Characters: Dean x Plus Size!Reader
Words: 4,355
Warnings: Assholes, Dean being a snarky cinnamon roll, mention of weight, smut. Just…some good ol’ fashioned bangin’. But like, sweet bangin’. Fluff, and some more smut. If you aren’t 18, forget about it. This isn’t for you. You gotta grow up and earn the smut.
A/N: My second submission for Smut Appreciate Day 2018. I honestly am not sure exactly what brought this to mind, but it’s based on the song Shelter by Ray LaMontagne. He’s one of my favorites, and this song gives me feelings.

As usual, beta’d by my twinny @pinknerdpanda and her name twin @amanda-teaches. These two have been keepin’ me honest, lately, and considering I have submitted them to over 12,000 words worth of smut lately…I just can’t thank ‘em enough.

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Y/N waved the bartender down and he gave a knowing nod, swiftly removing the shot glass in front of her as he reached for a bottle behind him and poured a double before sitting the glass back down. Dean watched as she picked it up and swirled it, staring at it as if it was going to give her the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. When it didn’t, she tipped the whole thing back and swallowed, and Dean’s chest tightened as he watched her. “Not the only thing getting tight,” he thought to himself as he walked over to her.

“Hey, sweetheart-”

“Save it, Dean.”

He settled onto the stool next to her and nodded to the bartender, who slid him another beer. He motioned to Y/N’s drink and held up two fingers, then turned to face her. “What’s wrong with you? You’re surlier than normal.” He grinned as he said it, but it slipped from his face when she looked at him, eyes shining in the dim light of the bar.

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Missed You

Dean x Reader

Summary: A hunt interrupted Dean’s budding relationship with Y/N. Now back, his appetite is insatiable.

Warnings: SMUT, fluff, oral, unprotected sex

Word Count: 2472

A/N: A Dean fic for smut appreciation day! It’s fun to attack @sofreddie with Dean too. I’m seeing a trend of this always backfiring on me now, but I’m not complaining. To say I’m a Dean Girl, I’ve been stuck in a Sam hole all damn week so I hope this is my redemption to my Dean Darlings who follow me!

My Masterlist!

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Request: WHOOP. 29 with my favorite golden boy? Please 😘💖

Written for @nobodys-baby-now

Prompt #29: “If you say Halloween one more time-” “You’ll kiss me,”

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 298

Originally posted by lucifersagents

As October approached, Gabriel became more comfortable living in the bunker. And the angel couldn’t contain his excitement for the 31st. Just short of April Fool’s Day, it was one of the days out of the year he could be his trickster-self and almost get away with it.

As the date neared, Gabriel talked of nothing else, driving the Winchesters and Castiel up a tree with his pranks and tricks. In the angel’s defense, you reminded the boys of the recent (and not so recent) traumatic events Gabriel endured, convincing them to let his tricks slide.

Plus, you enjoyed seeing Gabriel happy, no matter the cost.

“Boo!” Gabriel appeared beside you in the bunker’s kitchen, and you could help the painful jolt that rolled through your body. “Did you know that-”

“Boo is Latin for ‘I’m screaming and yelling’ so that’s why ghosts are stereotyped as saying boo?” you eyed the trickster. “Yes, I did.”

Gabriel hesitated, then frowned. “Did I already tell you that?” The archangel scratched his head. “I told Samsquash, and he was the least thrilled, to be honest. But who can’t be, it’s almost-”

“If you say Halloween one more time-”

“You’ll kiss me?”

"You’ll either get a trick or treat.”

Gabriel’s eyes hooded with mischief, he leaned in, and whispered,  "Halloween.“

Making Gabriel wait in anticipation, you held off a moment before grabbing the collar of Gabriel’s blue jacket. You pressed your lips against his, taking in the sweet taste of the trickster.

"Treat,” you breathed, stepping back and winking at the angel as you left the room. Gabriel stared after you with a dazzled expression.

The only word the angel spoke for the rest of the day was “Halloween”. 

