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Destiel fic recs

part 2

I had some time and thought I should give it a try. These are my real favorites, I left out WiPs and the ones I haven’t finished reading. (If you want some more ideas, then here is my bookmark page for spn on AO3)   I’m sure there’s gonna be a few everyone has read, but I couldn’t leave them out.

<10 k

Clueless by ChocolateKid  
Five times Sam stayed oblivious and one time he didn’t.

A Different Kind of Magic by K_K_TiBal  
Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing. 

A Thousand Words by K_K_TiBal 
Street artist AU

 Jacob’s Ladder by imogenbynight  
In which Dean develops a crush on a radio DJ who doesn’t know the first thing about the music he’s playing.

Unlit, Unmarked and Forgotten (Roads) by awed_frog 
“Where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There’s no normal after that.” 11x17 coda

10 - 50 k

Unlikely Hero by Chancy_Lurking  
When Castiel calls Dean, after almost of decade of radio silence, for help after his daughter is kidnapped, it’s supposed to be a professional favor. But Dean’s life is never that simple and when old feelings get involved and stir up old demons, well… Why wouldn’t there be a little dose of Hell to top it all off?

like moses and batman and james dean by saltyfeathers 
Canon Divergence

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Read It Wednesday

Week 15! I’m finally starting to catch up on series, so hopefully you’ll start seeing your own in here! Note that drabbles are no longer included due to the length of the recs. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks compilation. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you think on the ride home Dean took off his flannel and made Cas put it on to replace his bloody shirt?

“I really am alright, Dean. You don’t need to sit back here with me.”

Dean ignores Castiel’s reassurances, just like he has been ignoring them for the last fifteen minutes.


“Cork it, Cas! Mom’s drivin’, Sam’s shotgun, and I’m back here with you, makin’ sure you’re really holdin’ it together. That’s just the way it’s gonna be so stop tryin’ to fight me on it!”

Both Mary and Sam give each other wide-eyed looks, but stay quiet—knowing that Dean is still processing everything that had happened back in the barn. He’s still drowning in the feeling of being out of control, and it’s driving him absolutely nuts.

“Here, Ma” Dean grunts, shoving the Impala’s keys at the woman and then turning back to tend to his angel.

She swiftly nods and takes the keys before ushering her other son around the far side of the car—and then, all at once, they climb in to join Castiel, who has already been carefully placed in the backseat by Dean’s steady hands.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Dean asks—slightly calmer now but his voice still has a rattle to it.

“No, Dean. I’m feeling fine—just like I said before.”

“Well, you don’t look fine. You’re kinda pale. Sam, doesn’t he look pale to you?”

Sam turns around and gives Cas a sympathetic look before shrugging silently at his older brother, knowing that his opinion doesn’t really matter right now anyway.

“Yeah, see—Sam thinks so. You should lean back a bit.”

“These seats don’t recline, Dean.”

Dean frowns at him. “Then scoot down a little! Jesus, Cas … I’m just tryin’ to make sure you’re okay!”

“I am okay … I have already told you—”

“Scoot down, Castiel!” Mary grits  firmly from the front of the car—glaring at him through the rearview mirror, eyes flicking back and forth between the angel and her eldest son.

He wants to protest again, but then Castiel nods, finally understanding that the only one not fine right now, is Dean, and doing what he asks—no matter how pointless it is, will make him feel a little better … a little more useful. Cas scoots down in his seat.

Dean smiles, happy that his friend is finally listening to him. “Alright then … better?”

Castiel stops himself from rolling his eyes. “Yes … better.”

The proud smirk that immediately graces Dean’s face seems to trim away the tension in the car—until the moment that the folds of Cas’s coat fall away, exposing the dirty, blood-stained white button up beneath. “Oh … shit, man! That looks bad!” the man yelps as soon as he sees it.

Castiel squints and cocks his head to the side, finally following Dean’s eyes down to where the usually clean looking garment, is now a tattered mess strewn about his body. “Oh. Yes, well … I can just—” Cas begins, already lifting his hand to will the mess away, but he stops mid motion—cutting the magic short because the man beside him is starting to fidget in his seat. “Dean? What are you …”

Dean teeters back and forth, wriggling from side to side in the confined space until he finally manages to free one of his arms from the black coat and plaid overshirt that he’s wearing.

“Hold on … almost …” Dean soon rocks all the way over until his head is practically in Cas’s lap—but he doesn’t seem to notice because he’s too focused on freeing his other hand. “There!” he yelps victoriously, finally holding up the plaid shirt for everyone in the car to see.

Sam nods and Mary holds back a chuckle, and Cas just continues to stare at the man—confused and slightly annoyed by everything that he’s doing.

“Okay, Cas. Your turn” Dean says after another moment, eventually turning happy eyes back on the angel.

