Lucifer’s Broken Heart

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,043
Warnings: Angst
A/N: My prompt for @totallysupernaturaloneshots follower celebration was “Silly girl, do you think I actually loved you?”

Laying on Lucifer’s chest, his arm held you close. Your naked body was used to the chill of his skin by now. Your leg was over his as you slept peacefully. His finger lazily trailed up and down your arm, barely touching your skin. Lucifer kept his eyes closed, just enjoying the peace. He’d gotten lucky with you, and he never wanted to take that for granted.

“Come on, Dean.” You sighed. “I’m the only one here that he hasn’t tried to kill.” Which was true. In your recent run ins with Lucifer, he’d left you completely untouched. Not a scratch on you. It was hard not to miss that fact.

Dean licked his lip. “I don’t like it.” He admitted.

You gave him a small smile, patting his cheek. “I’ll be okay. I promise.”

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12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge

I think I may have a writing challenge that could interest you.

@deanwinchester-af @loveitsallineed and I are currently in the middle of posting a Countdown to Halloween collab. We had so much fun with it that we want to do it again, only for Christmas.

So, I present to you, The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.

What it’s about:

  • There are twelve Christmas/Winter Holiday-themed prompts, each for the 12 days before Christmas. 
  • We’ll write for each prompt and begin posting them on December 14th, and continue until Christmas Day with the final prompt.


  • reblog this post to spread the word!
  • Send me an ask including your ship of choice.
  • You don’t have to be following any of us, since we all have different tastes.
    One person per pairing is what we’d like to keep it at.
  • All prompts can be written as a series, or as separate oneshots/drabbles.
  • We’d love it if you could write for all days, but we understand if life gets in the way.
  • The pieces don’t have to be 1k; if three hundred words is all you can muster, that’s fantastic too!
  • Sign ups end Nov. 16, since we want to give you plenty of time to pre-write.
  • Use the tag #spn 12 days of Christmas for your fics, specify the prompt with the day (ex. Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Collab, Prompt: [blank]) and tag me (@waywardlullabies) in it!

Pairing options available below:

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