Sweet as Sugar

@spnwritingchallenge | @thxwinchestxrs vs @fallen-angel-meg

prompt: romantic comedy

pairings: Dean x Reader

word count: 889

tags: dean x reader fluff

tagging: @spnfanficpond

Muchos love to @fvckinpayno for the beta help ♥️

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Fate Either Loved You or Hate You

SPN Writing Challenge | plaidandwhiskeydean vs. @wigglebox vs. @presidentcas
prompt: forever
pairings: dean x reader
word count: 3,673
tags: fluff, angst, blood, death
also tagging: @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @stupid-idjits, @hellooo-tricksters, @imakittehkatt

Dean Winchester didn’t believe in love at first sight because there was simply no such thing. It was ridiculous to think that there would be stars and fireworks and the sudden desire to spend forever with someone the first time you ever lay your eyes on them.

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The Estate, a home allegedly functioning as a house for stray Angels, is anything but safe. After escaping from the grounds in the middle of the night, Castiel happens upon a stranger. An attempt to sell his only possession to buy both his and Hannah’s freedom leads him directly into the arms of his savior in the dark of the forest. A man named Dean, owner of the Winchester Estate. 

And he’s the most brilliant man Castiel has ever known.

The Rosary
Artist: Diminuel
Author: tragidean

Part of the Supernatural Reverse Bang Challenge

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Dean/Cas: Made with Love

SPN Writing Challenge | @sparksflycastiel vs. @spicarias
prompt: truth 
pairing: destiel
word count: 2,122
tags: chef!cas, chef!dean, food network tv show au, angst with a happy ending

summary: Castiel Novak is the star of a hit a cooking competition show. When one of the chefs who show up to challenge him ends up being his ex, Dean Winchester, food isn’t the only thing cooking in the kitchen. 

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“I’m Castiel Novak. Each week one brave chef tries to best me in my own kitchen. This culinary battle is going to play out in two rounds. Round one – to get to me, two contenders have to go through each other, using an ingredient of my choice. Two people who know me well will decide who has got the skills to beat me. Round two – I go head to head with the winning contender. It’s their turn to surprise me with their signature dish. Bottom line, everyone’s out to beat me.”

Backstage Castiel listened to the introduction he had prerecorded over two years ago for his popular and highly rated cooking show – Beat Castiel Novak. The studio audience erupted into applause at the end of the introduction, giving Castiel his cue to take the stage. As he made his entrance, he was immediately blinded by the spotlights; the nerves he felt about being recorded for a live television show had mostly dissipated over the years, but the bright stage lights still got him every time.

“Our first contender…” Castiel tuned out as the guest judges announced the first contestant; after 40 or so shows, he knew the spiel well. He watched as a middle-aged woman with blonde hair and a perky smile walked onto the stage.

“Our second contender joins us all the way from San Francisco,” that caught Castiel’s attention, “where he co-owns and runs the famous Roadhouse Grill.”

Oh no. This was not happening.

“Please welcome, Chef Dean Winchester!”

Apparently this was happening.

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Heart and Souls
↳ prompt: Peace
manawhaat vs. ruby-loves-supernatural
Characters: Reader x Cas, Sam, Dean.
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, drinking, reader has self-esteem issues, mentions of sex/porn.
Word count: 2.4k
Title: Heart and Souls

A/n: Pinch hit for the prompt ‘Peace’, sorry it’s a couple days late. The usual tags for @aprofoundbondwithdean @balthazars-muse @kayteonline @dancingdin @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @king-crowley-tho @oriona75 @winchesterenthusiast @spnfanficpond

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It was your typical Thursday night at the bunker with the boys, your legs draped over Sam’s lap as you both sunk into the comfortable leather couch in the library. Cas was sitting in his own armchair and Dean had taken up residence on the floor, claiming that “Chairs are for pussies.” after losing his battle with Sam for the best spot on the couch.

You loved nights like this; casual conversation and a few drinks helping everyone let loose and find the peace and happiness that a hunter needed every so often to stay sane. The warmth in your veins sent a calming tingle through your body as your buzz began to kick in, your eyes trailing over each of the men in the room. You were a lucky son of a bitch and you knew it. Your hunting partners were all amazing in their own right and you weren’t impervious to the flirty Winchesters or their rugged good looks, but on nights like tonight, it was always Cas who caught your eyes; the way he stripped out of his trench and suit jacket making you perk up and the way his rolled up sleeves framed his forearms never failing to bring a blush to your cheeks. Today he’d smirked at you as he deftly unknotted his tie, pulling it tortuously slow through the collar of his shirt before opening the top two buttons and untucking it from his pants. It was as if he’d read your mind when he tossed you his blue tie, the four of you laughing when Dean called you Ralph Macchio for wrapping it around your head. The laughter and easy conversation flowed through the night and soon you found your way to the topic that the boys never tired of.

