Smut Appreciation Day 2k17

So I was gonna try and get out some Jared size!kink smutty goodness out today, but it looks like it’s gonna be longer than I bargained for (pun intended)

That will be posted at some point, but for now I thought I’d compile all of my smut fics and series’ with smut into one place so y’all can read away to your heart’s content - got a whole lotta Sam, a decent amount of Dean, and a smattering of others.

Happy Smut Appreciation Day, y’all

Sam x Reader

Soy Un Perdedor - You reluctantly go to a male strip club for your friend’s bachelorette party, but when you get a lap dance from the gorgeous Orion, your opinion of the night changes dramatically. - 5.8k, stipper!Sam, size/height difference

Forgive Me, FatherYou find an unusual customer at your workplace, and end up getting more than you bargained for when you offer to take him to a back room. - 3.7k, virgin!priest!Sam/stripper!reader

My Best Friend’s BrotherYou’re not prepared when your best friend and roommate’s handsome as hell brother shows up on your doorstep, and you quickly realise the attraction isn’t one sided. - 3.4k, reader gender unspecified

Ask For What You WantYour husband, Sam, is a big-shot business owner. His employees don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. - 3.1k, sub!Sam/dom!reader

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“You can’t seriously be taking his side in this,” your girlfriend accused, motioning to Dean.

“His side? As in the side that thinks we shouldn’t make a human sacrifice?” you clarified, “Because yes. I can.”

“Y/N, come on,” Ruby groaned, “I know you’re into saving as many lives as you can, but sometimes people have to die for that to work.”

Your brother threw his head back in exasperation, and you sighed, shaking your head.

“There’ll be another way,” you insisted, nodding when she shook her head. “And, if there’s not, we’ll sacrifice me.”

Dean and Ruby both snapped their gazes to you, speaking in the same firm tone.

“We’re not doing that.”

“Don’t be fucking stupid.”

“Well then,” you smirked, triumphant. “Looks like we’ll have to find a compromise.”

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You Can Try

Summary: Your girlfriend isn’t impressed that you’d choose to look up a case for your brothers while she’s pantless in your bed. Once Sam’s left with your research, you finally give her what she wants.

Words: 2k

Ruby 1.0 x Reader

Warnings: f/f smut, poor attempt at stripping

A/N: This is part two of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr​‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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Milkshake - Part One

Summary: You’ve had a crush on one of your diner patrons for a long time, and you finally get the chance to talk to her one on one
Words: 1,167
Ruby 1.0 x Fem!Reader
Warnings: idk bisexual reader? otherwise none

A/N: requested by my main gal @laurivcr and my bisexual Katie Cassidy loving ass couldn’t say no

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