“My turn?” Cas asks, feeling suddenly nervous about what he’s expected to do.

“Yep” Dean chirps, looking Castiel up and down with a long pull. “Strip and put this on.” He holds the flannel out towards him, but he doesn’t hand it to the angel just yet, as if he’s planning on dressing him himself … and at this point, Cas wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Dean had in mind.

“Dean …” Castiel grumbles again, now—rolling his eyes for all to see. “You realize that I can fix this, don’t you?”

Dean only grips the shirt tighter in his hand.

“I am an angel … I have the power to—”

“Just put on the damn shirt!” All three Winchesters bark in unison.

And that makes the angel finally throw up his hands in defeat. “Alright!” he exclaims, quickly sitting straight and leaning forward so that he can work his body free from his coat. But before he can completely shimmy it off, Dean’s hands are on him, fiddling with the buttons of Cas’s dirty white shirt. “Um … what are you doing?”

Helping” Dean snaps, but his cheeks are turning red and his hands are starting to shake against the angel’s chest.

Cas stares at him a moment, and then up to the front of the car where Sam and Mary are vehemently avoiding eye contact with anything but the road. So he turns back, just as Dean undoes the final button and pushes the cloth aside, displaying every inch of Castiel’s unmarred skin.

The man then stills for some time—never looking away and holding his breath until the second Castiel is finally able to speak.

You see, Dean … I’m all healed.”

Dean quirks up the side of his mouth, but his face quickly falls flat again, while his eyes bounce away and back several times, seeming torn as to where to look now.

After that, it only takes another minute for Cas to slip out of the ruddy, old shirt and into Dean’s flannel—and for the first time since they left the barn, Dean doesn’t interfere, nor do Mary and Sam act like anything is happening just behind their heads. In fact, the frenzied tone of their drive has seemed to mellow, and even Dean appears to have settled down; although, his hands still twitch with the need for something to do … which doesn’t go unnoticed by the angel at his side.

Castiel sighs, flicking his eyes down towards the soft plaid that’s now draped over his own shoulders—the fabric is warm and smells like Dean; so just as he begins to fasten the last two buttons, he purposely skips one—so the thing is now bunching up across his stomach. “There” he confirms, drawing Dean’s focus back to the task at hand, and of course—Dean notices the mistake instantly.

“Ah—jeez, Cas … you’re helpless, ya know that?” Dean mutters with a smile, reaching over eagerly to straighten out the buttons and get them all in the right order.

But Castiel just smiles too, taking the moment to take in the worried Winchester—his charge, his family … a man that he loves—and he nods. “You’re right. What would I do without you?”

anonymous asked:

Hi ! Could you help me find trials!Sam fic, right from the start of the first trial up to Sam ejecting Gadreel in season 9. I would love some protective Dean too. I tried searching in LJ but no luck.

First thing, anon, our apologies - your ask got buried - but we definitely have a ton of trials!sam in the archive. Here’s a few:

Rude Awakening by Marianna Morgan
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 4,631 | Archive: ffnet
Sam coughed again, tasting the bitter tang of copper in his mouth, and then wiped his lips; the gesture too familiar as he had tried to keep this hidden from Dean over the past few weeks. And now the secret was out. But apparently the secret was worse than even Sam had known because the coughing had never been this bad; the blood had never been this much.

General Soothing by callistosh65
Pairing: Gen | Rating: R | Wordcount: 1,900 | Archive: LJ
Dean: “Sammy, I need you to be honest with me from here on out, man.”
Sam: “You’re right. And I will be.”

Euridyce by bertee
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 1,153 | Archive: AO3
Sam starts losing time.

fly by askance
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13  | Wordcount:  | Archive: AO3
Sam wakes up in an unfamiliar room with Dean and finds that he can’t remember anything past the moment when those angels began to fall from Heaven. He has a sneaking suspicion that something is not quite right.

One Question Less by stardust-made
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG  | Wordcount: 2,400 | Archive: AO3
Sam plummets into a semi-lucid state on the way home, although the moments that are clear are crystal clear; enough for him to know that here, slumped in the passenger seat of the Impala while she’s furiously pulling forward under Dean’s iron hands, here, he’s already home.

107 Degrees by Scullspeare
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 6,000+ | Archive: LJ
When Sam wouldn’t–or couldn’t–answer the phone, Dean didn’t know why, but he knew it was nothing good. Missing scenes that book-end the ice bath

I’ll Take Care Of You by dragonfly_sg1
Pairing: Gen | Rating: G | Wordcount: 1,500+ | Archive: LJ
There was one thing that Dean was better at than being a warrior.

Towards The Lie by septembers_coda
Pairing: None | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 3,700 | Archive: LJ
What will Sam remember of his life, when memory dissolves in the line between life and death? And what does he really know, if he were to turn to the truth, about what Dean will do to bring him back?

