spn: 5x13

seventeenmag “I love this moment between @shaym and @ladymshawsters. They look mad at each other here, but weren’t. In this second they were running lines, but also just really tired. There was just a single moment of reflection where they go back into being themselves. There’s just so much power. There’s a frustration of what happens in the scene.” –@keeoone Make sure to follow @seventeenmag for more BTS pics from Keegan’s #PLLChristmAs special takeover!

It’s like you’re screaming and no one can hear.  You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important that without them you feel like nothing.  You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you.  And when it’s over and it’s gone you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so that you could have the good.