Jared Padalecki, what on EARTH are you wearing? O.o

I love how Jared is like smirking to Jensen, thinking “hehe, finally I got him, Jared Jensen 1 - 0”

I present to you! Archangel Gabriel!

Here is the result, the first picture of the first foto shooting of my Archangel Gabriel V.2 Cosplay inspired by @consulting-cannibal wonderful art. <3 

Yeah, I forgot to wear those things on his hands v.v I noticed that, when I got back home and unpacked my bag and pulled those things out. I think you can all imagine what my reaction was to that realization. XD Oh well, it won’t be the last shooting. I am planning on wearing him at Leipzig Bookfair in a few weeks, again. <3 


Punk Castiel cosplay (~°•°)~

“Sam. Dean. I swear it’s not a phase.”

Jared and the Grady twins

I watched Jared live on facebook one time and some one asked him what his favourite horror movie was and he replied The Shinning so……..I thought it would make a cool photo op to have Bobbi and her con buddy Issy with thanks to her mum for agreeing as  the Grady twins lol. Jared laughed as soon as he saw them and although there were signs up saying no poses he didnt hesitate to take the axe  and this is the result..lol 


I’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural lately and really wanted to costest Dean and Sam Winchester. Both of these were done a bit sloppy and way too late at night, but I’m fairly happy with them! I’m really looking forward to improving the makeup and filming some stuff ✌️