The thing I probably like the most about season 12 so far is that Dean is acting a bit more unapologetic, and that he doesn’t let other people make him feel bad for something he’s doing, saying, feeling or thinking as easily as he used to. He’s been quite pro-Dean, so to speak.

So far, we’ve seen Dean:

  • answer with a very loud silence after Mary declared John was a “great father”, instead of agreeing to make her feel better
  • openly express his pain when Mary decided to leave, instead of pretending he’s perfectly fine for Mary’s sake
  • keep openly expressing his pain and disappointment over Mary leaving in the following episodes, including the next time he meets her
  • resist Sam’s Dr. Phil attempts to make Dean deal with things the way Sam wants, and instead deal in his own way
  • walk away from Mary to “get some fresh air” when he feels like he needs space, even though Mary is trying stop him
  • remain pretty much unfazed by Sam’s “I’ve been doing important stuff and you’re playing a stupid game” lecture

It kind of makes me wonder if maybe Amara’s real gift to Dean was a little boost to his self-esteem and to his ability to set some boundaries for himself…

So I’m taking a Civil War class this semester in school, and my professor was talking about winchester guns that were used back then (which always makes me smile just because of the name) but then he said:
“There’s an early version of the Winchester called a Henry.” 

I wanted to scream 

  • spn writers: okay, so the cure is composed of *throws three darts at a target* the forbidden fruit, a golden calf, and a love interest, while Dean *flips a coin* hunts for *pulls paper from hat* vampires. Dean tries to stop himself by *shoots up an enormous amount of heroin* throwing himself into in space, and at the end of the episode the Mark is gone and the new bad guy is *rolls dice* literal darkness
  • spn writers: this is narraTIVE GOLD
Robbie Thompson,

You gave us Charlie, a bad-ass, nerdy, lesbian who knew how to handle herself and fit in perfectly with the Winchester family. She was our in-show avatar, whether it was your intention or not. She represented so many of us that often felt ignored by the show. Her time on the show, every word you wrote for her, and not a word about her from anyone else, will forever be cherished. For her, we thank you.

You gave us Gilda, a lovely fairy lady for Charlie to woo and rescue, and it became the first f/f kiss on the show. For her and that, we thank you.

You gave us Fan Fiction, a love letter to us as a fandom, a celebration of all of our different interpretations and huge hug to each and every one of us. And with that came Kristen and Siobhan. Young, LGBT+ girls who not only represented us in that respect, but openly expressing their love in a hug as they’re dressed as the characters that a lot of us wish could do the same. For them, we thank you.

You gave us Safe House, where a family consisting of two moms and their child, not only existed, but survived. A small gesture, greatly appreciated. For them, we thank you.

And finally, you gave us God. The actual, Christian GOD. Openly admitting that he had girlfriends and boyfriends. G O D. That’s… something else, Robbie. Not only saying to LGBT+ viewers out there that they’re not alone, but saying “Hey, (if you’re christian), the big man upstairs is JUST LIKE YOU! It’s okay! It’s great, even!” That’s a powerful statement. For Him, we thank you.

Thank you; for all of this, and so, SO much more. I know that I, personally, will never be able to thank you enough, for the love you pour into each and every episode you write, and for doing everything you can to make sure LGBT+ fans feel included. You are an absolute treasure, and “your light shined” on us; and we are better for it.

Fare thee well, Robbie, fare thee well.


Fare thee well, Robbie Thompson

SPN 11x04: Let’s go home!

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to write something about 11x04. I always try to write meta a couple of hours after an episode has aired or at least the following night. However, this episode was so perfect that I didn’t even know where to start. In the end, I’ve decided to focus on Dean’s and Sam’s definition of home and how this is giving us the endgame for Team Free Will.

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This scene showed in a very clear way that even though Dean loves Baby, the Impala doesn’t represent home for him anymore. Home equals the Bunker for Dean, but not for Sam. However, that’s NOT something new. Robbie Thompson told us the same thing two years ago. Or have you forgotten the conversation that took place in 9x04?

CHARLIE: [about Sam’s bed in the Bunker] Man, this bed is about as comfortable as a brick. Any plans on moving in anytime soon?

SAM: I am moved in. This is just my style.

DEAN: Yeah, this is his, uh, style.

SAM: Well, I’m sorry I haven’t hung up the, uh, “Hang in there, kitty” poster yet, Dean. Feel free to redecorate.

DEAN: So, what, our home’s not good enough for the “Hang in there, kitty” poster?

SAM: This isn’t our home. This is where we work.

Later in that same episode we got this:

DEAN: Why haven’t you moved in?

SAM: Is now really the time for this, Dean?

DEAN: Well, just asking.

SAM: Look, I never had what you had with mom and dad, okay?

DEAN: What are you talking about?

SAM: I don’t have any memories of home. And whenever I’ve tried to make a home of my own, it really hasn’t ended well.

DEAN: Yeah, but a lifetime of abandoned buildings and crappy motel rooms. I mean, this is about as close to home as we’re gonna get, and it’s ours.

In that episode, it was very clear that “home” for Sam meant his own family, “a home of [his] own.” Whenever he thought about a permanent place, he was thinking about the apple-pie life, a wife and probably kids. He was NOT thinking about his brother, and of course, he wasn’t thinking about his parents either. Whenever Sam thinks about his home with Dean, what comes to his mind is the Impala. That’s where he’s spent most of his life with his beloved brother. On the road. That was always theirs, not the crappy motel rooms, but the car that has always meant so much to Dean. Why doesn’t Sam want to call the Bunker home? It’s simply because when Sam Winchester calls a place home, he’ll be talking about the house where he will have the ‘something more’, the ‘normal life’ he has always wanted.

