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yeah I think thats where out difference interpretations came form. For me, the show doesnt really write Cas like ihuman supernatural creature thats billions of years old. He's like a human who occasionally has a glowly hand as he brust doors open. This leads to a set of other problems tho like then I struggle with things like excused that Cas is tooO powerful to go can hunts with Sam and Dean, when he doesnt shown (especially not anymore, s4 maybe) like that. alas :D

You raise a good point, but I think we need to talk more in detail about this (ie, I desperately want to keep talking about this). To me, you define your supernatural creatures by answering the following questions:

  • what do they look like?
  • what powers do they have?
  • how do they think and feel?

Now, obviously there are limitations to all of these things - the main one being that we’re human and there are limits to what we can imagine. I mean, sure - the more we learn about quantum weirdness and how animals communicate with each other, for instance, to better we can design non-human or counterintuitive beings, but there will always be limits, because our experience is mostly confined to this planet. Less philosophically, TV shows also have budget constraints concerning special effects and the like, and all stories need characters who can actually interact with one another in some way. And, sure, there are creepy and weird ways of doing that, and they can work out (for instance, they did in The Shining, because King and because Kubrick), but sometimes they descend into the unpractical or the grotesque (was Jabba supposed to be scary, even a little? and what about pooping centaurs in The Magicians? ugh). The power thing is also messy, and that’s the famous God problem we’ve been struggling with for millennia: if someone’s got magic powers, why doesn’t he solve all our problems, all the time? So, well, what you do with your characters is the same thing you do with God - either you limit their powers or you decide they have a good reason not to use them all the time. And all this is Very Complicated and all, but the truly impossible thing is the third point - how would an otherworldy creature think? Here you really see our limitations as human beings - we simply cannot conceive something that functions in a way that’s fundamentally different from ours. When we describe our ‘monsters’ as creature which have a sense of right and wrong, which are capable of love, hate, fear, which live and then die, or can be wounded, can suffer, can feel regret and learn from their mistakes - all we’re doing is talking about another version of ourselves.

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  • Teacher: I don't think you teenagers understand the influence of internet on our lives and how powerful it is!
  • Me: we do
  • Teacher: how
  • Me: *whispers* mishapocalypse
I Don't Know
  • Sam: Your name is Dean Winchester. I'm Sam, your brother. Mary Winchester is your mom. And Cas is your best friend.
  • Dean: My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. Cas— Cas is my boyfriend.
  • Sam: Good Dean! That's go— wait...? What? No! Cas is your best friend!
  • Dean: Are... Are you sure about that?
  • Sam: I... I think so...
  • Dean: ....
  • Sam: ....

My priorities are as organized as Dean finding food more important than a passed-out woman slumped in his arms