Beneath The Red Hills by sowell
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: NC-17 | Wordcount: 21,000 | Archive: LJ
Five years ago, Sam Winchester failed the final trial, sending both brothers to opposite sides of the country. When Dean vanishes without a trace, Sam must figure out how to find his estranged brother and save a small town from the serial killer that’s been terrorizing it.

Read It Wednesday

Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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anonymous asked:

hey! i totally love your rec lists!!! 😍 do you know some fics with sick/hurt sam and caring jody or bobby? a little parental caring in addition to deans?

Thanks! So many great fics out there with Bobby or Jody taking care of Sam:

Protective Bobby

boys cry tough by ephemerall
Pairing: Gen | Rating: R | Wordcount: 4500 | Archive: LJ
Bobby has known Sam Winchester nearly his whole life; Sam doesn’t ask for help, as stubborn as his Daddy on a good day, so if he’s called needing help, well … Bobby will be damned if he’s going to leave this kid hanging. He packs a duffel bag as quickly as he can.

Soulless Justice by moviegeek03
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 13,600 | Archive: LJ
When Castiel calls, Dean leaves a very tense Bobby with Sam in hopes the two will talk things out. A hunter seeking revenge just might make Bobby put his anger aside.

‘Til Human Voices Wake Us by semirah
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 4587 | Archive: AO3
Still reeling from what happened when Sam was soulless, Bobby gets careless and a vampire turns Sam before they can put it down. Badly wounded, Sam’s body uses all its remaining resources in an attempt to slowly heal him, and it’s a long way back home. The cravings and even the agony of the cure aren’t the worst things Sam has to face.

Sweet Child of Mine by tornknees
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: n/a | Archive: LJ
Bobby didn’t always agree with John’s parenting, didn’t trust that the way those boys were raised wouldn’t ruin them, but he did always make sure they were safe. Bobby couldn’t even manage to do that much.

Protective Jody

No Nap for Sammy by Grettigirl123
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 4,485 | Archive: ffnet
Dean’s at the E.R with a broken arm, leaving delusional Sam back at the hotel. Jodi Mills offers to go back to the hotel and stay with Sam, not expecting him to be in such a bad state.

Next of Kin series by lennelle
Pairing: Gen | Rating: 12,868 | Archive: AO3
Sam is admitted to a psychiatric ward after Dean and Cas vanish from Sucrocorp. Jody is contacted as his next of kin.

Savior’s Day by captainangua
Pairing: Gen | Rating: G | Wordcount: 4,724 | Archive: AO3
Sam wakes up in hospital just before Christmas with no Dean, and no immediate memory of how he got there. But that doesn’t mean he has to be alone at Christmas, not if Jody has anything to do with it.

The world around me crashed and burned by darkly_ironic
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 1,916 | Archive: AO3
Sam turns up on her doorstep less than twenty-four hours after she hears the news about Dick Roman’s disappearance.

Read It Wednesday

Week 13 is here!! Fics from this week come from the last two weeks, so please be aware that this one is probably going to be LONG. Keep in mind that sometimes I don’t get notifications for everything I’m tagged in. If you really want me to read a fic you’ve posed, send it to me via IM and I will read it right away. Enjoy this weeks compilation!

*Little note: There are some smut fics that are left out of this. They will be included in next weeks RIW. I don’t read smut while I’m at work, and I won’t have time tonight to read them and get this up in time, so I’ve liked all smut fics I’ve been tagged in to read this weekend. I hope y’all understand!

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What’s Becca Reading?

Weekly recs for the week of 01-01-18

As always feel free to tag me in any fics :) 

I you have any issue with being included on this list, please do not hesitate to reach out. I promise I won’t be offended, and your work will be removed promptly. 

Last weeks recs  |  Weekly Recs Masterlist 

**Smut/implied smut is starred** 

Dean Winchester 

Just A Kiss by @supernatural-jackles

Love Is A Polaroid by @a-winchester-fairytale
Summary:  Love can be a lot of different things.  Sometimes it is complicated…and sometimes, it is as simple as a picture that represents a memory. 

No Words by @because-imma-lady-assface

Magnolias In The Country by @carryonmywaywardcaptain
Based on Thomas Rhett’s song “Marry Me”

**Hey Boss** by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms 
Summary: You’re a demon in Hell that wants to serve one of the most legendary badasses you’ve ever heard of; Dean Winchester. The famed hunter, who wore the Mark of Cain, only to be turned into a demon. All this pent up rage and lack of fucks to give, Dean is more than happy to have a willing demon hanging on his every word

**Not Done With You** by @notnaturalanahi

Sam Winchester 

Kiss It Away by @summer-binging-spn
Sam x PlusSize x Reader 

Happy New Year by @squirrel-moose-winchester

Tingles by @lipstickandwhiskey
Summary - It’s all fun and games until you fall asleep on the couch with a certain Winchester.

