Not Safe

Word Count: 496

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none?

A/N: Week 8 of @one-shots-supernatural ‘s hiatus challenge. Prompt: “No, I said we were safer, not safe.” 

A/N2: totally just wrote this in 5 minutes at 3am while drunk. I’M SORRY FOR ME

You were supposed to be doing research with Dean. Keyword: supposed to be. You were both mildly injured in your last hunt and Bobby had relegated you to desk duty. Neither of you were happy about it so instead of doing any actual research you opened up a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue and started chugging whiskey.

That led to the two of you staggering down the stairs and into Bobby’s panic room, Dean shushing your giggles all the way down the stairs until he shot the iron door. “I forgot you were such a giggly drunk.”

“Not drunk.” You slurred and fell over, landing on the cot in the center of the room.

“Right.” Dean chuckled and sat down next to you, pulling you back into the heated kiss that had started upstairs. His hands found their way to the hem of your shirt, playing with the fabric before pulling it over your head and tossing it to the side. You giggled and tugged at his shirt, haphazardly pulling it up until he moved your hands and pulled it off himself, throwing it on top of yours.

His eyes went straight to the bruises that covered your torso and he ran his warm hands over them before trailing kisses over each one, making it down to your belly button before you heard footsteps in the basement.

“Y/N! Dean!” Bobby was pissed, probably after finding the empty bottle of whiskey you’d left on the table along with the lore books.

“He knows!” You breathed and Dean put his hand over your mouth, effectively shutting you up for the time being. The footsteps got further away and eventually you heard boots walking up the stairs and further away from you.

“He’s gone.” Dean breathed a sigh of relief and pulled you back in for a kiss, trailing them back down your neck and torso. You leaned back and grabbed fistfuls of his hair while he had his fingers hooked around your shorts, ready to pull them down, when the door flung open.

“You two!” He yelled and you instantly broke apart, grabbing Dean’s shirt off the floor and throwing it on quickly. “What are you two idjits doing? Didn’t I tell you to research?”

You looked away and bit your lower lip, trying to keep the intoxicated giggle from flowing out. “Instead you drink an entire bottle of expensive whiskey and going at each other like horny teenagers! Get your asses dressed and upstairs, now!” Bobby yelled and stormed off.

“You said we’d be safe in here!” You giggled and slapped Dean’s chest. You quickly pulled his shirt off and handed it back, reaching for your own.

No, I said we were safer, not safe.” He corrected and laughed through his nose, leaning back in to kiss you some more.

“I said move!” Bobby suddenly reappeared, walking in and pulling you away from each other and shoving you both up the stairs in front of him. “Idjits.”

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Daddy, Are You Okay?

Requested Imagine: After you leave Dean, he has a break down and his daughter comes in to make sure he’s okay.

  • Daddy!Dean
  • 520 words
  • Warnings: upsetting, cursing.

The chest of drawers remained open. Dean walked over and pushed them shut, trying his best to hold himself together. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do—ever will do; seeing you take that first step out the door.

With the drawers closed, he noticed the empty space in the closet and felt the single tear slip down his cheek. His heart began to ache, knowing you surely would never return now, not with every little thing gone. If he had seen just a toothbrush or an old shirt, he would have had hope.

Dean finally made it over to the bed and dropped down, leaving his clothes of the previous day still on, though he was burning up. Sweat started to trickle down his face, almost blending in with the tears.

His heart dropped down into his stomach the moment he realized he truly lost you, he lost the second best thing that had ever happened to him. You were the whole reason he stopped hunting, stopped drinking, stopped everything and started a brand new life.

With you gone, he feared what would happen.

“Daddy?” A small voice entered the room. Dean closed his eyes, wishing the voice would go away. He didn’t want his daughter to see him crying. “Daddy, are you okay?” His little girl came padding into the room, pulling on the bottom of her shirt that you bought her for her last birthday.

Dean sat up and tried to wipe his face with his shirt sleeve, although it didn’t stop the new tears welling up inside. “Daddy’s fine, pumpkin.” He tried to smile with his lip quivering.

She didn’t believe him, clearly, walking over to the edge of the bed and looking up. Her pigtails swaying as she spoke. “Where’s Y/N?”

“She’s uh..” He didn’t have the heart to tell his own daughter he fucked up and you walked out on him. He couldn’t stand to see her face when he said the words, not exactly like that, but close enough. She loved you, and you loved her, and if there was any chance, any at all that you might come back, he didn’t want to risk her hating you. “Vacation, baby.”

His daughter pulled a face, twitching her nose and the corners of her lips pulling down. “Why didn’t she take us?”

Dean reached down and picked up his daughter. “Because… We’re not together at the moment.”

She didn’t say anything. She stood up in his lap and wrapped her tiny arms around his neck. Dean couldn’t hold himself in and let out a sob on his daughter’s shoulder.

She rubbed his back just like she’d seen you do a million times before, soothing him in his mess of a state. “I’ll take care of you, daddy.” She promised, only able to stay strong because her daddy needed her right now.

He nodded, kissing her cheek, and laying down with her wrapped up in his arms. She was still so tiny for her age, looking even smaller in his arms. “It’s just us now, kiddo…” Dean’s voice shook as he spoke.

Dean/Cas: Technicolor Heartbeat

Soulmate AU commission for @cassammydean. In a world where people see in black and white until they touch their destined soulmate, Dean - a popular actor - is adored by many but has yet to find love. He’s a true romantic at heart and waits for the moment he’ll begin to see in color. Too bad the person he’s pining for seems to show zero interest in Dean. 7.3K.

