“For the record, we’d always had plans to introduce Ruby. We knew we were going to introduce a female character; we had this idea to course correct off of where Jo was in season two. Where we felt we made a mistake was making her too innocent and too girl next door. The proper female on this show is someone who’s really dangerous and a more ruthless killer than the boys. That’s what Ruby was born out of, along with a notion that we’ve always had great success with the demons on our show. ‘Let’s recreate what we had with Meg in season one! Let’s bring in another female demon and let her intertwine with the boys. And let’s have a demon be on the good side because she becomes a real femme fatale and you don’t know whether you trust her.’ So she gets to have that smartass sense of humor that’s fun to write and be a ruthless killer and still fight on the good guys’ side.”

Knight, N. Supernatural: The Official Companion, Season 3. Titan Books, 2009: 8-10.
(via justanotheridijiton)


Up until 'The Monster at the End of This Book,’ Lilith was always portrayed as a sweet young girl. Creator Eric Kripke explains why the character’s tastes in meatsuits suddenly matured. “Once we knew that Sam was going to have to slaughter her, we realized that we needed to start thinking about making Lilith an adult,” Kripke says. “We just weren’t that interested in the scene where Sam murders an eleven-year-old girl… We tend to go far on the show – we delve bravely into baby-eating – but for some reason the on-camera death of an eleven-year-old girl was something that made even us a little weak-kneed. Along with being the eater of children, though, the other part of Lilith’s myth is that she’s the seducer of men, and Katherine Boecher really brings a sexuality and a menace to the role.”

Knight, N. Supernatural: The Official Companion, Season 4. Titan Books, 2010: 96-97.


Title: Superhero

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 867




_  _  _  _  _

  The rumors were true. Dean Winchester did cry from time to time. And witnessing him crying was like gazing at a blue moon–it was so rare. But he did cry. Just like any other human being like you or me. He didn’t always feel like the superhero in the comics, and sometimes, he couldn’t save people–much less save himself.

  So on the rare occasion that you did catch Dean Winchester crying, it was immediately your responsibility to make him feel better. And today just so happened to be one of those days.

  You were walking down the halls of the bunker, back from a hunt that hadn’t ended so well. Not only had three of the four victims died, but Sam had broken an arm (for about the upteenth time), and you had taken a long gash across your stomach.

  You passed by Dean’s door when you heard what you feared was quiet whimpering along with a quieter sob. You stopped dead in your tracks, taking a few steps backward to gently knock against the door.

  “Dean?” You quietly asked, opening the door as you caught a look of him sitting on the edge of his bed, hunched over as he ignored both your presence and your voice. Sighing, you closed the door behind you, slowly moving to get closer to him.

  “Dean?” You called out again. “Are you okay?” He took a long, shuddering breath as he kept his head down.

  “Go away.” He murmured quietly, voice both raspy and cracking at the end. You smiled sadly before taking a seat next to him, taking his hand in yours.

  “Tell me what’s wrong.” You quietly spoke. He shook his head with a no. “It wasn’t that bad.” You tried to encourage. “I mean, at least we saved someone. And we didn’t lose anyone on our team. Sam and I are injured, but we’ll be okay.” He dryly chuckled at this as he looked up to gaze at you.

  Your heart almost broke. His eyes were red and puffy, and tears were streaming down his face. His hair was a mess, and he couldn’t help but let quiet sobs escape his lips.

  “It’s not even about that, Y/N,” He began, “Three people died today on our watch–on my watch. It just makes me think, why the hell do we have to do this job? Nothing good ever comes out of it… Everyone always dies.”

  “I haven’t died.” He snorted.

  “Not yet.” You sighed. You knew he was going through it again. The part when he felt guilty that everyone he knew always died. When he felt like a failure for not protecting everyone. And it always made you so angry when he thought of himself like this.

  You sat cross legged on his bed as you pulled him to look at you. Grabbing Dean by his jaw, you began to wipe the tears away from his face. He let you with a confused expression.

  “Just stop it.” You quietly whispered. He furrowed his eyebrows, sniffing.

  “Stop what?” He asked, voice deep and gruff. You rolled your eyes as you tried to fix his hair.

  “All of it. Stop feeling guilty, and stop hating yourself. People die because sometimes it’s just time to leave. Not because you couldn’t save them. And even if you could, they were bound to die anyway.”

