And when the old woman with her hunched back and wispy hair walked past with her whining metal detector, he still didn’t stir. She stopped for a moment, a small concern blossoming in her as his skin was starting the telltale signs of reddening. You never should fall asleep in the sun. The old woman shuffled forward, ready to rouse the man. But, when she was close enough to see his face, protected by the ridiculous hat, she halted. Back in 1969 her son stumbled off a plane, almost sobbing into her arms as the events in Vietnam shredded any sanity he might had before he went to the wore torn country. Fighting for what he believed in was right. He disintegrated before her eyes before taking his life in 1974. The red-man’s face reminded her of her son. Someone who hadn’t seen warmth and sleep for many years. Maybe even his whole life.

The old woman stepped back and glanced at the sun. Some clouds were starting to roll in. She decided to go back to her cottage and check back on him in 15-20 minutes. She’ll bring him a cold beer and a beach umbrella, then maybe ask him about his story.


megstiel week: [day five] megstiel + my emotions.

You fell in love with a unicorn. It was beautiful, then sad, then sadder. I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little. And honestly, I kind of get it.

I have this need. Either for season 11 or for the finale of the whole show. Major shit goes down. People die, people leave, whatever. But Baby sits in an abandoned field in the middle of the country with a few trees keeping her in the shade. All the guns, knives, tools of the trade remain in the truck, unseen and forgotten about. 

A small path winds through the sparse forest, touching on the edges of the field where Baby is parked and one day, a girl no older than 22 comes across the car while out for a jog. She likes cars well enough and maybe she wants to see if she can fix this up, give herself new wheels. 

The driver side door is unlocked and she jimmies it open and slides into the front seat. It’s very far back for very tall people and it’s more spacious than she thought. Over the few years it’s been sitting there, dust accumulated on the dash and some spiders made some webs. What looks like a resilient weed poked its way through the floor by the brakes. She just had to clean it up, that’s all. And some how get a tow truck all the way down so – 

Her knee bumps something under the steering wheel and it makes a hollow thump. Curious, she reaches under and finds a weird little hidden compartment. Out of it, she pulls a pair of keys and two leather notebooks. She takes the top one first. The initials engraved inside are H.W. and there’s a strange design on the front of it that her hair stand on end. 

On the first page, a hand written note on an index card that doesn’t match the handwriting in the book. Trunk

Well now she’s good and curious if not a bit hesitant but she takes the keys and vacates the car. A few tries with different keys, she finally finds the one that fits the lock and  pops the trunk. 

The scream dies in her throat when she realizes no one will hear her anyways. 

The guns and knives and every tool of the trade once abandoned by their former owner lay in the proper position. Strange markings line the top of the trunk and the girl is very confident she found a serial killer’s car. A satanist serial killer. She wants to walk away but the journals drop out of her arm and she stoops to pick them up. The first page of the first journal pops open again, and she sees a picture of a weird stick man. WENDIGO. 

Glancing around her, assuring she was alone in the shade of the warm summer day, she closes the trunk (cringing at the site of the weapons) and sits on the ground, and begins to read. 

The SPN Art Challenge is back on track aaaaaand with a theme many of you looooove:

April’s theme will be: College AU

You can draw anything, as long as you’re following the theme!

Posting will start on April 22nd and will end on April 29th.

Don’t forget to tag your works with #spnartchallenge, within the first five tags of your post, so everyone can see them!

For complete info about this month’s theme, you can go here or don’t hesitate to ask! :D

Convention tips: THE MEET AND GREETS!

I get asked a lot of questions about meet and greets. I’ve been blessed enough to do a whole bunch of Jensen’s, a couple of Jared’s and a couple of Richard’s. These have been at the Creation conventions, so these are the only meet and greets I have experience with, except for the dinners I do at multi-fandom conventions - I’ve done a bunch of them with various Supernatural cast members.

But in this piece I am specifically discussing the Creation convention meet and greets.

What is the meet and greet?

The meet and greet is an added extra at the Creation conventions which are acquired via auction. You can check out my post on how the auctions work here.

Creation hold these meet and greets for all their cons across all fandoms. They vary in price and structure dependent upon the guest.

For the Supernatural conventions, Jensen and Jared each do a 30 minute meet and greet for 20 people. All other guests do a 45 minute meet and greet for 10 people.

Some of the guests do solo meet and greets, some do groups meet and greets. For example, Rob, Rich and Matt always do a R2M meet and greet, so you get all three of them and their shenanigans for 45 minutes! But Rich also does a solo meet and greet. Creation might team up the Trans if both Osric and Lauren are at a con. They may also team up 2 totally random guests! Like say, Tyler (the wiener hut angel) and Travis (Cole). This will probably depend on the day these guests are scheduled for panels. So there’s a variety of solo and group meet and greets that you can choose from.