This is hardly the first time that Cas has come home to find paparazzi outside of his building. They’re not even subtle about it anymore; three are camped just ten feet from the door.

“Excuse me!” one of them hollers, only to flinch at Castiel’s stare. His next words are far less confident. “You, uh… ever see Dean Winchester around here?”

It requires great patience not to roll his eyes.

“No,” Cas answers curtly, his tone enough to discourage any follow-up questions. He brushes past the man - swift and impatient - before nodding at the doorman and sweeping inside.

His mood has been foul for most of the day ever since his breakfast meeting with Dick Roman. There are certain tasks he’d rather avoid, eye-bugging salary and benefits aside, and that includes playing nice with total assholes over coffee and eggs Benedict. Unfortunately for Cas, he isn’t his own boss yet, and his actual superior doesn’t give two shits about how much of a tool Roman really is. “Get him to sign the merger, Castiel,” he said. “The reward will be worth your while. You’re due for a promotion, aren’t you?” The man is almost as bad as Roman.

Needless to say, Cas had been looking forward to retreating to the peace and quiet of his apartment. He had just begun to slowly decompress for the night when the paparazzo called to him five minutes ago.

Have I seen Dean Winchester, Castiel scoffs, tapping his passcode against the keypad. The door unlocks with a series of beeps and he holds it open while glancing across the hall.

Oh, he’s seen Dean Winchester alright. It’s difficult not to when his face is everywhere. All the box office successes are merely the starting point, after which come the interviews and endorsements and-

Anyway, Cas shakes his head. The point is all the paparazzi out there, hanging around in handfuls and hordes as though they could ever get past the tight security.

Cas frowns at the apartment.

It’d be a mess - a complete, utter mess - if they managed to sneak in somehow and caught a glimpse of Dean Winchester’s private life. Cas of all people would know.

Dean is his next-door neighbor.

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“And did you notice any cold spots, flickering lights or something that just seemed…off?” Sam asked. The man looked at you confusingly but you just smiled.

“No…what’s this got to do with buying a house?” The man asked, frowning. You and Sam had to pretend you were interested in buying the house of the vic which was for sale anyway. He refused to speak to Dean when Dean appeared as an FBI agent. So this was Plan B.

“You never really know what you need to ask.” You laughed nervously and he seemed to relax slightly at your words.

“There are only two bedrooms but I take it that won’t be a problem…if you’ll be needing two.” 

“Oh no- we’re- we’re not-” You and Sam both said at the exact same time.

“We’re twins.” You finished quickly, feeling your face go red. Despite the fact that this happened on a regular basis it was embarrassing every time.

The man aplogised and you and Sam left. “We need to start wearing label.” You mumble half way down the front garden. Sam laughed “Not a bad idea, sis.” 

He very nearly got in the front side of the Impala where Dean, your eldest brother, was waiting for you. “Ah ah.” You tut, shooing him to the back seats “My turn.”

He sticks his tongue out at you sulkily and slumps in the back seat. You shoot one back and getting the front. “They mistook you for a couple again didn’t they?” Dean asked, there was already a smile creeping on his face. 

“Yes. They did.” You sigh and before you’d finished Dean threw his head back in laughter. “That never gets old.” He managed before breaking out in laughter again.

“Dean, it got old the first time- fifteen years ago.” Sam said angrily but Dean just continued to laugh.

He wiped his eyes and started Baby up. “Come on then, lovebirds.” He giggled and you hit him in the back of the head.


Requested by anon

(Twin anon here!) Oh then may I change the twin one then? Instead, Sam and reader are still twins but people keep mistaking them for a couple and Deans always laughing his ass off cause he thinks it’s funny but Sam and reader think it’s annoying and tell him to shut up? Sorry if it’s to much and if you don’t wanna do it it’s fine ^^“
Oh no don’t worry it’s not too much it’s fine! Thank you for requesting and sorry it took a while

Lucky Little Girl

Characters: Teen Daddy!Dean, Uncle!Sammy, Grandpa!John, Lilly (Dean’s little girl)
Words: 1094
Requested by  @angie1djonasgg:  Hi, I know you have a lot of Daddy! Dean requests but could you please write one more? but this time Dean is a teenager and the baby or the child is a girl, I would personally like to see young! Uncle Sam and Grandpa! John, please and thank you

(I know this isn’t teen!Dean, but I wanted a picture with Dean with a baby)

Dean’s Point Of View

           I woke up to sun actually shining through my window, which never happened. To anyone else, that would have been welcome. To me, it made me panic. If I slept all the way through the night, it meant I hadn’t heard Lilly cry.

           I jumped out of bed and ran to the nursery. No one ever thought I would be the type of teenage boy to take on raising a baby so well, but I really loved my little girl. And I really loved having her in my life.

           My girlfriend, the girl I thought I would be with forever, wasn’t in our lives anymore. She and her parents had signed over all rights to me and had left town without another word. I was sad at first, but I was not going to let that get in the way of taking care of Lilly or of giving her a good life.

           When I got to the nursery, Lilly wasn’t in her crib and I panicked even more. I ran down the hallway and slid to a stop when I saw Lilly on a blanket in the middle of the living room, giggling as Sam played with her with an old rattle we had both had as babies.

           I sighed and leaned against the wall, “Oh, thank God.”

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