  “But they would’ve had more time; I could’ve given them more time to live. To survive.” You scoffed as you fixed his collar.

  “And then what? Spend the rest of their lives hunting again? They would’ve most likely suffered a more violent death if you saved them.” And now, you grabbed his face, keeping eye contact with him as you brushed your thumb against his skin.

  “You can’t save everyone, Dean. And that’s okay. You have to realize that it’s okay. You’re not a superhero, and you don’t possess the superpowers possible to save everyone you come across. But you do save a lot of people. And for that you should be proud of yourself. I know I’m proud of you.” He said nothing as you pressed your lips tightly together.

  And then, slowly, you leaned in and gently kissed his lips. After a long moment, you pulled away, letting your fingers play with his hair.

  “I think what’s best right now is a nap. A little rest for my Deanie.” He chuckled to himself.

  “Don’t call me Deanie.” You pushed him back to lie down.

  “Doctor’s orders!” And now he laughed as he brought you down to lie with him. He pulled your body close to his.

  “You’re not even a real Doctor.” You chuckled.

  “That’s not what my fake ID that Sam made me says.” It was quiet for a long time as you traced shapes and lines on his arm. And finally, you decided to break the ice. 

  “You may not be able to save everyone, but you’ve saved me, Dean. In more ways that I can count.”

banner art by mod ammosart

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Envy & Possession

Title: Envy & Possession

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,216


  • Can you write a jalouse cas ? :)



  So sorry for the late post, love! This was meant to be posted yesterday (as it was Cas Day), but I got a bit caught up, and didn’t have both the time and energy to post this. Again, much apologies! xx

_  _  _  _  _

  You laughed as Dean finished recounting the old memory he had of trick or treating with Sam. Currently, you, Dean, Sam, and Castiel were all sitting around the table in the bunker, each of you having snacks and drinks as you finally hung out in peace for what had to be the first time ever.

  It was relaxing, hanging out with your two best friends, and angel winged boyfriend. No hunts, no news on angel radio, and whatever was happening out there could be handled later. But for now, all that mattered was the older Winchester on your right, the younger Winchester on your left, and the angel in front of you.

  Taking a pretzel out from the large bowl on the table, you took a bite of the salty snack as Dean continued to tell his tale with a grin.

  “I’m telling you, it was ridiculous. Sam had already seen the monsters and ghosts we hunted, but the kid was terrified of a neighborhood haunted house with rubber snakes.” Sam quietly laughed to himself.

  “In my defense, Dean kept sneaking up behind me and scaring me every chance he got!” Dean hummed as he took a drink of his beer.

  “Still doesn’t explain your fear of forty year old men covered in sheets pretending to be ghosts.” And now, Sam blushed.

  “Yeah, but Y/N doesn’t need to know that.” Again, you laughed all the while Cas sat in his seat, intently listening in while staring at the boys with squinted eyes. Dean set his beer on the table as he moved to be closer to you, placing an arm around your shoulder.

  “No she doesn’t,” He began, pulling you closer. “All she need to know is that I wasn’t scared at all, right, Sam? I was strong; protecting my little brother like that.” You laughed as you shrugged his arm off your shoulder, pushing him away.

  “I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, Dean, but it isn’t working.” And now Sam took your hand in his, pulling you closer to him.

  “Yeah, Dean, it’s not working. Back off Y/N for a bit, man.” You tugged your hand out of Sam’s with a grin.

  “That’s also not going to work, Sam.” Dean laughed loudly, mocking his younger brother as he stood, holding his empty beer bottle in hand.

  “Nice try, Sammy. I’m gonna head to the kitchen and get us some more beer.” You held out your empty bottle to him with a pleading expression. Dean sighed as he pressed his lips tightly together before taking the bottle from your hands, a slight grin on his face as he left to retrieve more beer and throw away your bottle.

  Sam began to tell another story as you reached for a pretzel. But when your hands reached into the bowl, and your fingers wove around only to find nothing, you frowned. Taking the bowl in your hands, you realized there was, in fact, no more pretzels left.

  “Sam?” You asked, interrupting him mid sentence. “We need more pretzels.” You pushed the bowl towards him to show the proof of the lack of the salty snack. He laughed, raising an eyebrow at you.