Taglist below cut:

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Game On: Level One

Title: Game On: Level One

Paring: Plus Size!Reader x Sam

Rating: R

Word Count: 1.6k

Tags: Video Games, Thigh Riding, Hair Pulling, good girl!reader, power exchange, biting, smut, oral, fingering, language, body positivity.

Beta’d: @jessyackles

A/N: This is a three-part series requested by @animenerdz1819 and written for her, but of course, for everyone to enjoy. My first submission for Smut Appreciation Day 2018!

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Forever Mine Masterlist

Sam and Y/N’s relationship moves fast, catching them both off guard. As things get serious, all they want is more.

A three part mini-series for Smut Appreciation Day 2018

Part One - I Got You

Part Two - I’m Yours

Part Three - A Nap

~ Sam and forever tags are open! ~

Winsister91′s Masterlist

Summary: The night Dean kicks him out of the bunker, Castiel has to find shelter from the rain. But he unwittingly stumbles across a monster’s lair and is caught…and as far as he knows, no one’s looking for him. Meanwhile, Sam’s not buying Dean’s story about why Cas left, and he won’t be satisfied until he finds some answers. Assuming the ex-angel lasts that long.

On Ao3

Balthazar x Reader - unleashed

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Part one

You’d known Balthazar since you were a child. You’d known how he faked his death and everything there was to about him.

In return Balthazar also knew everything about you.. well nearly everything. No one knows what you were hiding this.. thing. You didn’t know where it came from, but it was a part of you since birth.

Right now you were sat outside with rain covering you, you could hear it hit the leaves and the ground. You knew it was you causing this, but you couldn’t help it.


You were sat in the library just reading, Sam was on a supply run and dean was lord knows where. Balthazar hasn’t been around in a weeks and yes you were worried but he probably had a reason.

The sound of someone walking in made you look up, dean stood there pulling a shirt over his head.

“Hey dean.”

“Hey (Y/N) where’s your boyfriend?”

You raised an eyebrow and cocked your head to the side.

“You know Balthazar” he grinned.

“I’m not dating him! We are just friends!” You protested.

“Hmmm whatever you say, he could do better though, plus you are bad luck.” He snicked.

You knew dean was just messing but it still hurt a bit so you didn’t reply.

“I mean like Sammy and I die nearly every day. But you know your ex, your par-“

“Don’t you dare!” You snapped standing up.

A large crack of thunder sounded. Dean looked shocked.

“You don’t know anything about them.” You hissed storming away.

“(Y/N)! I was just kidding!” You slammed the bunked door shut and walked into the rain.


The cold wasn’t really affecting you, you knew Dean wouldn’t follow you. You couldn’t say the same for Sam when he got home and you knew Cas might. What you weren’t expecting was a demon to find you. Putting up your fists and getting ready for a fight.

“What do you want?” You growled.

“I’m not here for anything. I just wanted to check out hells newest attention. Rumours are that you ain’t human.” He grinned.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“So this” he pointed up, “isn’t you? You know I’ve heard you killed your family too. Got mad, lightning struck the house and set it on fire. Poor baby brother huh?”

“Shut up.”

The rain fell harder, you looked at your hands seeing the veins slowing turning black you had to stop. You tried to clam down but you knew it was to late.

Spinning around you ran through the trees, the demons laugh echoed through your head. He knew what he was doing!

You ran past the bunker entrance, Sam and Dean were walking out. Lighting flashed above you.

“(Y/N)!?” Sam called.

“Don’t follow me please! I don’t want to hurt you.” You shouted and carried on.

But of course they wouldn’t listen. You heard foortsteps trying to catch up, you slipped in the mud and slid a few feet. Breathing rapid, your left arm was now covered in black lines. The boys stopped and croutched down. Dean took a glance at your arm and stood a step back holding his gun out.

“What the hell are you?!”

Sam must have seen it too because he furrowed his brows and stood up.

“I don’t know! But you need to run leave! Now!” You screamed, but the voice that came out sounded more demonic.

You panicked, no. This couldn’t be happening you looked to see your right arm covered. Pulling you your shirt your torso was covered. You could feel it burning your neck.

