• Person: They can't die! They're the main character!
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Imagine your OTP

Translation: Did you know?

In Middle Ages, kissing (on the mouth) wasn’t reserved to lovers.

When two enemies made peace, they would share a big one (kiss)!

I found this in my little sister’s book about knights but IMAGINE ALL THE AU

  • Dean: Anyways, now that your back I wanted to go over something real quick
  • Dean: *Pulls knife* What's this?
  • Castiel: A knife
  • Dean: Good, good. And what pray tell do we avoid when it comes to um...sharp objects
  • Castiel: I am not stupid
  • Dean: That's right! We avoid getting stuck with the pointy end!
  • Castiel: Are you done?
  • Dean: No, apparently we need to go over some safety *Hits power on projector* That's a soul, we don't eat those or we explode
  • Castiel: Dean
  • Dean: And who's that? Oh it's Lucifer! We don't agree to be possessed by him
  • Castiel: You are such a shit Dean
  • Dean: And you're shit at staying alive CAS
Does anybody in this fandom ever stop and think...


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Like at what point did this fandom (of the large portion of it) collectively go “you know who should get married…. Dean and Cas!”?

Was it here? 

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Or here?

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Or here? 

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Or…. you know what, I don’t even care!