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Until Misha confirms via a prior official source (gishileaks doesn’t count, nobody knows for sure who runs it) that he was responsible for the “misha4president” website, please do not use this as evidence to say he is Bi. Imagine, just for ONE second, that a fan made this website as a joke. Imagine how it would make him feel to see everyone claiming he is bi if he either identifies as something else, or doesn’t wish to share his sexuality with fandom, or doesn’t want to be out. Also, his sexuality isn’t really any of our business. 

Like, the website is hilarious and there’s a lot of funny jokes on there. But I’m seeing a LOT of people go MISHA CONFIRMED HE IS BI, and I just… please be careful with this guys. 


“Cas, what’s wrong? Cas?”

A headcanon about where Cas’s mind might be right now now that his vessel’s possessed by Lucifer. Man, what a tragic storyline.


I don’t even want to get into what goes through my head when I look in the mirror. I seem to go, “oh shit, I’m getting older.” We all feel that somehow we’re exempt and then when things start to change and skin texture starts to change, I find it almost confounding. You’ve got to be kidding me. As if somehow I thought that I was exempt. (x)


“Thank you for the snack, Y/N. It’s just what I needed,” Cas said, sitting across from you bloodied and worn. You creased your brow in worry.

“Think maybe some medical attention might do the trick too, Cas?” you asked. He smiled gently at you, wincing some as he did, ready to wave your concern away. But he didn’t move when you leaned towards him with a wet washcloth and began to dab carefully at the blood around his glacier eyes.

“You’re very good at this,” he said softly after a moment, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s just a wet cloth,” you told him, but his eyes were focused on you, creasing at the corners with his smile as you continued your ministrations. What he couldn’t find the words to say, was that any time you were near, he could almost forget his hurt.

x x x