Obviously the ‘Tombstone’ scene with Dean and Cas has been yelled about all weekend, but one thing I’m super surprised I haven’t seen discussed is the way it blatantly uses polysemy and then destroys it as this was the first thing out of like a million in that scene that had me silently screaming.

Like, as soon as the name of the episode was released, everyone latched on to the fact that, especially as it was about cowboys, it could be a reference to the movie or to the town. A third reading is that it’s an episode about ghouls. This is not a new thing: Supernatural has always used polysemy, but especially in the last four or five years it’s been an increasingly important part of Destiel discussion. Almost every single scene with Dean and Cas has had multiple readings, to the point where we’ve had to literally discuss what qualifies as ‘canon’, because by so many definitions, it’s literally already canon.

So I pretty much expected them to lampshade the ‘Tombstone’ movie and move on, kind of as a wink wink nudge nudge to the audience, because this is the usual move. Veiled acknowledgement, but nothing more. BUT OF COURSE, in this GLORIOUS season where there is literally no sub to that text anymore, Davy Perez went straight past wink wink nudge nudge to a fucking “I’m your Huckleberry” god bless this season.

Dean brings up ‘Tombstone’, and then Cas says, “The city?” This is literally Perez pointing out the two readings of the title. (And like, look. It’s not a coincidence that one reading is pretty obvious and the other reading is literally a queer-coded one.)

Then Perez has Dean go, no, not the obvious one. The queer-coded one.

And then makes it gayer. Not just ‘nope, the queer-coded one’, but ‘the queer-coded one that we watched together’.

And then makes it even gayer. ‘The queer-coded one that you made me watch with you (singular) and will now use a reference to in a deep voice and you’ll have to swallow and look away.’

The “I’m your huckleberry” line has also been scrutinized like hell, but something that’s really, really interesting to me is, as pointed out in this great post by someoneworthfinding, it’s not a romantic-coded line. It’s a taunt. It’s a dare, and Cas watches Dean’s reaction to it very closely.

And Dean looks away, swallows hard, licks his lips, and then tells Cas honestly, without any posturing or nicknames or jokes, that he’s glad to have him back. This part of the scene, more than anything, feels like testing the waters and a huge step forward.


Angel Warrior special

Uploaded by IntelligentShipper

WTF have I never seen this before? It’s from 2013 (includes stuff from seasons 1 - 7), but it’s almost 20 minutes of the showrunner(s), writers, producers AND J2 talking about what a great/interesting character Castiel is, how important he is to the show & narrative and how Misha is the perfect actor to play him.

I assume this was shared far and wide when it was first released in 2013, but perhaps now isn’t a bad time to re-share some Cas/Misha love ^.^


Which memory spell should one perform in order  to remind the writers that Sam Winchester is a main character ?

He is not just a glorious piece of prop to just hang around somewhere in the background ( we have baby for that and she is pretty darn awesome)

Sam’s actions, reactions, emotions and opinions matter.

His story-line matters.

Sam Winchester matters.

Me watching Supernatural...
  • Writers: *Introduces new character*
  • Me: Nuh uh! I'm not falling for this again! I am NOT gonna get attached to this character because the writers are just gonna kill them!
  • Writers: *Makes character really likeable*
  • Me: Must.... Not.... Get........ Attached!!!
  • Writers: *Develops character and makes them really relatable*
  • Me: Well... Maybe the writers won’t ki-
  • Writers: *Kills character*
SPN is Loud and Proud for S13

So the lovely Jason Fischer (JasonFischer77) tweeted this (thank you @tinkdw and @margarittet for sending me the tweet in the first place!!):

Which, naturally, led me to YouTube and this:

And the title of this album led me to Google because of little silver bells and:

So we have lyrics that are all about going on a journey that more or less is about finding your way back home, and excuse me, but lyrics that END WITH THIS:

Hope they’ve finally fixed your automobile
Hope it’s better when we meet again babe

The angel with a crack in his chassis and his mechanic and the lyrics bring up fixing automobiles and meeting again and hoping it’s better???? 



  • dean: *runs through purgatory looking for cas and praying to him every night*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *gives up an entire army of angels for dean*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *risks his life for cas*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *hugs dean with longing all over his face*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *calls cas sunshine*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *is told dean is his human weakness*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *gives cas a mixtape*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *tells dean he loves him*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *sucks off cas' dick*
  • spn writers: platonic