Dean was yelling at Mary, telling her about how he hates her. And he keeps using examples including his brother’s struggles.
Sam lost the girl he loved.
Sam was tortured in hell.
Sam was possessed by Lucifer.
Sam lost his soul.
And then I realized. Dean was abused and traumatized and broken down so many times. He knows that what he went through is fucked up. He might not recognize the severity, but he’s not stupid. He knows his life was never fair to him.
But he’s still more angry about Sam’s trauma than his own. He still thinks Sam is more important. To his mother. To the world.
That makes me really sad.

I’m really glad that Sam and Dean got to see the alternate universe that they’d never existed in. Obviously, it hurt them (and me), but they both have so much self doubt. Honestly, I think most days they wake up believing that the world would be better off. They needed to see that it wouldn’t. They needed to see how much they helped.