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SPN Writing Challenge | galaxystiel vs. platonicstudybuddies
↳ Prompt: Hate

I Hate Fergus (AO3)

Prompt: Dean runs a failing tattoo studio, but his newest client is a little more than he was expecting. But Dean doesn’t date clients, and he doesn’t make exceptions.

Pairings: Destiel
Word Count: 3,492
Tags: AU. Tattoo Artist!Dean, Editor!Cas, Bad Decisions, First Meetings, Date.

Thanks to @baethazar for betaing this for me!

The door to the tattoo studio swung open with a crash and Dean was inherently thankful he didn’t have the needle pressed to anyone’s skin, or that could have been a disaster. His first wonder was if the catch had broken, causing the door to swing on its own, but then he heard cursing coming from the front desk.

Glancing down at the redhead he’d just finished tattooing, he gestured for her to sit up. “Go take a few seconds to look in the mirror, and I’ll wrap it up when I get back.”

Business was slow on a Wednesday afternoon, so this was the only appointment he had. He would stay open for drop in sessions, no doubt someone would come in before the night was up. Charlie was on her break while it was quiet, she’d be back in thirty minutes or so but for now, Dean was holding the fort. He liked it when he was alone, just him and the art he created.

But now he had to find out which jackass was vandalising his store for no good reason.

He stalked out the front to see a guy in a trenchcoat of all things, standing sheepishly by the desk. Dean knew he looked pretty intimidating, all ink and piercings, but he didn’t think the way the guy shivered was a reasonable reaction to his presence. He wasn’t that weird-looking.

“Any reason you’re trying to break my door, buddy?” He demanded, walking around the front of the counter and folding his arms. If the douchebag with no respect for other people’s property gave him any trouble, Dean would have no issue in kicking his ass out onto the streets.

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“Mystery Spot” fic recs

I couldn’t resist compiling some of my favourite “Mystery Spot” related fics given it’s Groundhog Day and all.

Inevitable by GreyMichaela and Miniatures, Sabriel: Gabriel can’t stop his Father’s plan, but maybe he can tweak it some.

When two of the angst masters of Sabriel fics team up, you know things are going to be depressing. It is.

Between then and Now by snuggalong: Dean thinks that Sam’s nightmares are still about Jess. Sam’s not about to tell him otherwise. Because that means telling him what they really are about; telling him the truth of what went down that Wednesday in Broward County, and the truth of exactly how scared he is of how fast the day Dean’s deal is to come due is approaching. (Tag to 3x11, ‘Mystery Spot,’ and afterwards.)

Angst. Pure and simple.

Second Verse, Same as the First by CaptainLaserBeam, Destiel: From the prompt: Dean/Castiel stuck in a repeating dayOn a day that doesn’t seem to want to end, who’s life is worth more? A human’s or an angel’s? And for two creatures who seemingly dislike each other, why is it so hard for them to choose?

Dean and Cas get trapped in a time loop by the Trickster (not revealed to be Gabriel at the point when this was written, so he’s still just a trickster) and will only be able to escape if one of them is willing to die. The day resets when one of them dies. Cue Dean and Cas ending up bonding and realising the depth of their feelings for each other as they’re trapped together.

Fall from Grace by consultingcas (okay, yeah, I’m doing a self-rec. Sue me.), Sabriel: (Canon divergent from 5x19) Instead of killing Gabriel at the Elysium Fields Motel, Lucifer decided to resort to some of his brother’s tactics to convert Gabriel to his cause. He pushed Gabriel into a time loop, just like the one the Winchesters had been caught in, trapping him there until he agrees to support Lucifer in the Apocalypse. The only difference is, this time it’s Sam who dies every day.

This is one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written. The idea of Gabriel having one of his best tricks turned against him is something I’ve loved thinking about for a while, so it was fun to write it.


SPN Writing Challenge: wigglebox vs @fallen-angel-meg
Prompt: Freedom
Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 858
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Lucifer!Cas Aftermath


Cas knew he was screwed. He knew allowing Lucifer in was going to be a wild ride he might not survive. He understood how possession works, and he understood that while angels try to take care of their vessels the soul in the vessel takes more damage than if a demon were there. During Cas’s time as a human and years just interacting with humans, a soul grew around his grace. It was weak and still fragile but protected.

Until he said “yes”.

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SPN Writing Challenge | envydean  vs. @castielsstarr
Prompt: Envy
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Word count: 587
Tags: slight envy, love, fluff, Dean’s repressed feelings, Teacher!Dean, Teacher!Cas
AO3: Here

“Dean!” Castiel shouts from across the flat. Dean looks up from the essays he’s marking to see Castiel stood at the window. “It’s snowing, Dean!” Castiel grinned.

