SPN is Loud and Proud for S13

So the lovely Jason Fischer (JasonFischer77) tweeted this (thank you @tinkdw and @margarittet for sending me the tweet in the first place!!):

Which, naturally, led me to YouTube and this:

And the title of this album led me to Google because of little silver bells and:

So we have lyrics that are all about going on a journey that more or less is about finding your way back home, and excuse me, but lyrics that END WITH THIS:

Hope they’ve finally fixed your automobile
Hope it’s better when we meet again babe

The angel with a crack in his chassis and his mechanic and the lyrics bring up fixing automobiles and meeting again and hoping it’s better???? 



  • dean: *runs through purgatory looking for cas and praying to him every night*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *gives up an entire army of angels for dean*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *risks his life for cas*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *hugs dean with longing all over his face*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *calls cas sunshine*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *is told dean is his human weakness*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *gives cas a mixtape*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • cas: *tells dean he loves him*
  • spn writers: platonic
  • dean: *sucks off cas' dick*
  • spn writers: platonic
Me watching Supernatural...
  • Writers: *Introduces new character*
  • Me: Nuh uh! I'm not falling for this again! I am NOT gonna get attached to this character because the writers are just gonna kill them!
  • Writers: *Makes character really likeable*
  • Me: Must.... Not.... Get........ Attached!!!
  • Writers: *Develops character and makes them really relatable*
  • Me: Well... Maybe the writers won’t ki-
  • Writers: *Kills character*
Belated Statistics

Some may remember, a while back I asked for examples of your favorite Destiel episodes of SPN (this open response survey was done during the hiatus between 12x08 and 12x09 - so BEFORE SPN came back. It did not include 12x09, 12x10, 12x11, or 12x12, though I’m sure that almost every one of them would probably also be on the list now… haha)

My main reason for doing this was to see which episodes people MOST associated as Destiel episodes, and then compare the writers and directors of those episodes, to see if there was a trend in who was more likely to write or direct an episode that we deem as a “destiel episode”.

The criteria for it being a “destiel episode” was literally just… any episode that, when you thought of destiel, THOSE episodes were screaming out to you. Any and all of them.

(under cut bc length)

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cumbergaga2014  asked:

I love your blog !! ❤️ Some times I wish the writers visit your page, note down what people say about the show and take some constructive criticism and appreciation so that there will be a better s13.

It would certainly be cool to have the writers drop by the blog every now and then to see what the fans are thinking about their show.

But that said, it’s not entirely accurate to say that the criticism that comes through this blog is always “constructive” in nature. ^_~

anonymous asked:

So do you think, if they make destiel explicit, it'll happen in a Yockey episode since that's his speciality?

Not necessarily but i imagine he would be involved in the coming out - bi!dean stuff, I really don’t know though.

Given what a huge deal Destiel is I would imagine it would be a Dabb episode  (given how much he has exposed Destiel in the past too and has it as a huge theme to his show running) and probably Berens as he also writes good character stuff, especially for Dean and gets him really well.

Ideally for me it would be Yockey (and maybe Berens too) for bi!Dean and Dabb/Berens for Destiel.

Almost at 400 followers. Wow. Mind blowing.

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The Realism of "Regarding Dean"

Ok, now that I’ve slept on it, I wanted to mention that part of why I liked “Regarding Dean” so much was because of how the memory loss was written and Jensen’s performance of it. It directly reflects my experience with dementia sufferers.

Lots of memory loss in stories is written very cut and dry, black and white. The character forgets something initially, then that memory is 100% inaccessible until the memory loss conflict is resolved. And the person is constantly panicking about how they don’t remember things. And some how, through all of it, they remain themself.

But that’s not what it’s like. Your brain will always do its best to protect you, even if it’s failing. It will search for words it can’t find, not just straight up admit it can’t find them. A dementia patient’s brain at certain times will do exactly what Dean’s did with the lamp–find a close approximation (or completely wrong) substitute word and congratulate itself for filling in the blank.

Dementia patients often forget they have dementia, just like Dean did. They will react to people they should know with unexpected hostility or unexpected friendliness, just like Dean did. Sometimes they will forget how to do basic human things, and be baffled when someone insists they know how to use a thing (real world case: a tooth brush. Episode example: Dean being surprised he knows how to shoot a gun).

And then there are times of complete breakdown, when they realize they’re missing something–like with Dean’s mirror scene–or when they realize they’ve forgotten a life-changing event and have to relive it all over again because now it’s brand new information (a loved one’s death, for instance).

*Real* gradual memory loss is not linear. The dominos don’t topple over in clean succession. Pieces fall and are put back up again. Others are taken off the table. Others are mangled.

It’s a surreal experience from the outside, one I pray I never have to experience from the inside.

All this is to say, I suspect Meredith Glynn has first hand experience with a dementia sufferer. She did an excellent job of portraying the disease from Sam’s perspective, and I’m looking forward to more episodes from her in the future.