New Life by @dancingalone21
Summary: Sam finds himself in a djinn induced dream world on Halloween day.


**Full Of Grace**  by @rockhoochie

Jensen Ackles 

Leap Of Faith- New Years Eve by @supernatural-jackles
Summary: Christmas is over, but your relationship has just begun. Let’s start of the New Year the same way it ended.

As Midnight Strikes by @impalaimagining
Summary: All holiday season, you’ve been fighting back your feelings for Jensen. New Years Eve is just more of the same.

**Lunch Break** by @supernatural-jackles 
Summary: Jensen’s going through a bit of a tough time. Y/N, his wife, flies up to Vancouver to be there for her husband, making sure to make him feel good in more ways than one.

Jared Padalecki

Love Is In The Air by @katymacsupernatural
Summary: Jared is a Flight Attendant, one of the best in the country. Y/N is one of the hottest Hollywood stars. Both intensely attracted to each other, but prejudices get in the way. Can Jared get past his idea of how Y/N should be? Can Y/N show Jared that she’s not the normal actress, but one who is shy and down to Earth, giving them a chance at love?   


Coalescence by @crispychrissy
Summary: A child of borrower witches and a natural witch yourself, you are a hunter that is gifted with telepathy and telekinesis. When you are called to a hunt with the Winchester brothers and end up having to use your powers to save their lives, you’re exposed, and when darker things about the source of your powers are revealed, will both brothers believe you can be saved?

I had @anotherwaywardsister ‘s first part to the rewrite of TVATSG but she has since removed it to make way for **Gods and Monsters**. You should go check her out. I’m so excited for the upcoming content coming out of her blog. 

anonymous asked:

do u have any deaf sammy? i know that it not hurt!sam but i still love it :)

We definitely do, anon! Here’s everything I could find relating to all things Deaf!Sam (with some bonus Deaf!Jared thrown in too).

Deaf!Sam Series by readysetspeak
1. What a Thing to Have Done / 2. In the Gap
Pairing: Gen | Rating: R | Wordcount: 1,300 & 1,450 | Archive: LJ
1. Sam starts to shut down after Jess dies. / 2. Sam feels, and John never quite gets it.

Your Hand In Mine by Marianna Morgan
Pairing: Gen | Rating: T | Wordcount: 9,126 | Archive: ffnet
Pre-Series AU – Deaf Sam, Big Brother Dean – Dean had cringed at Sam’s request for him to join the kid at the play but had agreed because that’s what Dean did…whatever Sam needed. And tonight, Sam needed him to interpret.

Deaf!Sam Verse by CastielWinchester96 ( @jaredsnuggles )
Pairing: Gen/Sastiel (depends on fic) | Rating: (not listed) | Wordcount: 60k+ | Archive: A03
Sam is profoundly deaf and unapologetic about that fact. Over 40 fics (and counting) of both original works and episode based tags. You can also find the masterpost on LJ here, and the series always takes requests. 

A Canine Companionship by RayneSummer
Pairing: Gen | Rating: K+ | Wordcount: 3,013 | Archive: ffnet
Deaf!Sam AU with a Hearing Dog called Bones, set Season One. On a brief hunt for a witch, Bones demonstrates that he’s not just a Service Dog; he’s family and he will protect his owners. Dean reflects on this as he performs his own job as a big brother.

4 out of 5 Series by mishaphappens
1. Can’t (But I Can)/ 2. I Hear Your Hand / 3. Too Late
Pairing: Gen | Rating: Gen | Wordcount: 1,131 / 2,174 / 996 | Archive: A03
1. Just because you can’t hear, doesn’t mean you can’t. Sam has always been deaf and Dean has always been a little stupid. / 2. Sam has to work harder, harder than everybody else, because they can retain a hundred percent of their surroundings. Sam receives only eighty percent. You’re working with four out of five senses, John always tells him. Four out of five. Those are Sam’s numbers, the definition of his being, the handicap that describes who he is, the only thing he’s ever going to be. / 3. John is always too late to save the ones he loves.

Life on Mute by jennytork
Pairing: Gen | Rating: (not listed) | Wordcount: 506 | Archive: LJ
“What’s it like?”… “You’re trying to understand what being deaf is like?”

You Can Hear it in the Silence by Espoir
Pairing: Gen | Rating: Teen+ | Wordcount: 9,888 | Archive: A03
Sam suffers from permanent hearing loss after a bout of childhood measles. He might be deaf, but he’s still Sam, still Dean’s kid to look out for. The Winchesters deal, just like they do with everything else.

