Lullaby from the devil

I often imagine Lucifer singing a lullaby for his child and today I finally managed to write it down.

You all know ‘Hush, little baby’ I assume. Well, this is what I imagine Lucifers version would be like.

Hush, little angel, don’t make a sound.
Daddy’s gonna get you a small hellhound.
Soon you will grow, become big and strong.
And your little hellhound, he will grow along.
You’re my little angel, never doubt this dear.
Daddy will be here to erase all fear.
I’ll stay by your side till the sun shines bright.
And one day, little angel, you will too be light.

He would surely be a great daddy

An Angel’s Grace [Part Eighteen]

Gabriel x Reader

Author: justcallmeyourgoddess

Warnings: Swearing, PTSD, Angst, Violence, Death

Word Count: 2032

Main Summary: Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Requests: What about for An Angels Grace, Lucifer and the reader brought something back with them from the cage, kinda like when cas swallowed the leviathans from purgatory

Note: I am so sorry. especially to my-shotgun-angel im sorry. oh and i am very sorry as well for this might be bad… haven’t written in a while. so.

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I wish I was there…. and I think be-my-angel-with-the-shotgun would love to be right next to Mark at that point in time….or every day :P

The Day Of The Fall

Words: 4,853

Warnings: Mild language, ANGSTY ANGST ANGST

Pairing: I guess a little Gabriel x Reader or Lucifer x Reader I guess.

Notes: You’re an angel. In the story. But probably also in real life too. Damn this is long. I don’t really like it. It’s not the best I’ve ever done. But whatevs. Enjoy.

     Gabriel watches from the edge of your couch as you pace around your room, your (f/c) wings fanning out behind you in earnest. “(Y/n), you need to calm down a little bit.” He suggests, watching you run your fingers through your (h/l) (h/c) hair for what must have been the thousandth time.

     "Gabriel, this is not something taken lightly! Who am I to disobey Michael’s orders?“ You nearly shout, continuing to pace.  

     ”(Y/n), I know you’re an archangel, but Michael is in his own little world these days, he only pays attention to Father, the exception being Lucifer…“ Gabriel trails off, the weight of what had happened in the last few days bearing down on him, and clears his throat. "Michael probably doesn’t even remember the order.” He says, trying his best to comfort you.

     You sniffle a little bit, finally pausing your pacing. Gabriel notices, and walks up to you. He spreads his wings, embracing you in his soft,  golden feathers. Even though he was a couple hundred years younger than you, he still managed to comfort and soothe you. You dissolve into sobs, clutching to his shirt.

     "Shh, shh, it’s okay, it’s gonna be alright…“ Gabriel lies through his teeth, tangling his fingers through your hair.

     "I-it’s not okay. I-I just n-need some time to think about this…” You choke out. It’s uncharacteristic for an angel, an archangel at that, to be showing this much emotion. But during these times, you wonder how you’re still in one piece.

     As you wipe your eyes, Gabriel pulls away to look at your face.  "Do you want to watch the fledglings with me? I’m sure the caretaker will be happy to hand them over.“ He suggests.

     "Only if you come and stay.” You barter, wiping away your tears. Gabriel wasn’t known for sticking around for very long, he always has such a short attention span.

     Gabriel smirks. “Aw, don’t trust me? Fine. If it’ll make you feel better.” You smile through your tears, and pull him to the gardens of Heaven, and through heaven.

     "Hey Ariel! Want us to look over the fledglings for a bit?“ You yell to the haggard looking angel.

     Ariel turns and smiles in relief. "Oh, thank Father! Please, Balthazar is going to be the death of me!” She says, getting up from her perch. You roll your eyes knowingly. The fledglings, only around ten, were running around the field.

     "Uriel! Balthazar! What in the world are you all doing?“ Gabriel shouts at them.

     Balthazar glances at him. "We’re racing!” He shouts, tackling Uriel to the ground.

     Gabriel shakes his head. “I can see that.” He looks around. “Where is Castiel?”

