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What's wrong with the current lady writer on SPN? I'm not too familiar with all the writers, but I do love seeing ladies in powerful positions! Here's hoping the new one is a keeper!

There’s a new writer joining the team, that’s all I know. and I hope she’s a good one and that she watched the whole 10 seasons and will do justice to the characters and the story… 

  • spn writers:let's give them crowley acting very human, but not actually make him human
  • spn writers:and maybe we can show them actual angel wings instead of shadows, but let's make sure they're on fire and burning away
  • spn writers:and a brother moment between sam and dean they'll love that, but sam would be willing to give his life up for closing the gates of hell and feel like he let dean down
  • spn writers:oh and let's make naomi the good guy, but let's have her get murdered by someone who was supposed to be a good guy
  • spn writers:add a dash of new ruler of hell and more false hope for adam getting out
  • spn writers:and then in the last few seconds of the episode we'll rip everyone's hearts out, stomp on them, set them on fire, and throw the ashes into a volcano
  • spn writers:lastly a cliffhanger with so many unanswered questions leaving every single fan screaming
  • spn writers:okay, so the cure is composed of *throws three darts at a target* the forbidden fruit, a golden calf, and a love interest, while Dean *flips a coin* hunts for *pulls paper from hat* vampires. Dean tries to stop himself by *shoots up an enormous amount of heroin* throwing himself into in space, and at the end of the episode the Mark is gone and the new bad guy is *rolls dice* literal darkness
  • spn writers:this is narraTIVE GOLD

What if the last episode is the happiest episode ever where destiel is canon and sammy has a dog named jess and they have a memorial garden built in memory of everyone thats died and the final scene cuts to cas & dean jumping into bed and dean looks up AND CAS IS ON THE CEILING BURNING