Deaf!Sam Series by btch sprinkles
Parts - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Pairing: Gen/Sastiel (depends on fic) | Rating: M | Wordcount: Varying | Archive: ffnet

Not Your Typical Hunt by BlackBeautyQueen33
Pairing: Gen | Rating: T | Wordcount: 12,205 | Archive: ffnet
Sam has been deaf since birth and lately he’s starting to feel left out. John treats him like he’s useless and he wants to prove that he’s not. Sam is 20 and Dean is 24.

A Different Type of Hunter by BlackBeautyQueen33
Pairing: Gen | Rating: T | Wordcount: 31,021 | Archive: ffnet
Prequel to Not Your Typical Hunt. All Sammy wants to do, at 11, is prove to his father that he can do the job despite being deaf.

How to Fix a Broken Family by Jesssy
Pairing: Gen | Rating: K+ | Wordcount: 63,694 | Archive: ffnet
After years of being ignored by his father for being deaf Sam turned his back at hunting and family. Years without any contact went by when a tragic death reunites Sam and Dean. On their first hunt they have to stand up against demons, ghosts, angels and a very angry father. They have to try to become a family again.

The Noise of Stars by hishn_greywalker
Pairing: Gen | Rating:  | Wordcount: T+ | Archive: A03
Even when you know it’s coming, dealing with the consequences of a deal made with a demon is never easy.

Bonus Deaf!Jared

Out of Silence by Annie46fic
Pairing: J2 | Rating: M | Wordcount: 15,206 | Archive: A03
When hardened, but lonely cop, Jensen Ackles meets Jared Padalecki in his family’s diner, he doesn’t realize that his life is about to change drastically. Jared is a complete innocent, deaf, mute and unable to communicate, he needs a friend. Can Jensen be that man?

Read It Wednesday

Welcome to week 14! A day late, sadly, hope you can forgive me. Please note that Drabbles are no longer included in Read it Wednesday. Also note that if you don’t see a series here, it means I’m behind on reading, but once I catch up you can be on the lookout for it here! This week is a little shorter but I tried to include at least one fic from everyone who tagged me. Alright, here’s this weeks compilation of fics!

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mysaintsasinner  asked:

Hey, sorry to be a bother, just wondering if you could link me to some good ABO fics. Purely for research purposes, you know ;)

There is so much great ABO out there! I have done a lot of “research” myself on ABO. It tends to be easier to find on AO3 than tumblr. ABO lends itself really well to smut (and to getting to the smut quickly without feeling rushed), so most of these are x-rated. In general it seems to be much more popular in gay ships then straight reader inserts, though recently I have seen more. I’m a ship all the ships person, so I read a TON of gay ABO (98% destiel) but I know that’s not for everyone so we will start the list with reader inserts and OFCs.

Reader inserts:

It seems like 99% of the stuff out there is alpha!maleSPNcharacter x omega!femalereader though there are a few exceptions and to me they are always awesome.

If you are going to start reading ABO reader inserts on tumblr, then you need to start with the queen of ABO @kittenofdoomage. Her masterlist is well laid out, and labels all of her ABO, and she has way too many to link to all of them, but if Kitten wrote it, it’s great. Also most of her stuff is on AO3 too. I will link to my favorite Resonance, its Omega!Dean x Alpha!FemaleReader so that kinda always has a soft spot for me.

Another big writer on tumblr @ilostmyshoe-79 has recently started writing some ABO. Claimed Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, Seven Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, Heat Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, When You Least Expect It Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader. And she has an Alpha!Sam, Beta!Dean, Omega!Reader series (I have linked to the last part so it has the links to the rest of it) Threes Company

The lovely @winchesterprincessbride has three great Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader series (all linked to the last part) Doctor Doctor Can’t You See I’m Burning Up, Keep You Safe, and my personal favorite: None of Your Business

Sundae @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid has my favorite ABO drabble, it’s very vague on who the alpha is, so you can imagine anyone. She is my Omega Alpha x Omega!Reader. She also has two other ABO one shots: Primum Tempus Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader; Beta!Sam x Omega!Reader, and Pups for Mother’s Day Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

@divinitycas has a great series called A Study in Submission  Alpha!Reader x Omega!Cas, but she says that she is deleting her blog after New Years so read it fast! (Please don’t delete!)

Rachel @mysupernaturalfics has three Dreams Alpha!Michael x Omega!Reader, Cold As Ice Alpha!Lucifer x Omega!Reader, and Alpha and Omega Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

I can’t finish this section without giving a shoutout to myself. I have my ongoing series Alpha Looks Like an Omega that’s Omega!Dean x Alpha!FemaleReader. It still has a long way to go before it’s done, and unfortunately life has been super busy so I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would like, but I’m hoping to be able to post the next chapter soonish. I also have three other ABOs in my WIPs so keep an eye out for them!