     Balthazar shrugs. “Prob'ly sitting somewhere. He doesn’t want to play.” Of course. Castiel was…different than the rest of the angels. He was much more entertained by watching the new humans than playing with his older brothers.

     "(Y/n), why don’t you go get Castiel, I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you.“ Gabriel says. "I’ll watch over the troublemakers.” Younger archangels were not supposed to give ‘orders’ to elder angels, but you didn’t really care with Gabriel. Nodding, you set off to search for the missing fledgling. The gate to Earth was a big spot for him, so you spread your (f/c) wings and take flight. You pass lower-ranking angels, making them murmur in awe and confusion. Archangels were almost never among the others, all except for you and Gabriel.  The angels have gotten used to you by now, but it was still an awkward encounter.

     All of a sudden, you crash into another angel. The two of you tumble into the ground, tangling limbs. You slowly get up, helping the other to their feet. You should have felt their grace before you crashed, but you were too occupied to notice.  

     "Oh, dear Father, I am so sorry!“ You say, brushing the other and yourself clean of anything that could have gotten on either of your clothes .

     "Oh, (y/n)! No, I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going!” The angel hurriedly replied. You get a good look at the angel, finally recognizing him.

     "Inias! Have you seen Castiel?“ You ask.

     Inias thinks for a moment, then nods. "The little one was on the furthest cloud in the West, studying the Earth.”

     You sigh in relief. “Thank you so much.” You spread your wings again.

     Inias blushes. “N-no problem.” He mumbles before taking off quickly.

     You head to the west, seeing Castiel indeed watching the Earth. He didn’t even know your approach, fascinated by the blue and green orb below.

     "Castiel?“ You say softly, alerting him of your presence. Castiel stands up very quickly, almost tumbling off the cloud. You quickly rushed over and grabbed him. "Whoa there, Cas!” You say, pulling him upright.

     "Sorry, (y/n).“ He mumbles.

     You chuckle. "Cas, come. Let’s play with your brothers.”  Castiel looks down, kicking at the cloud beneath his feet. Concerned, you lean down until you’re eye-to-eye with him. “Cas, is there something wrong?” You ask softly.

     Castiel looks up at you with his gigantic sad puppy eyes. “They called me a 'freak’.” He says quietly. You bite your lip. Castiel had always been the target of bullying, infuriating you.

     "Who did Cas? What were their names?“ You ask, trying as hard as you can not to explode in front of your younger brother.

     Castiel gulps. "M-Michael.” He looks down again. “I deserve it.” He whispers.

     You take a deep breath. You’ll deal with Michael later, but for now, Castiel needs help. “Castiel, you’re not a freak. The others are intimidated because you’re special.” You say in a soothing voice.

     The fledgling sniffles a bit, confused. “Special? What’s so special 'bout me?” He asks, squinting his eyes.

     You smile. “Castiel, you are the cutest, the most wonderful, the kindest, the most thoughtful, the most diligent angel in the garrison.” You say, only the truth.

     Cas rubs his eyes, staring at you in wonder. “Really? I’m that impo-important?” He says, smiling a little. You nod. It was rare to see a smile on Castiel’s face now, only a few times would it reach his eyes.

     "Yes. You are extremely important. You know, when Michael sees you, and you ask a question about Father, or the humans, he sees Lucifer in you.“ You explain, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Michael is afraid that you’ll get in over your head.”

     Castiel seems to understand, and you take his hand. “Come, you don’t have to play, but I would feel safer if I could keep watch over you.” You say, grasping Cas’ hand.

     Instead of flinching, Cas keeps a tight grip, a bit more relaxed now. You sigh and gather him in your arms. He’s still the smallest angel, not much smaller than his older brothers and sisters, but still quite small to an archangel such as yourself.

     Careful to keep a hold of your younger brother, you take flight, soaring over the landscape of heaven. You look down at the bundle in your arms, pleased to see a joyful look on his face. You touch down gracefully, setting Cas down on somewhat solid ground again.

     "(Y/n)! Help me–crap!“ Looking to the sky, you see Gabriel in the sky, flying around wildly, avoiding and dodging his younger brothers.

