Original Request

Can you do a story where the reader is an archangel instead of Raphael and Lucifer never gets cast down.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 478

Summary: The reader is an Archangel and stops Michael from casting Lucifer out.

Note: I honestly had no idea what to write for this, but I felt like I was neglecting the request so I attempted to make something. I don’t feel 100% okay with what I’ve wrote but I can’t think of anything else to write for it.

“Don’t.” Gabriel spoke, grabbing your hand and pulling you back.

Your chest was moving erratically as you tried to catch your breath. You were mad, no you were enraged. Watching as Michael spoke down to Lucifer like he was nothing more than a human child. Humans… they were the reason this was happening in the first place. Lucifer had refused to bow down to them, refused to love them more than he loved his father, our father. And for that God had given the order that Lucifer shall be cast out from heaven.

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I just had to post my photo op because it was an amazing experience!

Mark Pellegrino is so kind and funny, earlier I had my season 5 signed *And he wrote ‘Love you too’ with my first name gosh!*. He looked surprised and happy when I told him I would see him again a couple of hours later for a photo op. When I came in the area with the angel blade and asked him to threaten me with it he looked perplexed for a moment then his whole demeanour changed in a blink. He jumped from friendly and funny to really scary and I just froze and stepped back and the picture was taken at that moment. I’m quite happy on how my angel blade came out and the genuine feeling of the picture. I will cherish it forever haha!

I just noticed a thing and it's making me very uncomfortable.

Guyssss, this is John Winchester in S2E22, where he’s just climbed out of Hell or whatever…



Ezekiel is Lucifer?

Omg read the theory about that Ezekiel being Luficer bellow. I am so freaked out because everything makes sense. 

1. The promo pictures is in a cage.

2. An angel wanting Sammy to say yes to him ( sneaky as fuck ) 

3. The episode “the end” was in 2014. It´s 2014 now guys.

4. He didn´t want to say his name at first.

5. If he crawled out of his cage, ofc he would be weak.

6. All angels are cast to earth. Maybe ALL angels. Luficer included. 

7. He doesn´t want Sammy to know about him ( probably because he would get it )

8. He won´t remember him being in his head or body… 

9. We will always end up here.


SPN | Random Gifs that Shows that SPN Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part One. Click for Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(Or Part 1 of SPN gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).

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SPN | Random Gifs that Shows that SPN Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part Two. Click for Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

(Or Part 2 of SPN gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).

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