  “And? What do you want me to do about it?” Your frown dipped lower as you once again pushed the bowl towards him.

  “Go get more pretzels.” He snorted.

  “No way, Y/N. I’m not your maid.” And now it was time to persuade him even further. You moved your body closer to his, pressing your head into the crook of his neck.

  “Please?” He sighed, a long moment passing before taking the bowl from your hands.

  “I’ll be back.” And now you grinned as you watched him leave the room with the empty bowl in hand. Turning to Cas, you immediately frowned at his expression. He was glaring as Sam as he walked out of the room.

  “Cas?” You questioned, bringing his attention back to you. “What’s wrong?”

  “I do not approve of the amount of attention they are giving you, Y/N.” You furrowed your eyebrows, confused as you half heartedly laughed.

  “I’m sorry, what?” You asked again, hoping to receive a better, more understandable answer. He turned to gaze at you with a serious expression.

  “Does Dean have to put his arm around you? And why did Sam take your hand?” You laughed.

  “It’s kind of a natural thing? You know, touching.” He shook his head as he leaned forward, a look of both confusion and something else on his face.

   “Is it necessary they be so intimate with you?” And now, you finally understood. Grinning, you laughed as you stood from your seat to walk around the entire table, and sit next to Castiel. You propped your head up with one hand, resting your elbow on the table as you grabbed Cas’ hand with your other one.

  Gently, you ran your fingers over his skin as a feeling of amusement and flatter overtook you. You peered up at him through your eyelashes to see he was still confused.

  “Cas, I think you’re jealous.” You murmured. And now, he felt more confused than ever.

  “That’s impossible. I am not capable of feeling envy.” You laughed as you sat straight now, keeping eye contact with him.

   “Really, now? Because a few years ago, you didn’t think it was possible to feel love, but look at you now. Unless you’re saying that you don’t love me…” You jokingly trailed off. He gripped your hand tightly.

  “Don’t be ridiculous. What I feel for you is more than any human feeling of love.”

  “Exactly. So who’s to say you can’t feel jealousy?” He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when Dean suddenly entered the room again, placing both his hands on your shoulders with a gentle squeeze.

  “I got more beer, but we could always head out to the bar and get something… fruitier.” Immediately, Castiel was back to glaring at Dean, crossing his arms as he tried to contain himself.

   “Don’t touch her, Dean.” He muttered, venom lacing with every word. “And don’t speak to her like that.” Immediately, his hands were off your shoulders and up in surrender.

  “Hey, man, sorry.” He chuckled to himself. “I don’t wanna start anything; she’s yours, Cas.” And in an attempt to flee the awkward situation, “I’m gonna go see what’s keeping Sam with the pretzels.” And he was quickly leaving the room with long, swift strides.

  You looked back at Cas with a smug grin. He once again had a look of confusion playing across his features as he tried to grasp what had just happened.

  “I apologize… I didn’t mean to be so… possessive.” You laughed, moving yourself to straddle his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. You moved your lips next to his ear.

  “It’s alright; I like it.”

SPN Art Challenge

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Soooo the SPN Art Challenge has been a bit quiet lately due to busy mods buuuuuut we have some news at last!!! \o/ 

We know everyone has been through some rocky times with everything that’s going on in canon but like we’ve said before, your creativity is always incredible regardless of all that so we’d like to know if you guys want to take part in it, bc after all there’s no SPNAC without you!!

The ideas are:

  • Swimsuit Special for August

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  • Marvel and/or DC x SPN Crossover for September

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  • S10 What Ifs for October

Were you sad because you wanted something to happen on S10 and it didn’t? Or /that/ one thing that did happen made you tear your hair out? This is your time to shine then to make whatever you wanted to see but didn’t on S10! 

Now we want to know: what do you think??

“Eve is arguably the first femme fatale,” writes Menon [in Evil By Design: The Creation and Marketing of the Femme Fatale]. “[H]er daughters, the filles d'Eve – defined broadly as all women who came after her – are also femmes fatales by implication.”

The Winchester brothers have met their fair share of daughters of Eve. The demon Meg tempted Sam with independence from Dean (she omitted the part about becoming dependent on Lucifer). The first Cross Roads Demons tempted Dean, but the second one gave him what he wanted (Sam’s resurrection) at the cost of Dean’s soul. Lilith herself held the contract for Dean’s soul, and later goaded Sam to kill her, knowing the action would bring the Apocalypse.