The meet and greets give you an opportunity to have a “one on one” experience with the guest. Ask your burning question, and not do it in front of 1500 of the fandom! It also gives the guest a chance to expand on some thoughts and answers, be a little more candid and enjoy that more intimate experience with the fans. I know that Jensen says that his meet and greet is his favourite thing to do at the conventions, because it gives him a chance to sit down with a hand full of fans, put faces to us and really talk in depth about the thing we’re all there to celebrate.

Because every guest is a different personality, every meet and greet is going to be a different experience. As I’ve only done meet and greets with 3 guests, I will talk about those.

Richard (and all other guests other than the Js.)

The non J meet and greet is 45 minutes for 10 people. In the two I’ve done with Richard, we all sat around a table - which is how I believe all these meet and greets work (unless it’s Misha, he might take you all for a walk!). You pick a chair when you come into the room and then once everyone is seated, Creation bring in the guest and they take the final seat. So be prepared, you may wind up sitting next to them!

Richard’s meet and greet is super casual. He’s an awesome guy, totally one of my favourite people ever. Basically in the two I’ve done, we all just sat around chatting. Sometimes it was about  the show, sometimes it was about just stuff! At the last one I did with him at Vegas2014, he bought in some beer! It was the end of a long convention, we were all very tired and he was running late. So for those of us who wanted to (and were of the legal age), we joined Rich in having a beer! At the end, we all gathered around Richard and the Creation rep took photos of the group with all our cameras. So in these meet and greets you get a great group photo with the guest.

Jensen and Jared’s meet and greets

Jensen and Jared’s meet and greets are 30 minutes for 20 people. The Js have a more formal arrangement, they have seating in rows. It’s usually 2 rows of 10 chairs each in front of a high chair where either Jensen or Jared sits.

With Jensen and Jared’s meet and greets you draw a number out of an envelope for a seat. So there’s no jostling for position, fate chooses where you sit. But wherever you are, you can see them and they can see you, so don’t worry too much. Though of course front and centre is always celebrated!

Once all the meet and greet attendees are seated, a Creation rep will come and advise you of the rules. They do this with other guests too, but they’re delivered with more weight for the Js.

You can not record audio or video, or ask for photos or autographs. There is no photo at the end with the Js meet and greets. The other thing you aren’t allowed to do is transcribe the meet and greet. You can not take anything into the room with you. All your stuff is put in another room, which is locked. So no bags or phones, pads or pens. Creation say what happens in the meet and greet stays in the meet and greet. This is pretty important, because the guys do share stuff that can be quite personal. Creation don’t disallow reporting on the meet and greets, but you aren’t allowed to report word for word, and if you do you risk getting banned from future meet and greets. They also ask that you be conscious of the guest’s privacy. The meet and greet is an environment where the Js can be a little more candid than they are on stage, and both guys obviously want that respected. It’s for this reason I no longer do meet and greet reports, though I may reference my question or one of the guys’ statements if it relates to anything I’m discussing in an episode review or whatnot.

I’ve been in Jared’s meet and greet when he’s absolutely told us something he shouldn’t have! And I’ve been in Jensen’s meet and greet when he’s shared a personal family moment. I’m happy to say, I’ve never seen the details of either of those things shared online. People are pretty good at having the boy’s backs.

Once everyone is seated and has been given the low down on how everything works, the Creation rep will go and get which ever J you’re waiting on. The door opens and in they come! With security! The Js always have those enormous men in black types shadowing them. I always wonder what on earth those dudes think!

With both guys, if they ask for questions you put up your hand and they’ll point to you, but as the Js are very different men, how they run their meet and greets is also different.

Jared tends to just chat when he first arrives. He’ll ask after everyone and then it’ll will naturally go into a conversation. He’ll generally just chinwag for a while. He will get to questions and answer questions, but it’s all quite free flowing - much more like one big conversation.

Jensen will come in and say hi to everyone. Make a note of everyone he knows and the people whom he’s never met. Ask how everyone is doing, maybe bring up a topic of the con that he’s heard about, and then he’ll get straight to the questions. He’s aware that everyone has something to ask him, and he tries to get to as many questions as he can.

Though this sounds formal in comparison to Jared’s style, it’s not. Jensen is super animated and candid when he answers your questions. He might branch off into another story, but he’ll always bring it back to what you’ve asked. He sometimes gets up to act things out! Show everyone photos on his phone. One time we all huddled around him so he could show us a video. But he very much goes from question to question. It’s a Q&A session more so than Jared’s meet and greet.

I love doing both the boy’s meet and greets, they are wonderful experiences and as individual as they are, but I freely admit I’m a Jensen girl and having that 30 minutes with him is something I just can’t not do…and usually I can’t afford to do both, so it’s Jensen all the way.