Sam and Dean stood confused, Cas popped up and looked between the boys then you. The faint red in your eyes. His widened.

“You two need to leave!” He rushed.

“Cas what is going on!?”

“Dean she’s not stable! Her soul was tampered with when God made it. Now go!”

“We won’t leave her!” Sam shouted.

No one noticed you standing up, how the black nearly reached your eyes, they were a bright red. Lighting swirled around above you and you raised your hand palm up, the three males looked up wide eyes.

“You should’ve have ran…” You snickered.

Before you could do anything a British voice sounded behind the boys.

“Oh my, darling, what happened?”

They parted and you frowned at who stood there, someone you hadn’t seen in a while..

Tags: @broken-minds-smiling-faces

Cloud Hopping (Michifer)

For the Smut Apocalypse by @manawhaat

Pairing: Lucifer X Michael (Supernatural)

Word count: +/- 2.7K

Triggers: Smut, crack, gay, oral, cussing, rough, mortifation

Where Michael and Lucifer are playing a dangerous game of feelings. Things get heated rather quickly… but then something ‘horrendous’ happens. 

Lucifer stopped dead in his track as he noticed Michael ahead, bending down slightly to pick up something he had dropped with his ass in the air. Leaning back slightly, Lucifer gave a nod of approval as he shamelessly checked out Michael’s bum, knowing that they were in one of the quieter areas of Heaven.

Having picked up the item he had dropped, Michael went to continue on his way when he noticed Lucifer. The elder Archangel raised a single eyebrow. “Enjoying the view?” He asked almost sarcastically.

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I Will Be Here- Episode Rewrite (S13E21)

Anonymous asked: I really want to request an episode rewrite, but I don’t know which episode! Ahhh I hate decisions!😂 How about 13.21, Beat the Devil? Or another episode around that one if you feel the story works better? I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

A/N: THIS IS SET IN A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE WHERE THE READER MEETS SAM AND DEAN BEFORE THE EVENTS OF I WILL BE HERE. If you want to come up with a different backstory for how that happened, feel free to do so, but here it isn’t explained.

~ ~ ~

Sam! Dean!” you shouted. You could feel them, sense their presence, but all you could see was darkness. A black void that swallowed you up whole. You screamed and screamed but you knew they could not hear you. Then, a warm, familiar aura surrounded you.

“Y/N,” Jack said gently, shaking you from your sleep. “Y/N, wake up.”

Your eyes fluttered open, your heartbeat racing from the panic you felt in sleep. You tried to sit up and push the dreams from your mind, but it wasn’t so easy.

“Y/N,” Jack tried again when he noticed you weren’t going to respond. “I’m sorry to wake you, but you were shouting in your sleep again. Nightmares?” he asked.

You shook your head quickly and stood up. You turned in a circle, looking for an indicator of which direction was south. Then, closed your eyes and opened yourself up. Large swells of fear overcame you, as the rest of the camp moved about their day. Fear and sorrow and anger and hope. You pushed their emotions aside trying desperately to reach as far out as you could. And then… you felt it.

“Sam, Dean,” you mumbled.

“What about them?”

You opened your eyes and turned on Jack.

“They’re here. In this world… I can feel it.”

~ ~ ~

Jack didn’t fully believe you. You could sense that he wanted too, but it was a little too much to ask for. He didn’t want to be disappointed.

You told Mary and she said the guards along the edges of camp would be on the lookout for them, but you weren’t sure that she had much hope either.

You wished you could run out there and look for yourself, but it was far too dangerous. Not to mention Jack would never let you out of his sights. And not just for your own safety, but his too. So, you just sat inside the camp and tried to reel in their emotions whenever you could. You felt them get closer and closer.

However, as the day went on, you got caught up in your other duties and couldn’t check in anymore. You were helping strategize with the war teams when it happened.

“Y/N.” Mary walked in, interrupting your conversation with one of the head guardsmen. “Come with me.”

“What’s up?” you asked, but you stood up and followed her out immediately.

She shuddered slightly. “The guards just detected a disturbance at the border. I’m about to check it out, but you don’t think it could be…?”

