The King or The Devil

Request: Anonymous- Hello! Could I request Crowley and Lucifer both having crushes on the reader and the sass filled battle that would ensue when they fight for the reader’s attention/affection?

Crowley X Reader, Lucifer X Reader

Warnings: Swearing 

Slamming my book shut, Dean and Sam look at me. “Guys this is useless. We need help.” Before I could even finish the sentence, Dean jumps up saying no over and over again. Looking over at Sam, I see he is thinking the same thing I am.

“Sorry Dean, but we need Crowley for this.” Sam just shrugs, a look of betrayal flashes across Dean’s face. Sam pulls out his phone, and angrily hangs up after waiting for Crowley to answer.

“Well that solves that problem!” Dean proudly exclaims, glad we don’t have to deal with the king of Hell. Rolling my eyes I pull out my own phone, not giving up that easy. Crowley answers after the first ring.

“Darling, lovely to hear from you.” I can hear his devious smile through the small speaker.

“Hey Crowley, I was just wondering if you would be willing to help me and the boys with something.” My parents always told me you catch more flies with honey; so when it comes to working with other people, I tend to take the lead, since the boys can come on a little strong. Before I even finish speaking Crowley is standing before me, in his beautifully tailored suit.

“Beautiful.” He says looking at me, grinning ear to ear. “Boys” He looks to Sam and Dean, scowling. A small smile plays on my lips. I don’t hate Crowley like the boys do; in fact, Crowley always treats me wonderfully, and makes me laugh.

We spend the next two hours working with Crowley, trying to stop these killings. Not even Crowley knows what is doing it, only that it’s supernatural. Feeling slightly defeated, I look at Dean, knowing he was going to hate what I say I next.  

“I think we have one more person we can call to help.” Deans head snaps up, clearly not amused.

“Hell fucking no (Y/N). We are not calling Lucifer.” His face is stern, clearly not going to change his opinion. Rolling my eyes for what felt like the millionth time day, I pull out my phone.

“I hate to say this, but I agree with squirrel on this one. We don’t need that ass hole.” Crowley now stands with his arms crossed. Only Sam seems to agree with me, but says nothing.

Before I know what is happening Dean is rushing at me. Snatching my phone from my hand, he runs to the other side of the room. Crossing my own arms and scowling, giving Dean my best I’ll kill you look, I prepare to charge him. Dean being Dean saw this coming and places my phone on the highest shelf, making it impossible fore me to reach without a ladder. I walk over staring up at it, until I get a brilliant idea.

“Hey Siri, call Lucifer.” I shout. Dean’s eyes widen when he hears her say she is calling Lucifer. He quickly tries to grab the phone, but the damage is done.
“(Y/N)?” Lucifer’s voice rings loud through the speaker, but before I could answer Dean has hit end call. He smile is full of pride as he turns the phone off and places it back on the shelf.

Crowley’s face shows relief as well, but soon disappears as Lucifer materializes out of nowhere.  

“(Y/N)” Lucifer’s eyes stay on mine as he walks over, and grabs my phone for me. When handing it back, our fingers touch, sending a spark radiating through my whole body. A smile takes over me as I thank him. “You called?” He asked snapping me out of my weird trance. Sam Speaks.

“Yeah, there have been a couple killings a few towns over and we can’t figure out what is doing it.” Lucifer turns to look at me, before making his way over to Sam. Looking at the books he says nothing, he just reads in silence. Sitting next to him, I also resume reading.

Reaching for a book on the other side of me, he brushes against me. “Sorry babe.” Winking at me as he pulls back. Blood rushes to my face, as the rest of the boys stare at me. Sam looks amused, Dean looks disgusted, but Crowley looks pissed. Standing up abruptly everyone looks to him. “I’m going to make some tea, assuming you low lives have proper equipment.” His eyes slide between Dean and Sam. Dean grunts and shakes his head, but Sam says yes, and leads him to the kitchen. A few minutes later, Crowley and Sam are back, and Crowley places a steaming mug of green tea in front of me. Tilting my head back I smile.

“Green tea, my favorite. How did you know?” He smiles down at me.

“You just seemed kind of stressed, and Green tea is supposed to help with that.” He says nonchalantly. He places his hand on my shoulders and starts to message me, causing Lucifer’s head to snap in our direction.  

I feel the blood rush to my face. I must be as red as a tomato. It feels amazing; I had no idea how tense I actually was, but I also feel awkward due to the company we have. I don’t know if I should shrug his hands off, or if that would make it worse. Before I have to make a decision, Lucifer is yanking Crowley off me.

The boys and I spin around, bracing our selves for the fight that will no doubt ensue.

“Who do you think you are placing your hands on her.” Lucifer’s eyes look menacing, reminding me he is Satan himself.

“Maybe she likes it.” Crowley shrugs in indifference, but you could feel the anger start to radiate off him.

“Ha, why would she like to be touch by nothing more than my bitch boy.” Lucifer smirks.

“I am the King of Hell! Where have you been? Oh yeah, locked in cage for eternity!” They start to move closer to each other. Sam and Dean get up, grabbing weapons, even though they would do almost no good against the two of them.

Moving between them, I place my hands on their chests.

“Enough! I asked you two here to help us, not cause more problems.” They both start to blame the other one, the way children do. I shove them in opposite directions, letting go of their shirts. “Lets get one thing straight. I am not some fucking trophy. I will like who I like, when I like them.” I turn now to face Crowley. “I truly appreciate you trying to help me. The message was a little weird, but I’m over it.” Turning on my heel I now face Lucifer. “And you. I really appreciate you defending me. And helping with the research. But I can speak for my self.”