If you’re doing Jensen’s meet and greet you should also be aware that he totally laser visions on to you when you’re asking a question and when he’s then answering you. So be ready for that (if you can be!)


If you plan to ask a question - and you absolutely don’t have to but I highly recommend it - make sure you have it clear in your mind so you can just say it when you get pointed at. Some fans write their’s down. It’s also a good idea to have a back up in case someone else asks your question or your question is covered in another answer.

Questions are usually show and character based, but they are also often about the guest’s craft, or they may be about parenthood - a popular question for the Js - or something more personal. But not too personal. There is still that respectful boundary in these things as to what is appropriate and inappropriate to ask.

I always feel like the meet and greets have this wonderful warm energy. We’re all there to share in the thing we love, and there’s a real sense that we’re all in this together. They are intimate and super fun.

If you can afford to do a meet and greet at a convention, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They give you quite a different view of the convention and give you a different view of and connection with the guest you are sitting with in that little room.

Jensen, face resting in his hands, elbows resting on his knees, leaning forward as he smiles and answers my question, staring right into my eyes… yep… worth all the money.

So that’s the meet and greet (in relation to my experience.)

Let me know if you need anymore information. I’ll try and get a couple of friends to write up a breakdown of some of the other meet and greets!


Thoughts on SPN 10x18

G: Still haven’t recovered from this episode. It may have taken some time for things to get started, but once they did….!!!!

M: Dean’s happiness was short lived in this episode. Nice to know that Supernatural is still the expert with depleting one’s happiness.

G: And, Sam, I can’t handle your sad faces, so please stop. Just stop. 

M: Sam doesn’t want to do his job (which he “loves”) without his brother. I think he’s morphing into his brother now.

G: Painful as it was to find that Dean is still hurting over things that were said in season 9, I was glad it was brought up again, just to reinforce that Sam DID change his mind about saving Dean. Now, if only Dean would change his mind about letting Sam save him….

M: Cas got his grace back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I repeat! Cas got his grace back!!!!!! Although he looked slightly broken…..but, YAY!!!!!!!

G: Thank goodness the grace problem is solved!! Now let’s keep it that way. (I’m a little worried that Metatron might have psyched him out a bit with the whole “What’s your mission now?”)

G: Also, Cas! I told you Metatron was a tricksy little hobbit. I. Told. You. Whatever he wants the demon tablet for, it’s not likely to be good. I wonder if we’ll see any more of that this season, or whether it’s going to carry over to season 11.

M: I just loved Cas and Charlie meeting. How cute! They are now besties :) I really want to see more of them working together.

G: There was so much going on in this episode I had forgotten about the highly anticipated Charlie/Cas meeting until it finally happened! I didn’t have strong feelings about them meeting, but after seeing the two of them playing with the cootie catcher I’m very glad they did. At least it meant there was something to mitigate the pain of that final scene in the bunker….

M: Sam not burning the book was almost expected, but I thought he might have been a little smarter about doing it. Couldn’t he have taken a picture of each page and burned the book? That way he would have a copy of the book, but no book to trace to them. Or is the book more powerful than that? Would it mess up the pictures? Just throwing it out there. Also, seeing Sam and Rowena together at the end isn’t surprising since the promo pics have been released for the next episode, but one can only think: This can’t be good! 

M: A few miscellaneous items:

~ The stitching with floss brings back memories of Changing Channels.

~ “O.M.Me” - Metatron. Honestly, I prefer saying “O.M.C.”

~ Anyone else excited that Cas is wearing his tie again?

~ So Hannah is rocking Heaven. Nice to see a female rise in the holy ranks. At least, she’s not evil….yet.

G: So–Sam and Rowena teaming up!! Metatron in the wind with the demon tablet!!! Mark of Cain an ever-worsening issue!!!! So much trauma potentially in our futures!!!!! This finale’s shaping up to be a big one, folks! Can’t wait! 

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G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S 2015!

Hi Leute :)

Ich frage mich gerade, ob dieses Jahr noch irgendwer bei officialgishwhes mitmacht?

Denn unser Team (BabiesInTrenchcoats -> https://www.gishwhes.com/join_team_confirm.php ) braucht dringend noch ein paar Schnitzeljäger, die sich uns anschließen wollen!

Wir sind gerade zu viert (alle zwischen 17 und 18 Jahre alt und sehr liebe, nette und verrückte Mädels) und suchen nach noch mehr coolen Leuten :)

Wenn du also noch kein Team hast und vielleicht sogar im selben Alter bist, lass es uns wissen :)

Falls du Fragen hast, kannst du mir (oder sonnenstrahlenglanz oder superwerewolfbanana) gerne schreiben!

Falls du das hier ausversehen liest und keine Ahnung hast, wovon ich spreche, geh auf

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Vielleicht packt dich das gishwhes-Fieber dann auch :)