Hel, @helvonasche does OFCs. And they are super fucking hot. The Switch Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Lucifer, and Reader is what she did for our joint “100 follower tell us what to write thingie” and because she is a beast and a much faster writer than myself, not only has she already posted hers (which I have not, but it’s almost done I swear!) but instead of doing a one shot as we planned she turned it into a series. I linked to the final part here, but you HAVE to read it in order. There is a little plot mixed in with the porn so don’t spoil it for yourself.

Hel also has an Alpha!Sam x Omega!OFC one shot too. Almost Too Late Alpha!Sam x Omega!OFC. Plus I know she is working on a bunch more ABO so you should totes follow her.


Destiel is my OTP so I have more destiel recs than anything else. Most of these are on AO3 and are long fics.

So not to reinvent the wheel @diminuel already has a fantastic fic rec list for only Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas I have also read all of them and would recommend.  Like for real. When I was compiling fics on this list, a bunch of them were already on this list so I took them off.

If you don’t mind reading a WIP @ltleflrt has a fantastic long fic No Words  that she is working on. Every chapter has me at the edge of my seat, and this last one really just turned up the angst and plot. Its Alpha!Cas x Omega!Mute!Dean. I love everything that she writes, but this one is turning into one of my favorites.

I have recently discovered @omegadeanlovesalphacas who writes a bunch of Omega!Dean x Alpha!Cas one shots. They are all kinky as hell so always heed the tags.

Three Things by Paperann Alpha!EndVerse!Cas x Omega!Dean deals with a lot of drugs and the recovery from addiction. Of course they just can’t keep their hands off each other.

Into Your Hideaway by thepinupchemist  Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Dean is pregnant and was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Doctor Cas saves him. It’s one of the highest rated ABO fics on AO3 for a reason, read it.

Grey by Valinde (Valyria) Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Official summary: “In a world where people don’t see in color until they find their true mate, the first thing Dean sees when he pulls himself out of his grave is the blue sky. When Castiel raised him from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed Dean as his mate.”

Real Slick Dean by trilliath Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Cas has been overdosed with a street drug the puts him into a Fuck or Die Rut. He has been buying Dean’s slick to help him thru his ruts and when he accidentally meets Dean for the first time when this rut hits, his body thinks Dean is his. Dean decides to be nice and help Cas out.

Cynophobia by destieljunkie Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. Cas has tried to minimize his contact with the world as much as possible, and only wants to be left alone. Protective Dean changes that.

Tor-Valen by Savaial Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean Dean is a known troublemaker, Cas buys him anyways. Set in a weird timeline, where it’s the future, but most technology is lost. Like living on a plantation in the wild west with lots of Asian influences.

Typecast by mnwood Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean they are cast in a movie as lovers, but play the opposite orientations.  Most people (even Cas) think that movie star Dean is actually an Alpha as he has been hiding his Omega status his entire career. 

Omega 451 by TheIttyBitty Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. Cas is super young in this fic at first (and nothing sexual happens until he gets older, but is still underage) and Dean is much older. Sam and Jess buy Cas from an Omega Training Center to help Dean clean the house and keep him company. Cas and Dean end up helping each other more than they realize.

Why do I go to extremes? by zation Alpha!Cas x Human!Dean. So this one goes with more of the werewolf origins of ABO. Cas is a were, Dean is human, sex between them is taboo; but Dean still has an Alpha kink. Dean saves Cas, Cas becomes possessive over Dean.

The Retraining of Dean Winchester by deanwithwings Alpha!Cas x Omega!Dean. In a world where Omegas have no rights, Dean was pretending to be an Alpha but when he gets caught he gets sent to a traditional Japanese style school (like for geishas) to learn how to be a “proper” omega.

Eucalyptus by xHaruka17x Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. Officer Winchester saves prostitute Cas and his baby. But plot twists and angst ahead. 

Unwritten by PorcupineGirl Alpha!Dean x Alpha!Cas. You don’t see to many Alpha x Alpha fics, and I love this one! They scent bond upon first meeting, but work gets in the way so they separate, and keep in contact and form a much deeper bond before meeting for a second time. 

Buying an Alpha by xHaruka17x Alpha!Dean x Omega!Cas. All Alphas serve in the military and Omegas register to “buy” them after their service is complete. Alphas are rare, and Cas’ brother signs him up to buy one.

Other Ships:

Luci @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell writes some fantastic ABO. Check out Community Relations Alpha!Michael x Alpha!Lucifer x Alpha!Cas x Alpha!Gabriel x Omega!Sam, this orgy is hot as fuck.  Also check out her Strong and Independent Alpha!Sam x Omega!Lucifer series.