Taking a breath I step back so I could see both of them. “Again I appreciate you guys coming to help, I really do. But if you cant get along, and work PEACEFULLY with each other, you need to leave.” Both boys bend their head, mumbling sorry under their breath. “Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to each other.” Like watching a pair of small children, they turn to each other and say sorry, without looking up.

The rest of the hunt goes as planned. Lucifer and Crowley don’t say anything to each other. We figure out what the monster is, and we kill it with almost no issues. I mean we have the king of hell and even Lucifer himself on our side. That night though, when I was trying to sleep, the incident between Crowley and Lucifer played in my head. They clearly both like me, and I like them. I wonder if I had to choose between them, who I would choose.

Sam!Lucifer Vs Cas!Lucifer:

Sam!Lucifer Vs Cas!Lucifer:

The base of Supernatural’s Lucifer is Mark. He is who we think of when we think of Lucifer (proper). However, like angels do in this universe, he can take on new vessels. I’ve seen hate from the fandom go both ways when Sam became the vessel in the alternative-universe line and when Cas accepted Lucifer to use his vessel as well. Somehow, probably due to some misguided loyalty to the actors or favorite characters, preferences were drawn based on who acted as Lucifer better. This assertion would be fine if it weren’t for the aforementioned hate. An opinion is an opinion, hate is different.  However, as I see these different opinions crop up I noticed something. First, it should be noted that while I love Sam and appreciate the level of Jared’s acting I was always a bit disappointed with his portrayal, especially for the accurateness the show’s standard had set, but then I realized why… Lucifer is different in each scenario.

What describes Lucifer? He’s manipulative, deceitful using his “honesty” policy as a guise for hiding the whole nefarious truth of his anger and, yes,  pain. He rattles off dark humored jabs to achieve the same effect and generally acts as crazy as one might imagine and a powerful being becoming after thousands of years of isolation with nothing for company, but the festering feeling rejection, superiority, and revenge. Whether you believe he was truly a victim or villain, that’s not the point. The point is, all these characteristics make him who he is and Mark portrays that as slightly unhinged and comically dark.

Which is what Misha portrayed as Casifer. At this point in the show, Lucifer is basically who he’s always been (as I just described). Misha copied Mark’s mannerisms perfectly. It was shockingly satisfying to see the level of dedication and acting performed by Misha. Every head tilt, the way he sat, the way he looked to a new person, the way he interacted with Sam, the subtly way he interacted with Dean, everything… It was like Mark did the run through first and Misha copied it. Even to my untrained eyes, I could tell how amazing his performance was. He incorporated every mannerism Mark portrayed. That’s extremely talented and obviously a lot of work went into it. So why was Jared’s performance different? Misha/Mark Lucifer had something to prove where Jared’s Lucifer had what he wanted.

Well, Jared’s Lucifer wasn’t the spiteful, petty imprisoned angel we saw in Mark. He was much darker, dropping the humorous quality. Instead, he was strong, powerful, a creature of immeasurable strength and righteousness brimming beneath a shadow of darkness. He was actually as terrifying as he’s suppose to be. He was serious and pissed off and all pretenses dropped. So, I understand why this would seem like the “wrong” way to portray a character already clearly possessing the aforementioned qualities. However, I missed this the first time: Lucifer, in the alt timeline, isn’t in the same place. He’s achieved his goals and is at the apex of his plan watching as the last step- the eradication of humanity- is about to play out. He’s in power, finally. There’s no need for petty deception. His manipulative side is still there, but in a more sinister way as he talks to Dean. You can clearly see he’s no longer trying to make his plans get started, he’s at the top. This isn’t an overlooked acting opportunity or Jared not doing the character justice, it’s character growth. Lucifer is where he wants to be, his cocky confidence is now unshakable righteousness.

The difference is between Lucifer trying to spread his wings and finally having them at full extension. Whether you enjoyed one portrayal over another, can we admit that both performances were well-thought out and performed? Jenson thought Jared nailed his performance and they both thought the same about Misha’s. They are trained professionals who don’t take their roles and jobs lightly, to bemoan either of their performances is certainly your right, but to assume a superficial stance is insulting to the actors and the show. I still prefer Misha’s Lucifer over Jared’s, not due to the skill in acting nor the writing, but because it was more fun to watch for me personally and that might be due to the fact because Sam wasn’t gone. But I respect each actor for their individual talents and admire the show for the layers of details they pay attention to (even if they aren’t readily apparent the first time around).

Why is Sam being tortured though?

If they wanted to have him out of the way, they would just kill him or keep him imprisoned. This means the British Men of Letters want something from him. I don’t know, it could be that

1.       They think he is withholding information. The only topics Sam could have exclusive knowledge about are God, the Darkness and Lucifer. But God and Amara have already been dealt with.
As far as we know the main incentive of the British MoL is to ‘keep out of the way’ and ‘keep to [their] studies’. They view what Sam and Dean have done as ‘damage’. They might want to restore damage by putting Lucifer away.
It is probable that they think Sam might know about Lucifer’s whereabouts since they’ve worked  together.

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I just noticed a thing and it's making me very uncomfortable.

Guyssss, this is John Winchester in S2E22, where he’s just climbed out of Hell or whatever…



Ezekiel is Lucifer?

Omg read the theory about that Ezekiel being Luficer bellow. I am so freaked out because everything makes sense. 

1. The promo pictures is in a cage.

2. An angel wanting Sammy to say yes to him ( sneaky as fuck ) 

3. The episode “the end” was in 2014. It´s 2014 now guys.

4. He didn´t want to say his name at first.

5. If he crawled out of his cage, ofc he would be weak.

6. All angels are cast to earth. Maybe ALL angels. Luficer included. 

7. He doesn´t want Sammy to know about him ( probably because he would get it )

8. He won´t remember him being in his head or body… 

9. We will always end up here.


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