“You can’t just say Dean doesn’t matter, Jack. What the fuck? Jack, listen to me when I’m talking to you. Jack don’t just walk away, young man. Jack why would you ever say those words to me?” 

“Listen you little bastard I didn’t adopt you for nothing. You are my son and you will listen to me- Jack stop right now, get back here Jack.”

“You know what, just go to your room. Go to your room and think about what you said. You’re grounded, Jack. You hear me? You’re grounded! NO NOUGAT FOR YOU!”

Kelly’s parents are so non-judgemental. 

Like, their daughter is like: Hey guys! I’m pregnant. I have to leave. Bye. 

And then she vanishes forever, and this random guy shows up a year later and is like: I’m Kelly’s old intern! I miss her. She had the baby and she’s the best mom ever. Legit. She sang to him and told him that he’d be safe. Kelly was a really great mom. I mean… like great. Mom for life lol. My mom was cool too she named me after her dad lol.

Jack Kline Sr: That’s funny, my name is Jack too!

Jack: NO WAY

Kelly’s mom: Wow you look like our daughter would you like a cookie?

Like… non-judgmental. Even though they probably didn’t know Kelly was dating and suddenly she’s pregnant and ups and leaves them and never contacts them again. And this weird guy shows up and they’re so sweet.

Parent goals.

  • Police Detective: SO you claim this boy is yours? *Gestures to Jack*
  • Sam: Yes, adopted
  • Police Detective: Yes, by you, your brother and ah uh...Castiel. Is that right?
  • Sam: Yes
  • Police Detective: Who is here with all of these undocumented people, some of whom are legally dead
  • Sam: I adopted them
  • Police Detective: And Castiel himself is not on any system anywhere
  • Sam: Double adopted. Infinity adopted. He is mine
  • Police Detective: Sir you can't just adopt everyone and everything you-
  • Sam: *Picking up police dog*
  • Police Detective: Sir that is Officer Ruff. You can't just pick him up and-
  • Sam: Adopted
  • Police Detective: No!
  • Sam: He's mine now
  • Police Dectective: You can't-
  • Sam: *Walking away with Jack while carrying Officer Ruff* Possession is 9/10s of the law! Mine now!