cooliokiddo replied to your post “ALSO, Why is Dean and Sam gonna be in prison for 6+ weeks?????”

It’s one of those maximum security ones tho they can’t get the stuff they need to summon Crowley and cas can’t fly I think

Okay BUT they can pray to Cas, like they used to back in earlier seasons, then Cas gets to find where they are then he calls Crowley who zaps himself inside of wherever they are, kills the security guards (or just erase their memory IDK) and tada get ‘em out of there!!

  • spn writers: okay, so the cure is composed of *throws three darts at a target* the forbidden fruit, a golden calf, and a love interest, while Dean *flips a coin* hunts for *pulls paper from hat* vampires. Dean tries to stop himself by *shoots up an enormous amount of heroin* throwing himself into in space, and at the end of the episode the Mark is gone and the new bad guy is *rolls dice* literal darkness
  • spn writers: this is narraTIVE GOLD
Robbie Thompson,

You gave us Charlie, a bad-ass, nerdy, lesbian who knew how to handle herself and fit in perfectly with the Winchester family. She was our in-show avatar, whether it was your intention or not. She represented so many of us that often felt ignored by the show. Her time on the show, every word you wrote for her, and not a word about her from anyone else, will forever be cherished. For her, we thank you.

You gave us Gilda, a lovely fairy lady for Charlie to woo and rescue, and it became the first f/f kiss on the show. For her and that, we thank you.

You gave us Fan Fiction, a love letter to us as a fandom, a celebration of all of our different interpretations and huge hug to each and every one of us. And with that came Kristen and Siobhan. Young, LGBT+ girls who not only represented us in that respect, but openly expressing their love in a hug as they’re dressed as the characters that a lot of us wish could do the same. For them, we thank you.

You gave us Safe House, where a family consisting of two moms and their child, not only existed, but survived. A small gesture, greatly appreciated. For them, we thank you.

And finally, you gave us God. The actual, Christian GOD. Openly admitting that he had girlfriends and boyfriends. G O D. That’s… something else, Robbie. Not only saying to LGBT+ viewers out there that they’re not alone, but saying “Hey, (if you’re christian), the big man upstairs is JUST LIKE YOU! It’s okay! It’s great, even!” That’s a powerful statement. For Him, we thank you.

Thank you; for all of this, and so, SO much more. I know that I, personally, will never be able to thank you enough, for the love you pour into each and every episode you write, and for doing everything you can to make sure LGBT+ fans feel included. You are an absolute treasure, and “your light shined” on us; and we are better for it.

Fare thee well, Robbie, fare thee well.


Fare thee well, Robbie Thompson