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Get this: words have been adapted to mean different things. Wild, I know

Are you referring to the ‘nephilim’ thing? In this scenario it isn’t really a case of adapting a word to mean something else, because the word itself already exists.
“Nephilim” is the plural Hebrew word for the “Naphil”, which is the offspring between an angel and a human. Words ending in -im in Hebrew is like words ending in -s in English. It would be like saying “there is one cats in the house”.
So it’s not really a case of adapting a new word, it’s more of a misuse of existing words and Hebrew grammar. 😊

I’m not upset about this or anything, obviously the writers don’t speak Hebrew (although would it be so hard to do this research?), it’s just very very grating on the ears for a Hebrew speaker, that’s all. 😄

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  • SPN Writers: What could we do with Lucifer now?
  • SPN Fandom: Bring Mark Pellegrino back.
  • SPN Writers: Hey, why don't we increase his daddy issues?
  • SPN Fandom: Bringing Mark Pellegrino would be fine.
  • SPN Writers: Let's make him POTUS.
  • SPN Fandom: But, actually, we only want Mark Pe-

Fare thee well, Robbie Thompson

My Favorite Writing Blogs (2016)

Hey guys! Since it’s the new year I just wanted to recommend some favorite writers blogs of mine! These are my favorite and if I don’t tag you or list you that doesn’t mean you’re not my favorite. It just means I most likely missed you! :-) MIND YOU SOME OF THESE WRITE ONLY SMUT! (I’m a sucker for smut ;))

So here goes: @trash-m8


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I fucking hate when Dean /commands/ Cas to do something and I hate even more when Castiel responds with “Of course, Dean” and then does it. 

Dean, you should show my son some respect, he’s NOT your fucking dog. 

Did you hear me, SPN writers? Don’t let me take that flight to Vancouver.

Ok so, I saw this post on Pinterest and honestly, I need an episode of this. Like he turns up at his old college and all his friend just go what the f*** and then they meet cas and dean and they just go full haywire like holy hell when did this happen and dean just goes “when we went to hell”.

Almost at 400 followers. Wow. Mind blowing.

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