I was rewatching the Supernatural Comic Con panel and I realized something very touching...

So Jensen was answering a fan’s question…

Everyone around him gets rowdy with their phones… 

He yells at them but turns out the fans were holding glow sticks and waving them, so they decided to take pictures of them, probably to show their wives when they get back but little did they know… 

The fans were actually saying Always Keep Fighting.

Everyone starts clapping, obviously, a very touching moment between the cast and the fans but within seconds everyone is over it probably because of the time schedule…


Always Keep Fighting my friend. We love you.

Jensen confirmed that he kicked down his hotel room door last night. And that since he went to bed with a huge hole in the door, anyone could have spied on him while he was sleeping. 😂

After getting back to the hotel pretty late after supper, Jensen noticed his room key wasn’t working. He went down to the lobby, got another one but it didn’t work either. After talking to maintenance and finding out that a locksmith wouldn’t be able to come until the morning, he proceeded to kick down the door. He said something along the lines of “Dean just came out.”


Let me just make you an exhaustive list of why I love this video:

-it was spontaneous
-it’s one of my favorite classic rock songs
-robbie and his boys
-starts out with jensen teasing jared’s tendency to drop microphones
-speight being helpful with the microphone
-rob setting everything up carefully
-just rob and speight being awesome kings of con in general
-the audience’s support from the very beginning to the end
-jensen’s voice (better than most real versions of songs)
-rob’s voice (loved him since “eskimo”)
-robbie and jensen knowing how to sing together
-huddle of dude friends supporting jared’s first time playing
-jared’s legendary bravery
-just jared, in general
-jensen altering the “america” lyric for the audience of australians
-jensen’s rockstar-quality passion
-speight’s “everybody!” to get the audience involved
-the clapping, which jensen always encourages
-the audience singing and making it sound even better
-jared’s smile when jensen jumps up
-jensen adding “that’s where we killed ‘em” to the lyric about vampires (he might be confusing himself with his character…again)
-the a capella part
-jensen watching jared play
-someone yelling “yeah jared!” and making him smile
-jared’s “you know the words” to the audience
-all the guys hugging jared at the end
-jared kissing rob
-the fist bump
-jensen being an actual big brother and grinning proudly for jared
-the standing ovation, which big bro ackles also encouraged
-jared’s modest “i am surrounded by some talented people”
-jared’s forever blowing kisses at everyone who catches his eye in the audience
-jensen’s gracious farewell
-“wayward son” blasting at the end
-how it was basically just an enormous family singing a pretty song together
-bonus: jared’s jeans are really cool