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dean's making pancakes again for the fourth day in a row

“Pancakes,” Sam says with feigned enthusiasm. 

He sits down gingerly on a kitchen chair and side-eyes the door, the chance for escape slim. Cas stares at him in grim solidarity over the rim of a red coffee mug. It’s great that Dean is feeling better, feels up to cooking again, but four days of a rock in his stomach is four days too many. Sam rubs it in anticipation of the pending discomfort. 

“Chocolate chip,” Dean returns. He slaps four pancakes into a messy stack and shoves the plate toward Sam. “Eat.”

Dean turns away and drops butter on the griddle. It sizzles and begins to smoke. Sam stares at his back, then focuses on the steaming pile in front of him. He sighs and bisects it with a fork in defeat. 

He chews slowly so Dean won’t serve him seconds, chasing each bite with water. If it’s not too hot later, he’ll take a long afternoon run. Or maybe the three of them can take a walk through the woods. Dean hasn’t been outside since last week, and Cas looks like he could use the air.

Dean carries the next stack to the table and sits between them. Cas lays a hand on his back while Dean serves himself a small pancake tower and covers it with a deluge of syrup. 

“Do you want more coffee?” Cas asks.

“Yeah,” Dean says gruffly, picking up his fork. “Thanks.”

Cas kisses his temple and gets up and goes to the coffee pot. Sam blinks, surprised, only he isn’t really surprised. Dean keeps his head down and shovels pancake into his mouth. His ear is red.

“What,” he snaps when Sam doesn’t stop staring. 

“Nothing,” Sam says. He grins at Cas and finishes his plate. 

imagine fallen cas experiencing heat wave for the first time though: 

  • cas frustrating dean with more stages of undress than dean’s barely sticking heterosexuality label is built to deal with
  •  cas opening every single window the Impala has as they travel;
  • cas cursing the Sun and the entire solar system down to the oorta cloud in languages that, as far as dean has heard, include german, enochian, latin and - a wild fucking guess here - summerian;
  • cas staying in gas stations far too long because they’ve got AC there
  • cas bitching that dean doesn’t hydrate enough (includes: dean counter-bitching when asked if thirsty. DEAN’S NOT THIRSTY)
  • cas hydrating and drops of water going down his throat dean is totally not paying attention to that
  • cas demanding ice cream on every single break and oh god dean is so not staring at cas’ mouth when he eats those jesus christ
  • (dean’s obligatory jakcing off sessions now occur twice as often because look above)
  • (and they are strictly cas themed this is so not happening)
  • and then there’s cas trying to sleep naked in their motel room (with mixed feelings Dean talks him out of this one)
  • (dean’s feelings get even more mixed in the shower)

Imagine coming home with Sam from a movie and finding Dean and Castiel in the living room. Written by Castielle.

Request: So I was wondering if you could write something Sam X Reader, with them going to watch a movie or go on some sort of date- and walking in on Dean and Cas there? Y'know, cuddling or something, not doing the do. *wiggles eyebrows* (anon)

Author’s note: *Sam is amused* *Castielle is elated* OF COURRRRRRRRSE. Ahem. *pretends that she is not obsessed with everything deancas related*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“That movie was actually quite good,” Sam admitted as the two of you walked into the bunker. “I wasn’t expecting that a super hero movie would be so…" 

"Not cheesy?” you asked him with a grin. 

“Yeah, something like that,” Sam answered, grinning as well. As he flipped on the lights, he looked around the library with the long table. “I wonder where Dean and Cas are." 

"Maybe they decided to watch their own movie,” you thought aloud. 

“Maybe,” Sam agreed. 

So the two of you walked to the TV room. Reaching the room first, Sam peeked in and then looked back at you. 

“Oh, you have got to see this,” he whispered, grinning from ear to ear. 

“What? What is it?” you asked softy. But when Sam stepped aside and you looked into the room, you couldn’t help grinning, too. 

Dean and Castiel were indeed there. Iron Man was playing on the screen and Castiel had fallen asleep, his head slumped against Dean’s shoulder. Dean had his eyes on the screen, but he had an arm around the angel, his fingers absent-mindedly running through Castiel’s dark hair. 

You had to quickly draw away so that you wouldn’t snort out loud and give the game away. You and Sam quickly retreated, but when you reached your room, you both burst into laughter. 

“Oh man… Dean is going to get a hell lot of teasing tomorrow,” Sam chuckled when he could finally speak, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. 

“But Saaaam,” you mimicked Dean’s tone. “Cas fell asleep. What was I supposed to do, push him away?" 

Sam grinned. "I should go back and take a picture for photo evidence. Where’s my phone?”