     You chuckle. "Fledglings! Please, come down!” You yell. The young ones ignore you, and you let out an exasperated sigh. “Don’t make me call Raphael!” You yell. Quick as lighting, ten baby angels have landed at your feet diligently, fear in their eyes. Even Gabriel hovers near you, a little frightened.

     "Good. Now sit down, I’m going to tell you a story.“ You say, pulling Gabriel down next to you. The angels sit, and you hand Castiel to Gabriel for the time being. The fledglings wait with eager faces. You clear your throat. You’re not Metatron, but you can tell a good enough story to keep the fledglings interested.

     "Okay, little ones, how many of you know about the Earth?” You ask the fledglings. One after another they nod in recognition of the small planet beneath them.

     "How many know of the humans?“ You continue, rubbing your younger archangel brother’s shoulders. A couple fledglings raised their hands, but most had no idea about the creation. "The humans are wondrous creatures, some can even compare them to angels like ourselves.” The fledglings, confused, began to murmur among themselves. Castiel tilted his head. You clear your throat. What you are saying is bordering on blasphemy, so you need to keep it cool and simple.

     "They are, in some ways, similar to us. What many of us do, however, is point out their differences, judge them for who they could be, not who they are. You little ones must be sure to notice the similarities as well as any good qualities the other has. Just because one was created before the other, does not mean one is more superior.“ The fledglings seem to barely grasp the concept, but you see Castiel’s eyes glitter with newfound understanding.

     Gabriel coughs. "I mean, unless Father decrees it, then you have to suck it up.” He mutters, easily heard by the younger angels, and someone else pipes up.

     "Yeah, so suck it up.“ A small angel in the back, what was her name? Hael you believe. Hael quietly says those words, shrinking back into herself.

     There’s a few moments of silence, and then you snort. You and Gabriel crack up, and the fledglings stare for a moment, before they start giggling. The fledglings start to laugh, and Castiel giggles along with them. You shove Gabriel on the shoulders lightly, when you hear a voice cut through the air.

     ”(Y/n). Come immediately.“ You stand up quickly, confused but obedient. The fledglings hush, and Gabriel looks at you worryingly.


     You take off quickly, racing off to the court, leaving Gabriel to deal with the fledglings. The court isn’t far, and when you reach the gates, Zachariah meets you.

      ”(Y/n), he is waiting inside.“ He says gruffly. You grimace and nod. Zachariah was a dick at best and an asshole at worst, so he wasn’t your favorite of siblings. You quickly walk through the pearly gates, greeting a very frightening Archangel at the center of the court.

     "Michael. I assume you need help?” You ask, not bothering with pleasantries. Michael bites his lip, any anger vanishing.

     "I need to rest from this. I grow weary of argument. Is there any possible way you could talk to him?“ He asks, looking into your eyes. You look to the furthest room in the court. It glows brighter today, but not from joy. The Morning Star resides in there.

     You sigh shakily. "I am willing to try. I will not be able to convince him of anything though.”

     Michael nods, rubbing his temple. “I must go to Father. I must ask him what is to be done.” You bow your head, then walk past him to the furthest room. You hear flapping of wings, indicating Michael had left.

     Walking through the doorway, the blinding light becomes no dimmer.

     "Brother I grow weary of this-!“

     "Lucifer.” You interrupt. The voice immediately stops, and the light dims considerably.  

     "(Y/n)? W-what are you doing here?“ Lucifer almost whispers. He stands in the middle of the room, his back straight and tall, his wings fanned out behind him.

     You sigh, leaning on the wall. "What have you gotten yourself into, Luci.” You say, using his old nickname.

     Lucifer sighs, and leans back against the chair. “I will not. I refuse to. I have the right to exercise free will, don’t I?” He asks angrily.

     "Don’t. I do not want to become involved into this.“ You say, tears forming in your eyes. Lucifer grumbles something, but keeps silent. You continue to stare at him. His wings droop ever so slightly, his light flickering dimly. The Morning Star, the Angel of Light, falling out after a feud with family.

