spn x pink

Wrapped In Pink

Request: “can you please a long story where the reader is 9 months pregnant and she is with dean in the the bunker when sam and cas are hunting a witch and dean and her are watching a scary movie when she doesn’t know she was in labor then her water breaks when she fall asleep with dean who’s still awake and feels the water in the couch he wakes her you and gets the bags her cares her to the car (mark the birth long and hard) 65 hrs. baby girl is born then dean asks her to marry him u can name the baby” by kikiamr

Pairing: Dean x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1937

A/N: This is my first official request (not including the requests for more parts on already written stories). Hopefully I lived up to your potential, kikiamr. Tell me what you think. :)

You had always enjoyed the rare moments where you finally manage to get Dean alone. Especially after hours trying to convince Sam to take Cas on a witch hunting trip somewhere in one of the Dakotas. You had plenty of time to hog Dean.

Dean chose the movie this time - a horror film, you hadn’t really paid attention to the details, you were too busy marvelling at his excitement - and you watched as he closed the DVD player, grabbed the remote, and joined you on the couch.

Instantly, he wrapped his arm around you, and you took in the smell of leather, gun powder, and Old Spice as you nuzzled up against him carefully. He placed one of his hands on your bulging tummy, smiling as he felt the baby kick underneath his palm.

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