Actual Research:

If you want to do some actual research on ABO others have already done so.  Obviously if you want to know the basic “rules” (there really are no hard and fast rules per say as I have read many fics that do things differently) start with Kitten’s ABO Rules

There is also this great really funny tongue and cheek ABO Primer on AO3, and has some good definitions of terms as well as a little history about ABO.

Someone has also tried to “science” ABO: A/B/O: Adventures in Fake Science

Someone did a History of ABO: The nonnies made them do it!

And there’s also Sex and Gender: A Biological and Social Guide to the Omegaverse.

So yeah I might have gone a little overboard, but as you know ABO is my jam. Hope this helps with your research for writing your fic for my ABO Birthday Challenge! I’m very excited to see all the fics and I sure that they will all make this list if I were to make it again in 3 months!

What’s Becca Reading?

Weekly Fic Recs for the week of 01-08-18

As always feel free to tag me in any fics :)

If you have any issue with being included on this list, please do not hesitate to reach out. I promise I won’t be offended, and your work will be removed promptly.

Last Week’s Recs    Weekly Recs Masterpost

**Smut/Implied Smut is Starred and bolded**

Dean Winchester

Jealous!Dean  Prompt: “I don’t want you to be perfect. I want you to be you”

Summary: You’re ready sort of, not that certain but yeah to make a life changing decision and that unleashes something in Dean.

Summary: Y/N and Dean take some “we time” that goes horribly wrong.

Sam Winchester

Summary: Sam is a bartender and turns someone’s bad day around. (This kind of fits into the 5x03 era)


Summary: Castiel is suddenly surrounded by demons while he contemplates a potential life change.

Jensen Ackles

~Steal away backstage with Jensen at a con…~

Summary: the Reader wakes in a stranger’s bed and retraces her evening to figure out what happened and where she ended up.


Summary: You were innocent in every way. So completely in love with Dean Winchester that you were saving your virginity in hopes he might come to see you more than just a kid. Dean has been fighting his feelings for you for years and finally comes to terms that he may no longer be able to fight them even in face of the darkest time of his life. The Mark of Cain.

Summary: A child of borrower witches and a natural witch yourself, you are a hunter that is gifted with telepathy and telekinesis. When you are called to a hunt with the Winchester brothers and end up having to use your powers to save their lives, you’re exposed, and when darker things about the source of your powers are revealed, will both brothers believe you can be saved?

Summary:  Reader is an actress on the show Supernatural, and is attending a convention in Houston, when she misses her flight back home, and ends up stranded in Texas. Her Co-Star, Jensen Ackles, being the gentleman he is, offers to let her stay with him and his family in Dallas. Y/N and Jensen are barely work friends, let alone close enough spend a week together at Jensen’s childhood home. Seeing Jensen with his family might just change how the reader feels about her “just on screen” love interest.

             Dean x OC  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Story Summary:: Briana Lawrence, a hunter with a secret, runs into her ex Dean Winchester 10 years after breaking up. Before having the chance to talk, they have to deal with an evil ghost, and a booby-trapped haunted house.

anonymous asked:

Summer before Stanford fics? Please

Oh yeah, no angst and emotional trauma here. Hope a few of these fit what you’re looking for, anon:

These Lies We Cherish by Semira
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 4,999 | Archive: AO3
John responds a little too enthusiastically to Sam’s snark when he uncovers his son’s acceptance letter, and Sam leaves, injured and betrayed. Thankfully, it doesn’t end there. For the prompt: What happened during the Stanford fight and how Dean felt about his brother leaving (and not wanting him to go). Anything about this would be great.

Punching In A Dream by felix-felicius
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 30,326 | Archive: ffnet
After being told he can’t go to Stanford, Sam is found with his wrists slit in an apparent suicide attempt. Only thing is, he doesn’t remember doing it

Only One I Need by zana_zira
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 3,220 | Archive: LJ
John’s never been supportive of Sam’s academics, but even Dean never imagined he’d try to forbid Sam from going to his own graduation. The fallout is bigger than John probably intended, but now that Sam’s made his choice there will be no going back. Ties into Sam’s acceptance to Stanford.

They Then Ate The Sailors by coyotesuspect
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: R | Wordcount: 24,364 | Archive: AO3
The summer before Sam leaves for Stanford, Sam and Dean sublet a student apartment in a heat-wave gripped Chicago. With John tied up with a case in Iowa City, Sam and Dean are left to figure what’s behind a recent spate of drownings. Sam wrestles with the weight of the secret he’s keeping from Dean, while Dean struggles with his feelings for Sam. Things come to a head when a young girl goes missing and Sam nearly drowns. 

falling through by cautionbeware
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: NC17 | Wordcount: 3,400 | Archive: LJ
Sam is seventeen years and one day old when his world rapidly collapses in on itself.