“They’re here?” you gasped. “I knew it! I told you they were coming!”

You broke out into a run immediately, Mary stumbling behind you.

“Wait! Y/N, I don’t know if-”

You leaped over the hill and slide through the leaves, seeing them at the edges of the camp.

“Cas! Dean!” you shouted. You noticed the surveyors had guns trained on them, but that didn’t stop you from leaping into Dean’s arms.

He chuckled somewhat, but you could hear the pain in his voice as he said, “Hey Y/N.”

You pulled away almost instantly. “Dean? What’s wrong?”

His eyes were foggy, but before he could answer, Mary stepped around you to get to her son. “How did you even find us?” she asked breathlessly.

She wrapped her arms around him and in that moment you realized what was wrong… who was missing.

You turned to Cas with wide eyes, but before he could answer, Mary spoke up again.

“Dean… where’s Sam?”

She still had a smile on her face, but it was quick to fade when a tear left Dean’s eye. The air around you turned cold and you felt like you couldn’t breath.

You screamed. “Sam? Sam!

You abandoned all rational thought and ran. Straight in the direction the boys had come from. You were determined to find him, alive and okay.

“Y/N!” Cas called, running after you, but it wasn’t Cas who stopped you.

Two arms wrapped their way around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“Stop!” Jack cried. “Y/N, stop. It’s too dangerous.”

You kicked at the air, but tired very quickly, slowly falling to the ground, Jack kneeling with you. “Sam,” you whimpered. “We need to find Sam.”

Jack could only shake his head behind you.

~ ~ ~

The camp was unfazed when you reentered. They saw some of the tear tracks on everyone’s faces, but crying was common in times like these. They understood your lose.

“He can’t be dead. He can’t be dead.” Jack paced back and forth. Cas tried to calm him, but Jack only pushed him away. “Couldn’t you bring him back? Why didn’t you bring him back?!”

Gabriel started to answer, but you stopped listening, because you were distracted by something else… you could still feel him.

You reached out, and there he was. At the edge of the camp.

“Jack!” you interrupted. “It’s Sam. He’s here, I can feel it.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to you.

“What do you mean?” Cas asked, but Jack was already on the same page as you.

“Y/N could feel you guys approaching the camp!” he exclaimed. “He must be alive!”

You turned around and ran towards Dean and Mary. “Guys! It’s Sam, I-”

You were cut off by the sound of the intruder bell. Everyone froze, on guard to see who had just walked into camp.

Then, you saw him. He walked with somewhat of a limp. He was breathing heavily and his neck and hands were covered with dried blood. But it was Sam.

Jack smiled, Mary gasped, and Dean went to approach him, but you noticed the other presence before the rest of them. Your hand shot out in front of Dean to stop him as Lucifer rounded the corner.

Sam looked down at the ground, ashamed, and you wondered what he had done. Lucifer had no doubt brought him back with a price in mind.

You immediately reached out and grabbed Jack’s hand. But he didn’t hold yours back. His arm was limp in your hands as he stared at his biological father. You wanted to remind him that Lucifer meant nothing to him, but you could understand the feeling. You had also been conflicted when you met your father for the first time.

“Hello son,” Lucifer said with a smirk, as he spotted his child within the crowd. Then, noticing your intertwined fingers, he turned on you with a glare. “And you… You must be the Y/N I’ve heard so much about.”

That’s when Jack’s protective instinct kicked in and he squeezed your hand back.

You were both in deep trouble… 

~ ~ ~


I wanna give a shout out to fic writers really quick-

Y’all are the shit. And I love each and every one of you.

But please stop apologizing when your fics are really long. I see writers in their a/n saying “this is over 5k words I’m so sorry”

LIKE BBY NO. IM HERE FOR THAT SHIT. Give me every beautiful detail your talented mind can muster.

If I want a short story I’ll go find a drabble.

Don’t you ever apologize for being passionate in your writing. & fuck anyone that has made you think you should apologize.

thank you for coming to my ted talk.