     "Do you realize what Michael has asked me to do?” You ask quietly. Lucifer looks down to the floor. “What he asked…all of us to do?” You continue, walking toward him. He closes his eyes, refusing to look at you. “Brother, please…what will I do…I can’t do it…” You plead with him, getting on your knees.

     "(Y/n)…I will not cede.“ Lucifer says in a voice meant to be strong, but wavers. He still won’t meet your eyes.

     You stand. "Lucifer…what happened to you? I wish I could say that I knew what goes on inside your head, but…I doubt our Father even knows.”  

     Lucifer sighs. “Sometimes, I doubt that I even know.” His eyes suddenly fill with anger. “But I have a constant, something I am always sure of.” He somehow stands straighter, impossible as it may be.

     "I will not be a piece on our Father’s chessboard. I am not a pawn. I am free!“ He shouts those words, and raises a hand to you. You scramble to get to your feet. He wouldn’t dare to hurt you…right?

     Lucifer looks so much like a warrior in that one moment, his wings blazing behind him, light glowing everywhere, his eyes burning in hatred and bitterness. But he is your brother, and through the light, you see a crack in his façade.


     You look at him, as a brother, not an enemy. "Luci, I love you. But you are an archangel, it is not mature to throw a tantrum about this. When you listen to reason, it’ll be too late.” Without another word, you walk outside into the court, and Lucifer hangs his head, ever so slightly.


     You whip around to see Michael standing an uncomfortably close standpoint to yourself. "I-what? What did you find out?” You ask, taking a step back.

     Michael sighs shakily. “Remember what I asked you to do? The time has come, sister. I am sorry.” His eyes shine with unshed tears as he turns and heads into the room you just walked out of.

     "No…“ You whisper, tears falling. The sadness quickly becomes rage as you wipe your tears away, clenching your fists.

     "Ah, (y/n), how did it go?” Zachariah asks coolly, smirking. The smirk quickly vanishes as you hurl him into the wall of the court. Before he can retaliate, you take to the sky, flying high over Heaven.

     Your home, your haven, was on the very reaches of Heaven, making it even more secluded than the rest of the angels’. It’s a small blue house, with a worn and weathered look to it.

     As you walk into the house though, the house reacts sensitively to your emotions, and the paint peels back, the foundations cracking and creaking.

     You walk down into your basement, throwing the light switch, lighting up the room. Then you accidentally blow out the light, leaving you in darkness again.

     You were one of the few angels who chose a Heaven more human-like than the beautiful mansions some had created. Angrily, you snap your fingers, restoring the light. You were a match for any angel at the moment, even Raphael.

     You pace back and forth, trying to think of something, anything, other than the task ahead of you. All these…emotions are not fitting for an archangel. You groan in frustration, punching the empty air forcefully. Or what was empty air.

     "Ow! (Y/n), what’s the matter with you?“ Gabriel exclaims, quickly healing himself. You mumble an apology, which was apparently not enough for the younger archangel.

     "Did the meeting go well? How’s the family?” He asks, sitting on the edge of a table. You sigh, and zap the two of you outside. “Does it look like it went well?” You say, gesturing to the decaying house.

Your younger brother simply sighs and shakes his head. “(Y/n). Tell me what happened. I’m not letting you hold out on me, not today.”

     Gabriel would find out eventually, even if you did try to hide it from him. You zap you two into your living room. “Gabe, Michael, he…got permission to…Lucifer….I-I mean….” You bury your head in your hands, peeking out from between your fingers and tears, you see Gabriel hang his head. He already knows.

     He looks down. “To cast Lucifer out of Heaven.” He finishes.

     You almost growl in frustration. “This is awful. How could Father do this? Casting his son out? It’s never been done! How am I supposed to just sit by and watch it?”  You say, gripping your hair.