Lilith, according to Menon, has been burdened by centuries of misogynist scriptural interpretation as being “responsible for abducting newborn children and fostering men’s erotic dreams. Both baby-stealing – some legends say baby-eating – and enticing men into wasting their seed are acts that represent the destruction of the life force, contrary to the maternal, life-giving image of Eve and, especially, Eve’s descendent, the biblical Mary. On Supernatural the juvenile Lilith is known to kidnap babies; her propensity to eat them is revealed after Lilith takes on an adult guise. As an adult, Lilith attempted to seduce Sam into making a deal to save Dean from the Apocalypse (in 4.18 "The Monster at the End of This Book”), and finally triumphed over Sam’s good intentions by using sexual insults to goad him into opening Lucifer’s Pandora-like box of evil.

Despite Lilith’s high ranking in Supernatural’s pantheon of Hell, the show’s ultimate femme fatale is the outsider aptly named Ruby (as in: as in the colour of blood, female genitals, lust and hellfire; as in a jewel too rich for your blood). Ruby has much in common with the 19th century Eve-Pandora. She aspires to power beyond her station. She selfishly aids Lucifer’s resurrection to achieve her own goals of vengeance. She dealt with demons when she was a human witch and tells lies to everyone as a demon. She is also associated with sexual deviance, having engaged in a lesbian affair with the demon Tammi (as we discovered in 3.09 “Malleus Maleficarum”) and hooking Sam into a kinky relationship involving blood, sex, magic and knife play.

Ruby’s success in addicting Sam to demon blood parallels the 19th century use of the monstrous femme fatale in popular advertising campaigns for addictive products such as alcohol, as Menon has observed. Since Sam seems to derive special pleasure from Ruby’s blood, Ruby is the lure, the drug, and, ultimately, and quite literally, the body of forbidden knowledge that Sam cannot resist.

Just as Eve ate fruit from the tree of knowledge, Ruby’s opening move is to tempt Sam with knowledge, intimating that she knew a way to get Dean out of his deal with Lilith. Dean never believed her, but she offered the brothers enough tangible help (the knife, the Colt) that even Dean was willing to work with her, however grudgingly.

Ruby may consciously bring destruction in the name of vengeance, but like the femme fatale of classic film noir, she is also a proactive proto-feminist attempting to build something for herself, outside of the patriarchal order of things.

Supernatural Noir – Part 3a: Deconstructing Morality (27 September 2010, via Sequential Tart)


Meg, Ruby, and Lilith: excerpts from the seasons 3 & 4 companion books


Doodling by LadyDrace

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Length: 699

Rating: G

Warnings/Tags: AU, High School AU, Human AU. Puppy love

Status: Complete

Summary: Gabriel’s ultimate romantic fantasy involves himself, Sam Winchester and magic markers.


Hooray for another well-done ( if short!) High school AU! In any universe, I love the idea of Gabriel as an artist. This piece is short and sweet, I really want a fanart of it, with Gabriel drawing all over himself and Sam, telling everyone who he belongs to <3 - Lauren

this was absolutely adorable, it’s impossible for me to read through fluff and not grin like a madman and I was smiling the whole time. I only wish it was a little longer! also agree with Lauren, painter!gabriel is my favorite thing and not enough people write it. this was lovely ~bri

Awww, that was sweet! I remember seeing the art, but I didn’t really connect the dots and figure out there was fic, too :D really well-done, fluff but not overboard and a nice teen!Gabriel. A+ ~cee

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I've never done the SPN art challenge, but I'd like to. I just draw a picture and post it between Aug 17-23 on my own blog with the #spnartchallenge tag? Or do I submit them to you? I can upload them at /any/ time between the 17th and 23rd? Help

Hi there anon, this is Alli.  Jay was prepared to help you out, but is having technical difficulties.  So I am here to assist you with her reply, incl. all !!s and :Ds.

Hi there Nonnie!! Weeeee!! \o/ We can’t wait to see what you will do! :DD
And yes! That’s exactly what you have to do! Just post it on your own blog with the #spnartchallenge tag, at any time between Aug 17-23 and that’s it!! :D

Thank you for your interest, Anon!  We anticipate your participation.