I Hope She Was Worth It

I Hope She Was Worth It

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Sam x Reader. 

Summary  -  Your relationship with Sam was amazing until the day he broke your heart.

Warnings - Angst, cheating, swearing, pregnancy.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4

Part 5  

Part 6 

Part 7 

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13 

Part 14

Part 15 

Part 16 

Part 17

More parts to come???

Vice (Nickifer)

For the Smut Apocalypse by @manawhaat

Pairing: Lucifer X Nick

Word count: +/- 2.5K

Triggers: Mild smut (idk honestly, I find this one hard to place, sorry XD) and fluff too

/Vice: immoral or wicked behavior\

It all began as nothing more than a lust based decision, he was temporary and he knew it; nothing more than a plaything for Lucifer to discard when he was done with him… or so, that’s what Nick thought.

A while had passed since Lucifer took over Nick’s soul and body. At first, the human was doubtful, of course, about sharing a body with the literal Devil but after a while he got used to it. Nick learned to trust Lucifer and to lean back and let him take control. Lucifer’s anger became his own, when Lucifer was upset Nick became upset as well, and they also came to share the same joys and tears - even though Lucifer did not cry in the presence of others, and Nick was fine with that.

Lucifer kept Nick alive and always let him see what was going on around them, only shielding him from the worst of things. Nick liked to believe that they had become friends, perhaps even more. The Archangel and the human had literally become one being, the perfect union between the mortal and the immortal.

And of course, one couldn’t blame Nick for falling in love with his beautifully scarred angel.

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  • Jack: I can't sleep, I had nightmares
  • Sam: That sucks, first time?
  • Jack: No I've had them before but Dean always came in and told me he'd fight away all of the monsters, so I'd be fine
  • Sam: Yeah when I had bad dreams, he used to say if a monster got in he'd hold it down while I hit it
  • Jack: Cas what did Dean say to you when you were scared?
  • Castiel: Scared in bed? He'd back off, but bitch that I had agreed to try it, but I'm just not into anime and the tentac-
  • Sam: Cas! This was a wholesome conversation
  • Castiel: Well who do I talk to about Dean's anime fetish?
  • Sam: Dean, you literally talk to Dean about it!
  • *****Moments later**********
  • AU!Michael: Dean's phone, why are you calling?
  • Castiel: What the hell is hot about an octopus anyway?
  • AU!Michael: What?!
  • Castiel: Have you ever even seen one up close?
  • AU!Michael: I'm hanging up
  • Castiel: I'll just call you right back
  • AU!Michael: But I-
  • Castiel: Why would anyone want to a fuck a fish?
  • AU!Michael: An octopus isn't a fish!
  • AU!Michael: Besides, Mermen are hot
  • Castiel: Yeah, but we're talking tentacles! Don't change the goddamn subject! Look I'll try it again but this time I get to wear the cat ears
  • AU!Michael: What are you two doing to each other?!
  • Castiel: Everything Michael, every thing
Accidently in Lust

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: You are a cousin of Eileen, and need a place to stay (house burned down? Have to go into hiding?) Your parents were hunters, and while you didn’t follow suit, you know the life. So who does Eileen call for help? The Winchester’s, of course! Sam offers you to stay at the bunker, and Dean reluctantly agrees. You find Sam a joy, but his cranky, melodramatic brother drives you crazy with all his grumping about “someone in the way…”
By the brilliant @divadinag
(there is a second part to the prompt, the best line in this thing comes from the second part, but I’m keeping that as a surprise. Just read it.)

Words: 10,947.

Warnings: NSFW adjacent. Dirty talk and a little teasing mostly. House fire, brief hospital visit. Unresolved plot (WHAT).

A/N: My last follower celebration fic! It’s another one that I just kept writing for so it kind of got saved till last because I couldn’t stop and really I still wanted to keep going. I hope y’all enjoy. And I hope you’ve enjoyed the six days of fic (even if this one was a day late). Now back to WIP’s!

Ao3 link if you prefer.