Dean puts his red pen down and goes to see for himself. He stands behind Castiel and loops his arms round his waist looking over his shoulder.

“So it is.” Dean muses. Snow lost its excitement when he had to drive to work in it for weeks on end. Now it’s just white stuff that’s a pain in the ass. “Come on, I’ll make coffee, I’m gonna need something to get me through these papers.”

Castiel laughs a little and shuts the curtains again. He follows Dean into the kitchen.

“We should go out for a walk in it.” Cas says happily.

“What? Why would you want to do that? It’s freezing cold, not to mention only ten o’clock in the morning.” And as if to prove his point, Dean yawns as he fumbles with sorting the coffee machine out.

“Come on, Dean… live a little?” He teases. His smile could light up any room, Dean loves seeing it.

“Okay.” Dean agrees and they pour coffee into travel mugs and put on their coats and shoes and head out the door.

The snow is still falling when they go out and he’s pretty sure Cas reverts to a five year old all over again, sticking his tongue out and pointing his face skyward. He pulls out his phone and snaps a picture.

He’s so carefree as if there’s nothing else going on in the world. As if he doesn’t have another twenty papers to mark himself. Like he doesn’t have to wake up every day at six o’clock to go to work. It’s as if there’s nothing but this moment right here.

Castiel looks at him then. That handsome smile gracing his face, he can see from where he’s stood a short distance away that it reaches his eyes. If only he could tell him without his stomach roiling and knotting. Cas has told him several times how much he loves him, how beautiful he is and Dean can only wish he could say the same to him; he’s almost jealous – envious – of how easily it comes to Castiel to tell him everything. He has tried, many times, but every time the words get caught in his throat and he ends up saying something different or shutting down completely.

Dean pulls his beanie hat further over his ears as he responds to Cas’ beckoning. A small smile curls the edge of his mouth as he shakes the thoughts out of his head. They linger though.

You’re beautiful.

You’re handsome.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

He repeats them over and over and over. Making them stick, making them confident. There’s still that twinge in his stomach and he wills it away, takes a swig of coffee, will it away, another swig. Deep breath.

He goes forward towards Cas: handsome Cas, beautiful cas, I love you, Castiel.

He smiles. Smiles until it reaches his eyes.

His boyfriend is looking at him, as if he was looking through him.

“Do you think we can make a snowman?” Castiel asks, tilting his head.

Before he can think one more thing, Dean engulfs Castiel, wrapping his arms tight around him. Dean laughs into Castiel’s shoulder.

“I love you, Cas… I love you so much.” He says, meaning every single word. Castiel gasps.

“I love you, too, Dean.” He replies quietly.

New Feelings

Supernatural Writing Challenge || @hellsqveen vs @unholydean
↳ Prompt: Hope
Word Count: 338
Pairing: Wincest (sort of)
Warnings: None
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If there was one thing that could be said about Sam Winchester, it was that he felt everything; he wasn’t afraid of emotions.  


Hate (Age 14)

He hated everything.  He hated Dad for making him go on hunts.  He hated Dean for not understanding why he didn’t want to hunt.  He hated moving around so much and always being the ‘new kid’ at school.  But most of all, he hated that he felt as if he didn’t fit into a world where so clearly did.


Anger (Age 18)

He couldn’t believe Dean hadn’t stood up for him.  After all they’d been through- all they’d done for each other- Dean had just sat there, silent, while he faced Dad alone.  He didn’t understand why he’d been on his own; they were always supposed to have each others back.


Love (Age 23)

Sam would give anything for his brother.  He meant the world to him.  But seeing him laid up, unconscious in this hospital room, tubes everywhere, made him realize just how much he loved Dean.  And it wasn’t a brotherly love, well that was there as well of course, but this was something different now.  And Sam swore he’d never let Dean question how much he loved him.


Fear (Age 24)

Dean’s deal was up.  He could only watch, frozen, as the door opened and his brother was ripped apart by Hellhounds.  Blood was everywhere, Dean’s shouts and groans of pain echoed in his mind; something he knew he’d never forget.  In this moment, he’d never been more afraid; afraid of a life without his brother.


But this feeling though; this feeling was new.  As he sat in the passenger seat with his brother behind the wheel, Sam found himself brimming with something different.  He realized it was hope.  Hope that things could go back to how they’d been before; before Hell, before Purgatory; just before everything. Dean was back; they were on the road, together, once again and he’d be damned if they were pulled apart again.

imagine being in a relationship with dean and your having an argument and crowley drops by :/