”

“Whoaaaa. Easy there, sunshine! What’s the problem?” Dean asked, looking up from his own computer.

“Don’t call me ‘sunshine,’ Dean. I mean it,” you snapped, pointing at him with a warning finger.

Dean put his hands up. “Alright! Ceasefire. What’s the deal?”

“I’ve been working on this stupid computer code for 36 hours straight and it still doesn’t work! And we need it to work, or the entire plan isn’t going to work, and I think I need to go back to a time when technology didn’t exist because if I have to stare at a computer screen for one more minute I’M GOING TO LOSE MY MIND!”

Dean stared at you, unsure of how to proceed. Sam’s mouth was half-open and the brothers exchanged a glance. “I’m gonna–we’re gonna–” Sam pointed towards the doorway. “We’ll be back…”

You gulped and sank down into your chair, but you could feel Kevin’s eyes on you. “You’re not going to run away too?” you asked. You pressed a hand over your face. “I’m an idiot. Why can’t I get this to work?” you mumbled to yourself.

“Hey,” Kevin said softly. “You’re not an idiot. You’re just tired… You said it yourself. You’ve been staring at that screen for 36 hours straight, and probably still writing code that is going to allow us to hack into the freakin’ Pentagon if we want to. So cut yourself a break,” he said. “We all get frustrated, and sometimes the things we try don’t work but–” he stalled out for a moment. “But whether or not you get that code to work, I will still think you’re pretty much the greatest person I’ve ever met.”

You raised your eyes to meet his and you were sure that surprise showed on your face. You could feel the warm rush of pink to your cheeks and ears. “…Thanks” was all you could get out, and it came out in a whisper.

“No problem,” Kevin said, a small smile on his lips. 


Supernatural, starring (only) Osric Chau

so here’s my photo with osric and the tablet :DDDD
when i went up to him and showed him the tablet his face was like “OHH!”
i asked him to hold it up ‘lion king style’ and he was like “yeah yeah sure!”
so we took the photo and i hugged him to say thank you
and i must say this again but OSRIC GIVES THE BEST HUGS!!
they were so nice and warm and friendly and GAHHHH never forget!
he was such a nice and genuine person and… just… OSRIC!!
i wish i could have talked to him more about cosplay during my autograph session with him T^T 
oh wells… theres always next year!! xDD


for those who haven’t yet realised the beauty of osric/kevin

just srsly look at his biceps. they’re pretty much straining against the jacket he has on and his hair - it looks like it’s wet - is just pressing against his forehead in three little spikes and his eyes are sO EXPRESSIVE AND DARK AND PRETTY AND HIS MOUTH IS PARTED JUST SLIGHTLY AND HIS LIPS AREN’T TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL AND HIS HANDS LOOK STRONG AND HIS ARMS ARE WRAPPED SO TIGHTLY AROUND THE TABLET AND THE CLOTHES HE’S WEARING JUST MAKES HIM LOOK SO WARM I JUST THINK HE’D GIVE REALLY GOOD HUGS HELP ME

So hey if Kevin comes back, imma need something from the show.

I need Kevin to come back but since he died for a hot minute, the Prophet torch got passed on to the next guy who is who-knows-where probably fucking Helsinki or Guam or Villa Las Estrellas or Phnom Phen or whatever. And so Kevin wakes up, but he’s unable to read the tablets or feel the resonance of angels or whatever else. He can maybe still work on all the interpretation notes he took down, but he’s no longer the Prophet because, when the Prophet dies, a new one is automatically installed. AND IT DOESN’T MATTER. BECAUSE HE’S BACK. AND HE STILL HELPS ON HUNTS. AND HE’S A FUCKING WINCHESTER. It just means he gets less headaches and gets to play more video games.