Two-Headed Boy by dollylux (sequel to The Ballad of The Invisible Boy)
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: NC17 | Wordcount: 57,490 | Archive: AO3
Sam’s life from sixteen to twenty-two years old. This is a story of the last days of innocence during a sweltering Southern summer when Sam is so in love with his brother, he can barely stand his touch. It’s the pain between them through lies, through jealousy, through seeing each other with someone else. Theirs is a story of leaving and Stanford, of Dean feeling lost and Sam nearly losing himself without his brother. It’s fire and reunion and a love never lost - ever-present and no longer deniable. 

Read It Wednesday

Is this week ten? Did we finally make it to week ten? Holy crow that’s awesome! I’ve added a few changed to Read It Wednesday. Nothing major, I promise. As of now, I won’t be adding gif drabbles/celebration drabbles to future RIW’s. (unless they’re over 1,000 words) I will still read them but I just won’t be adding them. What I will be doing instead is reblogging those drabbles and making sure they get the love they deserve. ALSO I’ve stated this before, but I won’t be reading fics that don’t come with warnings. Warnings can be in the tags, just make a reference that they’re there. Some things I’m not comfortable with and I just like to spare myself those uncomfortable feelings. I hope none of you hate me for that. Annnd again, if you don’t see a specific series here, please understand that I’m not caught up on it, but will do my best to catch up on it soon. Okay, sorry for my long spiel, now onto the fics I’ve been tagged in this week!

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What’s Becca Reading?

Weekly Fic Recs For The Week Of 03-19-18

Actually, let’s be honest and call this what it is: Becca’s obsession with Dean Winchester with some other fics sprinkled in lol 

as always please feel free to tag me in any fics :)  

If you have any issue with being included in this list, please do not hesitate to reach out. I promise I won’t be offended and your work will be removed promptly.

Last Week’s Recs 

Dean Winchester 

All I Can See by @evansrogerskitten

Sometimes it takes someone special to bring color back into your life.

Warnings: Melancholy. Fluff.

A Ruff Few Days by @crispychrissy

Summary: Dean was hexed by a witch and is now a dog. You spend some time alone with him to bond while Sam finds a cure.

Warnings: Fluff, Sassy!Dean, Dog!Dean, sexuality

Heartbeat Confession by @squirrel-moose-winchester

Summary: Sam and Dean are sent on a Wendigo case. Since Sam’s best friend, Y/N, is close to town, he decides to invite her along hoping to get Dean and her on better terms. Although Dean and Y/N don’t get along, a confession is revealed.

Warnings: Slight Angst, Fluff, Minor Character Death, Slight Mature Language.

Getting Over Him by @babypieandwhiskey

Warnings: Angst, Bottling up emotions, Keeping secrets, feelings of unequivilant love

Rainbow Dash by @luci-in-trenchcoats

Summary: Dean and the reader go on a run of the mill witch case that leaves him feeling not quite like himself…

Warnings: None

Now That’s A Surprise by @notnaturalanahi

Warnings: None?

Summary: You surprise Dean for his birthday.

Memories by @katymacsupernatural 

Warnings: Angst, single parent Dean

You’re The Voice by @katymacsupernatural

Warnings: Angst!!

Tequila by @wh1sp3r1ng-impala

Warnings: Angst, Drinking, Dean is torn apart   

Stories To Awaken Terror Part 1: Bloody Bones by @katymacsupernatural

Story Summary: As a couple of kids read a scary book, Sam, Dean and Y/N live those scary tales. Will they be able to figure out what’s causing the hunts before it’s too late?

Warnings: Creepy monster?? Taken from an old version of the Boogeyman

Sam Winchester 

Waiting For Superman by @queen-of-deans-booty

Summary: Always going on dates, always thinking that the next one will be the one, never finding your superman. Until one day, fate has a funny way of bringing people together.

Warnings: Talk of always going on dates but never finding love, talk of desperation, but fluff at the end

Jensen Ackles 

And You Had To Do It On Kimmel? by @fandomoniumflurry

Cherished by @nyghtshadow

Summary: a short Drabble on love told in Jensen’s POV

Warnings: total fluff

It Gets Better- What Friends Are For by @supernatural-jackles

Summary: A rough day on set turns you in a different direction.

Warnings: Panic Attack, Fluff, Jensen being Sweet. 

Read It Wednesday

Week 12! Het fun fact, 12 is my lucky number, so maybe this’ll be a lucky week. As always, I still don’t include gif drabbles or celebration drabbles, and fics without warnings will not be included either. If you don’t see a series here, don’t fret! I’m behind but will catch up and add it once I’m fully caught up. My tags are wonky so if you’ve tagged me in something and I’ve missed it, if you want to you can send it to me so I can read it and add it to next weeks. Okay, onto the fics!

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