     Gabriel stands up, putting an arm around your shoulder. “Calm down, calm down.” He says in a soothing voice. “I’m sure Michael will-”

     "He wants all of us to watch.“ Gabriel stops in his tracks. You bite your lip. "Wha…? We…all have to watch?” He says in a strained voice. You nod. All the archangels have to witness the angel being cast out.

     "I think Michael and Father…want to leave an impression. A lesson. Thankfully, only the archangels are allowed to witness the…fall…“ You bite your lip. "I cannot watch, Michael has assigned me a different job, remember?” You say bitterly.

     Gabriel nods.  "I have to go, (y/n). The fledglings need to be well out of the way before it begins.“ He say, spreading his golden wings while doing so.

     "I must prepare for my task. I’ll see you when this is over.” You meant for it to be a statement, but it was really a question.

     Gabriel says nothing more, instead he takes flight, saving a painful goodbye.

     You take a minute to compose yourself, before you take flight also, on a different path.

     To Earth.

     It takes no more than a millisecond for you to reach the planet, but it seems to take an eon for you. It’s dusk, the light from the sun slowly fading, as the moon shines it’s pale light onto the sleeping Earth. Your feet barely skim the dirt and grass below you, your wings flexing in a ready position, preparing to move at any time.

     Above you, the heavens darken, and lighting bolts pierce the sky. You can tell by the color and shape of lightning that Michael created them. It is not as large or as refined as Raphael’s, but intimidating nonetheless.

     Soon enough, light pours from the heavens, almost like another star burned in the sky. The Morning Star. Any human would burn if they even glanced at the light, but you stare at it, unfazed.

     It takes an unbearably long time until everything stops. For a few seconds, then minutes, there’s absolute silence everywhere. The lightning slows down, and the light dims to a bearable glow.

     The calmness is maddening, and you almost disobey orders, wanting to fly up, to see if the fighting is over with. Maybe Lucifer repented, and Michael forgave him. But then the moment ends.

     Or rather, it begins.

     The light returns, brighter than ever, but now there’s a visible source. It’s moving.

     No, falling.

     You mean to scream, but your throat doesn’t respond in the manner that you wish it would. You know that eventually it would have had to happen; everyone knew. But to actually see it, to watch as your brother fell from grace, it was too much.

     Lucifer, flaming and falling through the sky, seemed like a shooting star. It seems almost…graceful. But all shooting stars burn up eventually, and before you know it, the angel had fallen past Earth, to a new place, made just for him.

     Hell opens wide and swallows it’s first occupant, Lucifer. You quickly spread your wings and fly to Hell’s gates, slamming them closed. You can hear an enraged cry come from deep within. The lock clamps itself locked, and you produce a key that your Father made specifically for this. You place the key in, and slowly turn it, locking Hell’s gates for as long as they need to be locked.

     Lucifer continues to scream like an animal, and you take a step back, realizing what you’ve done. You choke back a sob, shaking.

     It took around twenty minutes to fly back to Earth, even though it could’ve taken a second, but you were flying erratically, unable to focus on keeping airborne.

     As you fall for about the tenth time, you decide to take a small break before going back to heaven.

     As you touch down on the grass of the Earth, your knee buckles, and you fall to the ground. Everything that just happened washes over you in a huge wave. Tears run down your face, your hands clutching at the ground beneath you.

     Lucifer, your older brother, is now trapped and locked away in Hell, never to come out again. He’ll never see heaven again.

     "(Y/n)! You should have been back by now! Did you lock the gates?“ You snap your head up, tears vanishing as Virgil appears beside you.

     You take in a shaky breath. "Yes Virgil. I will be up in a moment. I just need a moment.” You say, standing up. Virgil frowns, but does not answer back in his usual manner.

     "We’re never going to see him again, I suppose?“ He asks, looking toward the edge of Earth.

     You sigh. "It is more likely than not Lucifer will not repent. I cannot say that I am glad of this outcome.” You say steadily.

     Virgil looks to the ground. “That makes two of us.” He says softly, his voice uncharacteristically emotional. Before you can ask about it, he’s already gone in a rapid flap of wings.

     Without another word, you take to the sky too, your (f/c) wings stretching behind you.

