Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets/The Most Sacred Oath

I’m guessing you can’t hear me squeal over your own squeals, but I’ll just keep at it a little longer, okay? Okay. 

Man, this episode read like very good fanfiction, and while I’m disappointed Dean never found out Cas used to be a woman (although, they did have a conversation about that, so Steve gets points anyway), everything else was plain amazing. I’m actually tempted to do a recap that’s just shouting words into the void, because, seriously, that would be enough, but - okay, let me watch that thing again and then I’ll write a proper meta.


(Deep breath.)

So, let’s get one thing out of the way: we already know why this story works so damn well, but it’s worth saying it one more time, because this is what the whole episode was about.

A human and an angel: not meant to be.

Ishim said humans are dangerous to angels, and I agree with him: if angels want to understand humans, to truly become friends with them, to live among them - well - look at what’s that done to Cas. Caring about humans is, apparently, different than caring about another angel; it forces you to give up something deep inside yourself. You become - weaker, unhappy. Doubt-ridden. Trapped between two worlds, and fit for neither. And as for humans - if they truly wish to get closer to angels - to speak their language, to know enough about their magic and weapons to be able help them when they’re in trouble or hurt - that literally costs them their souls.

It’s a tragedy. It’s doomed.

But, of course, it’s not completely hopeless. What would be the point of writing a love story if you know from the start nothing can never happen at all? No - love can conquer all, and this episode dangled it in front of us - the angel who chose humanity, who tried to defend the person he loved from his own brothers, and the human who was fascinated with angels and knew enough about them to make it work.

(They had a daughter, sort of, and let’s cry about that for the rest of eternity, because can you see it? Dean loves kids, and -)

Anyway. We’ve known for a while that angels - I mean, the price Cas paid for his loyalty to the Winchesters (his love for Dean) - that’s harrowing. But this idea that humans need to sacrifice their soul to become closer to angels - thanks for that, Steve. I’m fine.

And surely, at this point, there is no other way this could end? Because what Sam and Cas share - yeah, that’s what friendship looks like, but Dean and Cas - right. And so Cas went and said it (“You mean too much to me.”) and Dean just holed up in his room for the rest of the week? He never said a word to Cas? And, Jesus, Cas thinks Dean’s angry? At him? I’m glad this, at least, was spelled out clearly, because apparently some people still don’t get it and read Dean’s emotions at face value and no, Dean was not angry - he was worried out of his damn mind, and he’s got reason to be, because Cas still doesn’t fucking get it: “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”.

The idiot - the useless, fucking idiot.

(“Smelly. Dirty. Twice the worry about getting ganked.”)

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If You Were To Ask

If You Were To Ask by MiaGhost

Pairings: Sam Winchester/Gabriel

Length: 1954

Rating: G

Warning/tags: Human AU, One-shot, Best Friend, First Love, Fluff

Summary: If you were to ask Gabriel Novak about his first love, he wouldn’t tell you about girls who held his hand or gave him Valentine’s or the bad boy he liked or even that one guy he’d dated the whole summer he was fifteen.


I love everything about this fic. I love the premise, I love how it’s written and most of all, I love the fluff. This fic is so sweet, and cute. A great fluffy snipped for a snowy Tuesday. Love it- Lauren 

I adore this story! It was very nicely paced as we read into the backstory of Sam and Gabriel’s life together, and that how no matter how many people Gabriel may have liked or dated in between, he was always going to be with Sam. Very sweet and the best story to read while in the middle of a snow blizzard this morning! - Gisselle

…..im gay for cas

((((i wonder how many times dean has said the same thing lmao))))

Mocha with Caramel and Chocolate Chips

Mocha with Caramel and Chocolate Chips by Dandelionss

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Background Dean Winchester, Castiel

Rating: G

Length: 529

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, Soulmate AU, Law student! Sam, Baker! Castiel

Summary:Sam always wondered about his words. It was different than Dean’s and way different than any of his friends. So who was his soulmate anyways?Soulmate AU where the first thing they say to you is written on you.


Soulmate AUs are some of my favorite AUs of all time, and this one did not disappoint. My only compliant is that there isn’t more of it. I like the added Coffeeshop thrown in and Sam’s reaction in the end is just perfect! awesome job- Lauren 

A short but sweet one! I adore Soulmate AUs with a passion, and the way that the author incorporated their own little twist to Sam and Gabriel’s first meeting with their soulmarks was enjoyable and so cute! I love it! - Gisselle

10 Meetings Between Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak

10 Meetings Between Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak by rosarycrown

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Background Castiel/Dean Winchester

Rating: G

Length: 5447

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, High School AU

Summary: Sam meets his brother’s best friend’s brother, Gabriel.It only takes a little time to fall in love, doesn’t it?
[[highschool verse]]


I really like the way this fic progresses. It’s not too fast or too slow, but just right. It covers a couple months, but it didn’t drag at any point. I’m digging Gabriel’s atrocious fashion sense, and his baking because someone who loves sweets should obviously learn how to make a mean cake. The fact that Gabriel has a corgi is an adorable homage to fandom. All in all, amazing fic- Lauren 

I love the pacing of this story, spreading out all of the times Sam and Gabriel met one another without leaving too wide a stretch, and how after the tenth meeting, Gabriel was just always around! This story was adorable and I love the buildup of Sam and Gabriel’s growing crushes and relationship! Very sweet and cute! - Gisselle

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with two things: Gabriel and corgis. This story has both, which is just the best. It’s also just a really well-made, funny, interesting story about how Gabriel and Sam met. Totally worth a read.-Tyler