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In A Gadda Da Vida (Part 1)

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Summary: After a long few months, the reader finds herself in the hands of an Alpha, only he’s unlike any she’s ever met…

Masterlist | Ao3

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader

Square: Free Space

Word Count: 4,400ish

Warnings: language, injury, prior captivity

A/N: Written as part of @spnabobingo

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Dean Winchester/Legs

Author’s Note: Dean is a damn leg man you can’t tell me different

This seems like something people might like…


Warnings: Language, innuendos, not smut tho

Originally posted by justabittaller

Originally posted by thejabberwock

*Not my gifs*

Sam smirked when you walked into the kitchen. “Dean literally drools when you wear those you know.”

You laughed. “The heels?”

“The shorts.”

“Well it wasn’t for him.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Mhm.”

You put a hand on your hip. “For your information I went out today.”


“I picked up some stuff from the store.”

“You got that dressed up for the store?”

“I’m not that dressed up!” You were lying. These shorts were short and tight as fuck, the inside of the pockets visible under the denim in the front. You had an ACDC t shirt tucked into them, a nice touch because of your and Dean’s shared music tastes, although yours was not exclusively 80’s. The cherry on top of your ensemble was your very high black heels. All in all you looked like a damn hot Instagram model - and you were hoping Dean would double tap that.

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry but not really.

Sam shook his head. “Welp, I think I’ll leave you two hear for the night, I’m gonna go check a lead for a couple days.”

“You need backup?”

“Nah, if something looks weird I’ll call you. But I don’t want to be here when Dean finally snaps.”

Your stomach fluttered, but you rolled your eyes. “Sure, Sam.”

The younger Winchester crossed the kitchen, giving you a hug and a kiss on the temple. “I already told Dean I was going, so I’ll see you in a couple days.”

“Okay, see ya Sam.” You smiled, giving him a squeeze before he left the room.

You poured yourself a cup of coffee, checking the time. It was only four. Since Sam was gone, maybe you and Dean could just relax and watch movies. You grabbed your mug and strode to his room, knocking on his door.

“Hey Dean, you wanna watch movies? Sam just left.”

“Sounds good, I’ll be right out.”

You walked to what served as the living room, sitting down on the couch and flipping on the TV. You weren’t quite ready to take off the heels yet, you wanted to see if it would cause a reaction for Dean. Damn you hoped Sam was right. You had never caught Dean staring when you wore short denim shorts, but you hoped he was. For once, you wanted to be wrong and you wanted Sam to be right.

You curled up onto the arm of the couch, propping your chin in your hand. Maybe you were being a bit too slutty with this whole deal, but you had to try your best here. You curled up so when Dean sat beside you, he’d have a nice view of your ass. A wave of uncertainty passed over you. Maybe this was a bad idea. You looked nothing like the chicks Dean brought home, he could never go for a girl like you. And to be honest, you wanted more than just a quick fuck, or even a fuck buddy. What he didnt like you in either sense? What if -

“Alright, Y/N. Whatcha got picked -”

Dean’s eyes flickered to your heels. “ -out?”

You were probably just imagining it. “Central Intelligence?”

Author’s Note: That’s a funny ass movie, just sayin’.

Dean forced his eyes back to yours. He was probably just surprised to see you in heels. He sat down beside you, glancing down at your ass before turning his face to the TV. “Sounds good.”

It was probably half way through the movie that you glanced over at Dean, your laughter cut short when you noticed his eyes glued to your ass. He looked up at you, giving you an unreadable look, before returning his eyes to the TV. You turned back as well, suddenly unable to concentrate on the remainder of the movie.

As it ended you stretched slightly, careful not to bump into Dean. You handed him the remote. “You pick the next one?”

Dean took it, oddly silent, scrolling through the movies on demand before he landed on The Heat.

Author’s Note: Another great movie;3

A few minutes in he noticed your squirming. “You want me to move over?”

You shook your head. “Nah I’m good.”

It only took one more squirm for Dean to grab your ankles, pulling your legs into his lap and resting his hands on your thigh. Your head snapped in his direction, eyes wide. He was looking straight ahead at the movie as if he hadn’t moved at all.