   As you reach Heaven’s gates, Ariel comes up to greet you. She has tears in her eyes, while you had already wiped yours away. You open your arms, and Ariel charges into an embrace, sobbing.

     As you awkwardly hold her, you begin to realize the affect casting out Lucifer must have been to the lower angels.

     "Ariel, I need to find Gabriel and the fledglings, do you have any idea where they went?“ You ask, pulling away to see her face.

     Ariel nods. "Th-they should be in the South Pavilion.” She sniffles again. “Lucifer…he…he…got cast out. I didn’t know that was even possible…” She breaks down into sobs again.

     You try your best to comfort her. “Ariel…it’s going to be okay. Heaven will remain the same. We will carry on.” Even though you really didn’t tell the truth, more like omission of a few facts, Ariel seems comforted, and she releases herself from the embrace.

     "Okay, I’ll just…head over there then.“ Ariel says, gesturing in the general area. You nod, and head to the South Pavilion.

     There’s a small building there, somewhat small, but large enough to hold the fledglings and an archangel. As you walk in, you see the fledglings huddled together in groups. One small fledgling whimpers when you walk by, and you feel a pang of sadness and…anger. Sad because you know that the poor young ones don’t have any idea what happened, and anger…because Lucifer is the one who made them like this. This is his fault.

     You see Gabriel in the back corner, holding three angels in his arms, and one in his wings.


     Gabriel looks up, unsurprised and forlorn. “(Y/n). Care to take a few?” He says, gesturing to the small angels clinging to him. Your posture falters for a moment. The fledgling on Gabriel’s wings is crying.

     "Oh, you poor thing.“ You murmur, prying the angel off Gabriel’s wings. "Castiel?” You ask the trembling angel in your arms. The angel whimpers, and nods.

     "It’s gonna be okay, Castiel. It’s gonna be okay.“ You coo, wrapping him up in your arms. Castiel sniffles and grabs your shirt in his clenched fists.

     "What was that big noise? Mike and Luci were shouting…it stopped too soon.” A small voice says behind you.

     You turn around to see a watery eyed Samandriel tilting his head up at you. Samandriel is one of the youngest angels in Heaven, and one of the most emotional. He acted like a human child most of the time, giving him an interesting character. But in situations like these, his confusion never gave way to anger, only more and more sadness.

     You open your mouth to give an answer, but Gabriel interrupts you first, clearing his throat. “Uh, (y/n), I believe that we should send the fledglings to the nursery. It’s been a stressful day. For all of us.” You close your mouth again, nodding.

     "Samandriel, another angel will tell you what happened, okay?“ The little angel nods, gathering himself up. "Okay. Gabriel, can you round up the more…” You look down at Castiel, who is still sobbing into your shirt. “…uh…emotional ones, and send them to my place?” You ask, helping Gabriel to his feet.

     The archangel nods, walking over to the fledgling groups. No argument. This must have taken a huge toll on him.

     "(Y/n)?“ You look at Castiel, his eyes watery and red. "C-can I sleep with you?” He asks quietly, as if he’s afraid of the answer. You nod, holding him a little tighter.

     "Of course you can.“ Castiel almost smiles, but then he sniffles again. You close your eyes, and instead of flying, you zap back to your place, saving the trouble of the trip across Heaven, and the risk of running into Michael.

     Gabriel appears a little later, holding a few fledglings in his arms. He gently put them down on the couch, where they immediately grouped together like magnets.

     As you place Castiel in the huddle, you notice that the others don’t ignore him, instead they welcome him, cuddling each other for protection.

     ”(Y/n)…what are we gonna do?“Gabriel says, leaning on your shoulder in what some would call exhaustion.

     You put an arm around his shoulder. "We’ll carry on, like we must.” You say firmly, wiping away a few tears from your face.

     Gabriel nods slowly. “Well, I suppose I should leave you to it then…” He says, still looking down.

     You hold on to him tighter. “No. You’re staying. Tonight, we are a family.” You say, grabbing Gabriel’s hand.