Dean, on the other hand, has loved the Bunker since the very beginning. Dean “I’m-Nesting-Now” Winchester labeled the Bunker ‘home’ since 8x14 (written by Andrew Dabb), when he personalized his bedroom and discovered they had a kitchen. The Impala is his Baby and will always be, but it’s not his home anymore. Home means his own bedroom. Home means his memory foam mattress. Home means having his own kitchen. Nevertheless, home also means not being alone! Home to Dean means family. Why do I say this? Because in 10x22 (another episode written by Mr. Dabb), Dean told the Stynes this: “You took someone from me. Now I’m gonna take everything from you. Your home… Your family.” If we believe Dean equals home to family, it’s easy to understand why, back in season 9, it upset him so much to know that Sam didn’t consider the Bunker home. That was something Robbie tried to tell us a long time ago. Dean wants to be in the Bunker, but he doesn’t want to be alone. The problem is that Sam doesn’t want to be there because the place doesn’t mean home to him.

In 11x04, Robbie tried to tell us that the relationship between the brothers is definitely going to be better. They’re going to be more honest with each other, and they’re finally going to have a brother/brother relationship, not a parent/child one. But Robbie also told us something very important. There’s one thing that hasn’t changed and will probably never change: The Bunker is NOT home for Sam. In fact, Robbie was very obvious about Sam’s endgame in this episode: Sam is going to start looking for his “something more”, his “normal life.” That’s why we saw him flirting or saying he tried to give his phone number to the girl he hooked up with.

What about Dean? Sam himself told us Dean’s endgame. Dean won’t be alone. He will have someone, not marriage or whatever, but he will have something with a hunter, someone who understands the life. Sam was not talking about a friend or a hunting partner; Sam was talking about some kind of romance. Dean will have someone who will help him hunt, but not only that, he will have someone who will be able to call the Bunker home, too.

WHO CAN THAT SOMEONE BE? Robbie Thompson, Andrew Dabb, and Robert Berens have been giving us the answer little by little. (That’s probably why they’re my three favorite writers even though other writers have contributed a bit, too. It’s pretty obvious the whole thing is part of the narrative because too many coincidences are impossible.)

1. In 9x06 (written by Berens), human!Cas said this:

I wanted to be thorough with inventory, so I worked late last week, and taking a nap here was easier than going back home to my bed. Which I-I have, of course – a bed… and a home.

That was the first episode where we saw Cas after Dean kicked him out of the Bunker. It was the episode where Castiel was supposed to be a jilted lover (as requested by Jeremy Carver, the showrunner). I’ll mention some synonyms of “jilted” for those whose native language is not English: rejected, ditched, abandoned. Cas felt abandoned because Dean asked him to leave the Bunker. Poor Cas didn’t have a bed… or a home.

2. In 10x18 (written by Robbie), Metatron told Cas this:

Listen to you. Still spitting out the company line like anyone cares. Like we’re actually a family?

That was right before Metatron started demanding answers from Cas about who he was because he wasn’t an angel anymore. Metatron even mocked the idea of Cas going back to Heaven and asked him what his mission was. But we already knew that Castiel’s mission was Dean. Cas himself told Hannah in 10x03 “this mission is everything” and mentioned “getting to Dean” as his priority. Later in the season, it was pretty much obvious that “saving Dean” was Castiel’s mission because Cas told Dean in 10x22 (written by Dabb): “If there’s even a small chance that we can save you, I won’t let you walk out of this room.” But Metatron didn’t know about Castiel’s “mission”, or most likely he did, but he was teasing Cas as usual. The point Metatron got right is that Heaven and the angels are NOT Castiel’s family anymore. In case that wasn’t clear enough in season 10, Andrew Dabb emphasized it one more time in 11x02, when the angels who were torturing Cas said he’s not their brother because he always chooses the Winchesters. If we are to understand that family and home are very closely related, then we have to agree that Castiel’s home is not Heaven anymore. Who is Castiel’s family? 10x18 showed us that his family was at the Bunker. His family was Dean, Sam, and Charlie. Unfortunately, Charlie is not alive anymore, and one day Sam will have a family of his own. What will happen to Cas, then? He won’t be able to go back to Heaven because everybody hates him for choosing the Winchesters. He will have to stay home. And what’s the place Cas calls home? The Bunker. Why do I firmly say that Cas calls the Bunker home? Because…

3. In 10x22 (as I already said, written by Dabb), when Sam asked Cas where Dean was going after killing all the Stynes, Castiel’s answer was: “Home. Dean’s coming home.”

Where was Dean actually going? He was going to the Bunker. Why didn’t Cas say “he’s going to the Bunker”? The answer is simple: Cas said “home” because he knows that’s what the Bunker means to Dean, and that’s probably why that’s what the Bunker means to him, too. Dean has been Cas’ role model for a very long time. If the Bunker is Dean’s home, then it can easily be Cas’ home as well.

In conclusion, my three favorite writers Robbie, Dabb, and Berens are spelling out the endgame for Sam, Dean, and Cas so clearly that I still don’t understand how some people can miss it! Everything I’ve said in this post is not exactly new because I’ve been talking about the endgame for Team Free Will for a while now. However, there’s one thing that is new and fills me with hope. The fact that Dean and Cas are endgame doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be romantically involved; they can just hunt together, “no homo”. HOWEVER, (and this is what gives me hope) Sam Winchester himself, in addition to Dean’s confession in season 10, is telling us that Dean’s endgame will include romantic love. So, make of that what you will.