You swallowed, all too aware oh the weight of his hands on your skin. You wanted to curl into him or something along those lines, but you weren’t quite sure if you had the confidence to do so.

Half way through the movie you got an idea.

You laid your head on the ark of the couch, closing your eyes. The coffee buzzed you enough that you wouldn’t really fall asleep, but you could pretend. After a few minutes of staying still you let out a sigh and turned over, now facing the couch. You curled your legs, bringing your knees up to his chest. You heard nothing for a moment, before Dean’s voice cut through the soft sounds coming from the TV.


You stayed silent.

It took a moment, but you felt Dean’s fingertips ghost over your legs from your ankle up to your knee, then back down again. The other hand rested once more on your now upward angled thigh while his other continued to stroke up and down. You almost had to bite your lip to keep from grinning like an idiot, and you definitely had to fight to stay rigid instead of shivering at his touch.

Originally posted by cookie-lawless

Author’s Note: This is not a leg but it gets the point across

You dared to open your eyes for a split second and take a peek. Dean’s eyes were focused on your legs, his jaw set as he watched his fingers move slowly across your skin. You shut your eyes before he could look at you, trying to keep your breathing slow. You were stuck. Should you pretend to wake up? Should you turn over again? You swallowed. What should you do? Dean’s low voice cut off your frantic thoughts.

“Damn,” he mumbled. The hand on your thigh dropped slightly, his pinky now dipped slightly under the bottom of your shorts. He quickly pulled it back, holding his hand higher on your thigh. He flattened his palms on your legs, the warmth seeping through your skin.

Then his cellphone rang.

“Shit,” he gently lifted your legs off him, standing up and jogging out of the room to answer. You sat up, your lips in a pout as you watched his back disappear. You waited impatiently for him to return, the movie long forgotten.

When he finally did arrive, you sat up a bit. “Sammy?”

Dean cleared his throat, flopping down beside you. “Yup.”

“Everything okay?” You stretched your legs over his lap.

Dean set his jaw, eyes glued to your legs. “Yup.”

“Good. You okay? Ya look a little odd.”

Dean snorted. “Odd?”

You bent the leg closest to him, raising your knee to his chest. “Odd.”

Dean closed his eyes. “I feel fine.”

You nodded, quiet for a moment. “Is my heel hurting your leg? I can move.”

“You ain’t hurting me.”

You stayed silent, unsure of how to respond. On one hand you wanted to flirt, but on the other hand you weren’t sure you were confident enough.

Dean decided for you, making a small move that surprised you.

He laid a hand gently over your thigh, refusing to move his eyes from the screen.

“Your hands are warm,” you mumbled. You kept your eyes on the screen as well, although you couldn’t really absorb a single thing happening.

“You cold?”


Dean hesitated for a moment, but then gently laid his hands back on your legs, rubbing up and down. “Ya don’t feel cold.”

“The more you do that the warmer I get.” You dared to look his way, your jaw almost dropping open at the look in his eyes.

“You want me to warm you up?”


Summary: The reader decides that she wants to be a mom despite not being in a relationship. Luckily her best friend Dean has offered to stick by her side through it all…

Pairing: Cop!Dean x reader

Square: First Child

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Written for @spngenrebingo

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Noise Complaints [11]

Summary: A Supernatural AU. Dean and the Reader are next door neighbours. Dean has an active sex life that keeps the Reader up at night. One night, the Reader decides she’s had enough and decides to confront Dean.

Pairing: Neighbour!Dean Winchester x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3,819

Warnings: Language. Angst. Mentions and implications of sexual intercourse. Alcohol consumption. Derogatory terms. Mentions of pregnancy. Unedited.

Gif Credit: [x]

Author’s Note: I hope this part is good, because I’m not feeling all that confident with the ending. But, I chose not to rewrite it as I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting for longer than you already have, so I hope you still like it as it is. Also, I was just wondering, if you would like the next part to be written a bit from Dean’s perspective or not. Just comment about it or send me an ask with your thoughts. As usual, feedback of all kind is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated! Happy reading, darlings!

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