     Gabriel looks down at your and his hands together. “And in the end, that’s all we have left, huh?” He says, looking up to your eyes. You nod, looking to the fledglings. They have started to drop off, one after another. Castiel is fast asleep, snuggling with his brothers and sisters.

     You sigh softly, taking Gabriel’s hand, leading him away to your room. When you reach it, Gabriel chuckles dryly. “Well then, I didn’t know we were taking it to the next level.” He says in a poor attempt at humor.

     You shake your head, smiling, before pushing him onto your bed. Archangels rarely need rest, but if they have been drained, they need to essentially 'recharge’.

     Gabriel grunts as he falls onto the downy soft bed. “(Y/n)! I’m fine!” He says before yawning.

     You smirk. “ I’m sure you are. Sleep. I’ll be back in a moment.” With that, you zap away, to reappear on the edge of Heaven.

     Looking down over the edge, you see Earth in nighttime, fires and such faintly glowing on the surface of the dusty ground. Just below that you can barely make out the outline of the burning hell. You quickly look away. You can’t believe that Lucifer is gone, forever.

     As you look away, you see a figure hunched over, a couple feet away from you. The figure is shaking, it’s wings drooping to the ground. You quietly walk up to the angel, but stop when you realize who it is.

     Michael continues to shake on the ground, his hands wrapping around himself. “M-Michael?” You ask softly, laying a hand on his shoulder.

     The Archangel stiffens at the touch, but does not respond. You sit down beside him. “You’re not okay, are you?” You ask, looking at the stars.

     Michael takes a shaky breath. “He was our brother. And I…I cast him out.” He says. “But he disobeyed. He gave me no choice.” Michael continues, sitting a little straighter. “I do not regret my decision.”

     You scoff and look at him. “Yes, I’m sure that you do not regret anything as you sit here shaking and crying." 

     Michael looks away. "He was my brother. I loved him. The only thing I regret is not being there when he needed me.” He whispers. You silently note the past tense of 'loved’, but don’t comment on it aloud.

     You and Michael sit there for quite a while, not talking or moving, just watching. And, to some, even waiting. For what, only time would tell.


Lucifer!Sam kisses for you all. 

I’m off to bed.

PS: When he says the following line “You. The little…hairless apes. And then he asked all of us to bow down before you—to love you, more than him. And I said, “Father, I can’t.” I said, “These human beings are flawed, murderous.” And for that, God had Michael cast me into hell. Now, tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially, when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it.” (Watch here). His expressions remind me a lot of Ruby’s in her final speech, when Sam kills Lilith in the S4 finale, Lucifer Rising, (here). 

Ok, maybe I’m the only one that sees it, and maybe I need to go to bed. Now.

morningstar--lucifer asked:

"You've let me down, brother." Lucifer drawled as he sat down next to his brother outside in the clock tower courtyard. "I mean, not helping a poor unfortunate soul? That's just cold, Mikey. I'm disappointed in you."

Michael glanced over at his younger brother. Furrowing his brow as he watched Lucifer sit down next to him on the rough stone of the half wall. “I’ve let myself down.” He admitted, his gaze turning back to the space in front of him. “Is there nothing good in me?” The older brother asked, glancing at Lucifer from the corner of his eye.

I just noticed a thing and it's making me very uncomfortable.

Guyssss, this is John Winchester in S2E22, where he’s just climbed out of Hell or whatever…



Ezekiel is Lucifer?

Omg read the theory about that Ezekiel being Luficer bellow. I am so freaked out because everything makes sense. 

1. The promo pictures is in a cage.

2. An angel wanting Sammy to say yes to him ( sneaky as fuck ) 

3. The episode “the end” was in 2014. It´s 2014 now guys.

4. He didn´t want to say his name at first.

5. If he crawled out of his cage, ofc he would be weak.

6. All angels are cast to earth. Maybe ALL angels. Luficer included. 

7. He doesn´t want Sammy to know about him ( probably because he would get it )

8. He won´t remember him being in his head or body… 

9. We will always end up here.


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