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Loved your review, also you’re the first person to point out the lack of flannel / lumberjack from my dash and I love you for it!

So I just checked, and… yeah. 

The #1 clothing item associated with lumberjacks is the red checkered plaid. 

Dean wasn’t even wearing plaid when Cas made the lumberjack comment, which makes that comment even more hilarious because that means Cas wasn’t making a comment about Dean’s current attire - he was commenting on Dean’s style in general. 

And what has Dean worn since Cas called him a lumberjack? Let’s just go ahead and take a look at every outfit since then.

Oh, look! PLAID!

I mean, I know he didn’t have a choice on the prison suit, but it’s still not plaid.

So 8 out of 9 are not plaid.

To make this actually scientific, I guess I’d have to go back and look at the rest of his outfits to figure out what Dean’s usual plaid percentage is… but it definitely seems lower. 

(this is a very important post)

Castiel pulled up to the Winchester home and removed his helmet. He left it on the seat of his motorcycle as he strode up the front walkway, and then the porch.

Just as he raised a hand to knock on the door, it opened from the inside to reveal Dean’s mom, Mary.

“I thought I heard what sounded like a motorcycle out front.” She grinned and gazed past him. “Is she yours? She’s a beauty.”

Castiel smiled. Dean’s mom was the best. “Yeah. I got her last week and I’ve been trying to convince Dean to take a ride with me.”

Mary shook her head. “Oh, that boy.” She backed up and gestured for Castiel to come in. As he did so, Mary yelled for Dean right in Castiel’s ear, which made him wince.

Dean’s dad, John, was in the kitchen when Mary ushered him farther inside. 

Castiel braced himself. John loved his family, and Castiel respected that. But he had an issue, not with Dean’s sexuality, but who he’d chosen as a boyfriend.

Namely, Castiel.

Who stood now in his usual punk attire, with spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, and a tongue ring, which he sucked on as nervous habit.

John took one look at him and sighed. “What’s going on now?”

“Cas is taking Dean on a ride on his new motorcycle,” Mary said.

“His what?”

“His motorcycle,” Mary repeated calmly. She threw Castiel a wink, but he really wished she hadn’t said anything.

“Do you know how dangerous those things are?” John asked, but it was a rhetorical question. “Do you even have your license? And you’re not wearing proper gear. Helmets! God, do you even have helmets? I will not have my son riding on the back of those death machines without a helmet!”

Castiel cleared his throat and shoved his hands into his pockets. He responded to the floor, “I’ve got my license and we’ll both be wearing helmets, sir.”

“Damn right you will be! Now let me see that license–”

“John, for crying out loud, let them live a little!” Mary said. 

Footsteps pattered down the stairs and Dean swung into the kitchen. Castiel brightened at the sight of him. Dean wore jeans, a button-down shirt, and his thick, square glasses, which Castiel loved.

He smiled. His boyfriend was just so cute. Dean made everything better.

“Hey,” Dean said with a grin. He glanced between his parents. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. You just go and enjoy yourselves, alright?” Mary said as she steered them out of the kitchen. In front of the door, she gave Dean a little pat. “Be safe, and have fun, okay?”

Dean frowned after her as she returned to her husband. He glanced back at Castiel. “So what’s the surprise?”

Castiel grabbed his arm and tugged. “It’s outside.”

They hurried out, and as the door closed behind them, Dean paused on the porch. 

“Hold up. That’s not…yours is it?” His voice squeaked on the end, and Castiel leaned in to peck him on the lips. 

“It is. And you’re coming for a ride.”

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like I’m really happy for Jace being accepted by the Herondales and all that but with all this shifting parentage and familial claims can this boy get a fucking dna test???? like honestly Imogen before you give your family ring to some boy you’ve known for two seconds maybe you should get some biological proof instead of just believing the man whose told Jace that he belongs to three different families in just a matter of days like can we get Maury Povich to the Institute please

Help...send Sam & Dean...or a Durin...

Y'all…it has been a hard week. And when I say hard week, I mean HARD FREAKING WEEK. 😭😭

Last Friday, one of my friends went to wake up her four month old daughter from her nap only to find the baby had passed away in her sleep (SIDS). Needless to say, it was unexpected and devastating to everyone involved.

Then this morning, I got a phone call from my dad that he’d had to take my mom into the ER. While they were at the ER, she had a heart attack. They did a heart cath and ended up having to put in three stents and a balloon. She’s still in ICU. 😢

I say all that to say…if any of you have some fluffy Winchester or Durin fanfic (Fili is my fave, but I love them all) or some great gifs or edits, please send them my way. I could use them!